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Travelog for: Kit-Kat

Vilnius, Lithuania - 24th April 2012

By: coraline

Hello, mummy!
The weather outside is a bit bad - it's raining and being cloudy all day! So me and Dottie Mouse had some time to see our new house closer and make our own cozy space to live. Look at our little "room"!


I even took a bath and finally felt relaxed from the trip.


In the evening, me and Dottie decided to sing songs with a little guitar. We had a nice evening with girly talks and so on :)


A few moments later my host-mum told us that she's going to Czech Republic for 5 days and she's taking us together. GREAT! I'm going to see two countries at one time! So don't worry if you won't hear from me for a while - when I'll come back, I'll tell and show you everything.

Hugs and kisses,

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 26th April 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mum!
It's a busy day, I'm packing my little things, some food and water into a tiny bag. It's going to be a big journey - I'm going to Czech Republic for 5 days!! I'm very happy about it and I hope you'll see all the beauty trough the pictures when I'll come back. Don't worry about me, I'm sure it will be great!



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Snezka, Czech Republic - 28th April 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mom!
After travelling all day through Poland, we finally reached Czech Republic. It was dark at night, so we went to sleep.
Next morning we went to Krkonose mountains. It was very hot (but we saw snow everywhere)!
We climbed to the Snezka mountain and took a picture there.



We had some free time to buy souvenirs and to see Mala Skala (small town where we live). We found a church and also a cat, but she was very scared, so I didn't have a chance to take a picture with her :(



I hope that you're okay. I still have some pictures to show, but now I'm a bit tired. Love ya!

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Adrspach, Czech Republic - 29th April 2012

By: coraline

Next morning in Czech Republic was very good - we ate some delicious food and went out to see the Adrspach rocks. Firstly, we saw a castle and I took a picture next to the map in there:


Then we had 2 hours in a bus and saw Adrspach rocks. Wow, they are big! We climbed a lot and saw beautiful views - too bad that the camera didn't work so well, so I didn't have a chance to take a picture next to something. But here is one with snow:


I'm coming home with some souvenirs :) It was a short trip, but I liked it! Hope to see more of Vilnius now!

Love you,

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 1st May 2012

By: coraline

I'm back at home and I'm happy that I had a chance to be in this great journey to see a bit of Czech Republic. Here I'm with all the goodies my host mum brought from this country:


Me and Dottie Mouse are pointing to the place where we lived - Mala Skala:


When I was in Czeck Republic, I saw this great sheep. And she came home with me! Her name is Lola, she's also from Nici family! My host mum is collecting Nici things and she has a lot of beautiful and different white beauties! Now Lola is in a great place next to other sheep and sometimes we have fun talks.


Now it's sunny in Vilnius, but weather forecast said that it's going to be cold this weekend. Hope not...
Wish you all the best!

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 4th May 2012

By: coraline

What a great Friday - we finally went out to see the Old Town and we accidentaly found "European countries days 2012" fair! Sadly there were no souvenirs, but people had a chance to eat traditional food from those countries.



And here is Germany! It's "Vokietija" in Lithuanian:


Here are the famous three ladies from Lithuanian national drama theatre(Lietuvos nacionalinis dramos teatras ):


And here is The Cathedral and The Bell Tower!!


After that me, Dottie Mouse and our host mum Karolina decided to eat some sweet things. We all went to YO YO - frozen yogurt bar. It opened just today, so there were a lot of people and ballooooons  :p Frozen yogurt tastes like ice cream!


I had a great time. And how are you, mummy? Hope everything is fine.

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 6th May 2012

By: coraline

Dear mum,
there aren't enough words to describe how much I love you. Thank you for being my angel and for showing me the world. I'm sending you this picture with tulips and saying
"Happy Mother's Day!"

Love you!!

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 8th May 2012

By: coraline

Labas! (Hello in Lithuania)
This day is a FUN day! Why? Because it's again coooold outside and me with my host mum and Dottie decided to create new games inside. We called one "Cupcakes race" - we're spinning around!


And I found a box! We played "Hide and Seek" and I was very hard to find - I'm so tiny and this little box is perfect for hiding :D


Here I am with the flowers. Wow, I'm high up there, like Rapunzel!


Tiny tiny grass growing in the balcony. So cute!


I'm under a biiig orchid.


You know what? Karolina says that this Sunday, if the weather is good again, we will go to the flea market. Can't wait to meet interesting people there!!
Myliu tave (love you),

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"Akropolis", Vilnius, Lithuania - 12th May 2012

By: coraline

Today it was rainy oustide (again...), but I still had fun - my host mum brought me to one of the biggest malls in Lithuania "Akropolis"! There are many shops and other places to spend time.
Look at this beautiful work - 3D painting by some artists. Wonderful!


