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Travelog for: Cpl.Flapjack Jr

Graz, Austria - 10th May 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I am sooooo excited! I completed my first life mission today! Yippeeee!  :D :D :D

Last week we met a friend of my host parents and he looked at my travelog and saw that I had "Riding a horse" as one of my life missions. So he invited me to come along the next time he went riding!

Oh, Mom that was so much fun! But it wasn't that easy, you know, without those long legs my human friends have... it was quite hard to stay on the horse.
You can see me tumbling down on the first picture... But I just picked myself up, dusted me off and went back on again! And you can see I succeded!
It was a really friendly horse and we walked around and had fun!

So today I really was a Mounty  :D


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Graz, Austria - 15th May 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

My host mom had some visitors here, distant relatives from overseas! So we had to show them the city and we toyvoyagers went along for some sightseeing!

We walked along the river Mur to the city center and the first thing we saw was an island! It's the Murinsel. Two bridges connect the island with the mainland and there is also a café on the island where you can enjoy the view!

Then we walked on to the Kunsthaus! This strange looking blue bubble is a museum for contemporary art and photography. You can see me sitting on top of a small model in front of the Kunsthaus. The small model was made for the blind, so that they can touch it and "see" the building with their hands! You can see that the bubble has some tubes on the surface: They are called nozzles. They all look in one direction... well, not all! One looks directly up to the Schlossberg and when you are inside of the Kunsthaus, looking through this nozzle, you can see the Uhrturm, the town's landmark!

The Kunsthaus and the Murinsel have been built for Graz 2003, when Graz was Cultural Capital of Europe. This year, the Capital is Istanbul, among others!


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Graz, Austria - 19th June 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we were all watching tv the whole day long! We started in the morning with breakfast! And I can hear you asking "Why were you watching tv the whole day long?". Because there was a wedding between Swedens Crown Princess and her fiancé.

Wow, what a love story. I have to confess we all got a bit teary especially in the church and then later in the evening when the speeches followed!

And then they had a huuuuuuge cake! If I will ever marry, I want a cake as huge as that one  ;)


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Graz, Austria - 29th June 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

It was so hot lately here that we didn't do much - except drinking tons of water  B)  And of course we ate just light snacks and so we were really happy to have Sushi one day! You can see me trying different sorts of Sushi and there was also Soy-Sauce. That was a great meal!


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Graz, Austria - 3rd July 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We had fun in the kitchen today! We pickled small cucumbers! First we had to wash them and then make  them a bath of hot salt water. You let the cucumbers cool in the water. Then you remove the water and heat vinegar with chopped onion, dill, pepper corns, mustard seeds. While the vinegar is cooking, you put the cucumbers in glass jars and add mustard seeds, dill, onion and pepper corns. The last step is filling the jars with the hot vinegar.
You can see all these steps on the pictures! And the final one shows me sitting on the glass jars  B)


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Graz, Austria - 12th July 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Yesterday was the big Finale of the FIFA World Cup and so we toyvoyagers got ready. First, we had to decide which team we wanted to support. We did a poll and then decided to cheer for Holland. Hupp, Holland, Hupp!
So we took a Dutch flag and had some Dutch beer. Can you see the blanket we sat on? It has the World Cup mascot Zakumi on it!

I also wore a great headband with soccer balls - cute, aren't they?

You may also think: Who is this funny orange friend? I don't know him... That is Beesie, a friendly Dutch supporter! My host mom got it from a Dutch friend! Those little friends were given away at a Dutch supermarket - Beesie is cute and it was a lot of fun with her!

As you know, the evening did not end good for Holland  :(
The next day, we looked at a poster of the winning team!

Mom, I really liked the World Cup! I learned so much about football/soccer, but I'm happy that I don't have to listen to vuvuzelas any more  ;)


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Graz, Austria - 29th July 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

It's a coming and going here around  ;)

First we had to say Goodbye to Mandysheep and Fiorillo! They will travel on to new adventures!
But we also met a new TV, Dusel. He is from the European Toyvoyager-Trail!


