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Travelog for: Cpl.Flapjack Jr

Graz, Austria - 15th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We are back at home now and of course we had a lot to do: There was the laundry, and giving away the souvenirs.
So we enjoyed our free time at home at the balcony.

You can see that our host mom has a small vegetable garden on the balcony. She has tomatoes there, cucumbers, beans, pomegranate, herbs, pepper, but also flowers.

We really like gardening and of course also eating the vegetables!


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Graz, Austria - 17th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we met new friends: Truska, a funny pink bunny, and Tigger, our host mom's own toyvoyager. Tigger is just here for a few days while his Mom is organizing a new host.

We talked about our travel adventures and they asked about our vacation. So we showed them some souvenirs, for exampel our Moomin postcards! They also really liked our Moomin cookie cutter  :rolleyes:

We also showed them the pictures of our vacation!


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Graz, Austria - 5th September 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we received some nice souvenirs from our host-grandma. She has just returned from a visit to Berlin.
She brought us viewcards that have an original piece of the Berlin wall on it!
And then we got pasta with the famous Ampelmännchen, the small men on the traffic lights. There were also Gummibärchen- Ampelmen and a cookie-cutter. Maybe we will make some cookies sson!

That was a really nice evening!  B)


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Kerschegg, Austria - 14th September 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we went down to the South, to the Weinstraße (literally wine-street). It's the area of Styria where they grow wine. This part is famous for crisp, dry white wines, for example Welschriesling. You can see me in the wineyards.
It's almost time for the grape-harvest and you can see that the grapes look ready! We could see that the walnuts are ready too!
And of course we saw all the famous pumpkins - they are used to make the pumpkinseed-oil!

It was really beautiful there and a really lovely landscape. Of course we also went to a Buschenschank there, that's a small restaurant in the wineyards, where you can eat a kind of ploughman's lunch, with ham, bacon, good bread and some spreads! And of course you also drink a glass of wine!
That was a really great afternoon!  :D


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FosterCareHome, Finland - 9th November 2015

By: FosterCareHome


I'm in Finland right now, in the FosterCareHome for toyvoyagers! My visit will be brief though as my owner just pm'd my fostermom  :D

I'll be back home in Canada in no time!

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Porvoo, Finland - 15th November 2015

By: Delenna

All the other fostertoys were packed and sent to Germany where the new FosterCareHome host lives. I was left behind because my address was retreived  B) The former FCH host, Delenna, decided to take a few pics before sending me home - as her last toy in FCH.

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Helsinki, Finland - 23rd November 2015

By: Delenna

Finally Delenna took me out! We visited the capitol of Finland, Helsinki, briefly. Deenna did mostly geocaching, but she managed to stop for a few photos too. These are taken at the harbor where the big ferries leave to Stockholm (and slightly smaller to Tallinn). In the last one you can the the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, which is a World Hertitage Site.


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Porvoo, Finland - 14th December 2015

By: Delenna

This is Porvoo, the second oldest town in Finland. Porvoo was granted town rights in 1380. Since then it has grown in all directions (and burnt badly a few in the middle). The Old Town is a popular tourist attraction with its gobbled streets and little shops.

The River Porvoo divides the town in two and 5 bridges cross it. You can see the old red shorehouses on the other side - and the new houses that were build to resemble the old ones on the other.

"Red shore houses on the riverbank are one of the most photographed scenery in Porvoo. Red ochre paint was used to paint the shore houses in the late 18th century in honour of King Gustav III's arrival. All of the houses along his route were painted, in order to make them look more beautiful. The red ochre also helped protect the logs from wind and sun damage. Exotic fruits, wines and spices were brought to Porvoo, and the shore houses also served as intermediate storehouses for coffee an tobacco. " www.porvoo.fi


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Porvoo, Finland - 24th December 2015

By: Delenna

Merry Christmas! Iloista joulua! (Finnish) Glad jul! (Swedish)

In Finland they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. They eat gingerbread cookies, plum pastries, rice porridge, sweets and as main course potatoes and ham with gravy, fish, carrot casserole, potato casserole... Well, Delenna's family eats burritos instead as main course! The girls don't like the traditional Christmas meal so they have decided to to burritos which is everyone's favorite  :D

Usually Delenna and the girls make a gingerbread house of sorts (last year they had a hobbit hole!) but this year they were inspired by the chocolate houses they found online (by a Finnish chocolate and candy factory Fazer).

Of course there's a Christmas tree too. Thsi family has to keep it on the balcony because of their cat  ;)

Santa visits in the evening or drops gifts on the balcony. Or, if your kids are old enough the gifts just appear from a secret stash  :p

Sauna is also a big part of Finnish Christmas (and Finland in general), there's something special in going in the sauna on Christmas.

There was no snow on Christmas so no-one could go skiing. Luckily they have a ice hall in the city so you can go skating just about any time.


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Porvoo, Finland - 5th January 2016

By: Delenna

Canada here I come! Delenna sent me back home because it's as cold here as in Whitehorse, YT right now. 

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