We were a bit hungry, so we went to a restaurant. I ate cepelinai - it's a traditional food in Lithuania, made of potatoes and meat inside. It's actually very delicious!


And we ate dessert too :)


Resting near the "spring tree"...


This is a "print" of a famous basketball's player Arvydas Sabonis hand. My hand looks so tiny next to this!


Sweets in a candy store, made by Lithuanian firm "Rūta". Looks yummy!


And here is another traditional food in Lithuania - akotis. It's like a pie, but different. It can be really big or small and almost my size (well, still bigger:D).



After that we went shopping for summer. That's what girls do, right?
I'm feeling tired right now, so I guess I'll go to bed soon. Good night, mummy!


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Vilnius, Lithuania - 13th May 2012

By: coraline

This Sunday I was walking on the White Bridge. It's beautiful, Neris river is under it and you also can see a bit of the "New Vilnius" ("New Town"). Here, you can see it too:



Have I mentioned that I was going to go to the flea market this Sunday? There were many many people and while Karolina was selling her handmade things and old books, I took a picture:


After that, we went to a very pink milkshakes bar "Pink Milkshake". We drank hot chocolate and read magazines in Lithuanian language. Too bad I could understand a word -well, at least I tried! :D




Well, that's all about today. I guess soon my journey in Lithuania will be over and that's pretty sad. But there are many other countries and I can always come back here for some days too :) Love you!

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 14th May 2012

By: coraline

Look who arrived today - Porridge! We gave him a big friendly hug and read a postcard (and ate a candy:D) which arrived with him. Don't worry, we'll take good care of him!





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Vilnius, Lithuania - 19th May 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mummy!
This week the weather was not so good - it was raining all the time and sometimes even with thunder. Only on Saturday the sun appeared. We went for a walk in the city, because it was GATVĖS MUZIKOS DIENA. It means "STREET'S MUSIC DAY", so you can imagine what we did - we listened to all kind of music and had a great time :)

First, we went to the post and sent some postcards:



We went to the Old Town through one of the oldests streets in Vilnius - Pilies Street. There we found this church! It's Vilniaus v. kankinės Paraskevos cerkvė, the church for orthodox.


It was hot oustide, so we went to the fountain to refresh:


Here we stopped and listened to alternative music. Look how many people were in the Old Town that day!:


This is the City Hall of Vilnius. Very big, bright and beautiful!


Look what I found! A poster showing an exposition with Germany older architecture in the Contemporary Art Centre. Too bad it's already closed :(


Here I am near the St. Annes gotchic church, but you can see only a bit of on my left. In the centre (behind me) is Bernardine's Monastery:


That's how I spent my Saturday! Now I feel a bit tired, so I think I'm going to rest.

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 22nd May 2012

By: coraline

Today the sun was shining and the birds were singing - it was a beautiful day! When Hl ht from USA arrived, the day became even greater! We all gave this fox a big friendly hug:


We decided to go for a walk near the house. There was Neris river near us (2nd biggest river in Lithuania), so we went there for refreshment. We found a small bench on the beach and enjoyed the sun. The water wasn't very warm, but some people already swam in it!



I'm a flower child  :D


Now I'm eating strawberries, sitting in the balcony with other TV's, writting my travelog and having great chats with them. Wish this warm day never ends!


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Vilnius, Lithuania - 26th May 2012

By: coraline

Today was my last day in Lithuania. It's a bit sad, because I'm going to miss Vilnius, my TV friends which I've met here and my host Karolina, but I want to see more countries :) Now I'm going to FINLAND!


Dottie Mouse was travelling to other country too, so we gave Huli and Porridge a big hug and went to our envelopes to make comfortable places. Hope the journey won't be very long  ;)



Bye, everyone!! Thank you for hosting me in Vilnius, Lithuania! I'm going to miss you!


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Jyvskyl, Finland - 30th May 2012

By: mmm105

Hello mommy!

I just arrived to Finland! I'm so happy to be here!

When I peeked out off my envelope, I saw many friendly faces there waiting for me. Mommy, there's so many other ToyVoyagers already in this place. They all seems to be nice. I'm so exited about what I'm going to experience here.



They introduced themselves as PinkLady, Wayne, Erol the Pirat, B.o.B., Mi Nam, Mo, Telie, Ronja and Finfin.


I showed them the postcard, candies and a teabag, what I got from Lithuania with me.


And here are we all. :) Hostmom's cat came to say "Hello!" too.


I'm so exited about everything!
Hostmom told me that I managed arrive here just in time, because today evening we all are going to do something really nice thing... Hih, but I don't tell you that yet, because it's more funny to keep it in secret. Don't worry mom, I will tell you that later!


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