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Graz, Austria - 4th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We toyvoyagers are soooo excited! We will go on holiday tomorrow! Our host mom will go to Helsinki and Tallinn, and we will go with her! Yay!
We will be back on August 13, so you won't hear from me until then. But please don't worry, I will have a great time!  B)

In preparation for the holiday we studied some travel books and looked at the city plans!

Talk to you soon!


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Vienna, Austria - 5th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I'm super excited! We travelled to Vienna today and then to the airport! We checked the luggage in and then went for a small snack! Finally it was time for boarding! We travelled to Riga first where we had to change planes and then took our second flight to Helsinki!
Late in the afternoon we arrived in Helsinki and took the airport bus to the city center. From there it was only a short walk to our hotel!
After this journey we were pretty tired and decided to go to bed early! 


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Helsinki, Finland - 6th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom and welcome to Helsinki, Finland's capital!

To get a first impression of the Finnish Capital, we took a "Hop on, Hop off" bus! It was a great tour, around the city center and then down to the harbour. These tours are great! You get some headphones and then they tell you a lot of interesting stories. We stopped our tour at Helsinki's Cathedral. It is a beautiful white building and you can see this Cathedral from many different points of Helsinki!
That was a great first day in Helsinki!


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Porvoo, Finland - 7th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we took the boat to the city of Porvoo! It was a long trip, three and a half hours. It was also a really hot day and we enjoyed the wind on the boat.
In Porvoo we had lunch first in a nice restaurant near the sea. Then we went on to explore the city. It is a cute little town, with small wooden houses, restaurants and a few shops. The streets are all lined with cobblestones!
We went up on this little hill, with the church on top. But we were not allowed to visit the church as there was a wedding!
We enjoyed the view from up there.
Because it was so hot, we then relaxed in a park and ate some berries. There are stands that sell berries everywhere in Finland!

Soon it was time to travel back! Unfortunately the weather on the way back got a little ugly and it started to rain.
Wow, we are exhausted now!


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Helsinki, Finland - 8th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we went to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Suomenlinna! You have to take a boat there, but it is just a few minutes trip. So we went through the city to the harbour. We also visited the famous Stockmann store. Down at the pier we also visited the market, where you could buy lots of delicious food.

Then we travelled to Suomenlinna and wandered around this old fortress. We saw the canons and explored everything. All this exploring was really exciting but we were also happy when we were finally sitting in a nice cafe for lunch!



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Tallinn, Estonia - 9th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we left Helsinki and took a speed boat to Estonia's capital Tallinn. We first deposited our luggage at the hotel and then went on exploring!
To get a first impression of the city, we took a tour with the classical hopp on, hopp off bus. We learned a lot about the city. Then we strolled a bit through the old town.
That's all for today! Tomorrow we have to get up early as we want to explore the old town properly!


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Tallinn, Estonia - 10th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we visited Toompea, the old town. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find so many old buildings here, all beautifully renovated. There is so much history to explore here. We also saw this beautiful orthodox church, which was even more beautiful on the inside, but we weren't allowed to take pictures there. You can also see me in front of a touret of Toompeas castle, it's the one with the Estonian flag flying, which is the seat of the Parliament!
In the evening we went to the highly recommended Oude Hanse, a really great restaurant in the style of Medieval times. We had a huge dinner there, with bear and elg sausages, honey beer and some schnapps.
What an exciting day!


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Tallinn, Estonia - 11th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we visited the famous Kadriorg Park! It is a wonderful place to spend nice afternoons. There is this great swan lake at the entrance to the park and also a wonderful cafe.
People go there to have a walk, a run or just sit on a bench and read a book. We also saw the President's residence. Then we went from this park to the sea promenade where you can find a huge monument.
We also visited the KuMu, a museum for art. We saw an exhibition and then had a bite to eat in the restaurant there.

So Mom, tomorrow we will go back to Helsinki and then we fly home!


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