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Travelog for: Shesh

Canossa, Italy - 27th September 2012

By: annix

Hi mum,
look how many mushrooms I've found...I'm thinking to cook them but I am not sure if I can eat them...


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Canossa, Italy - 28th September 2012

By: annix

Hi mum,
do you remember that a few weeks ago I met 2 donkeys? Well, now I'm in a donkeys farming with about 700 donkeys!


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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 8th October 2012

By: annix

Hi mum,
my host celebrated her birthday so I made her a cake with the help of the other TV friends. Look how busy I was!


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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 22nd October 2012

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm coming back home...wait for me!!!
See you soon,


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Mechterstädt - home, Germany - 25th October 2012

By: iloveletters

After my adventures on the ETVT 2012 I am finally back home!
Thanks to all the hosts that I stayed with during the last months.
I will rest for the moment and stay at home.

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 17th February 2013

By: iloveletters

Off to new shores!
After some time at home it is getting really boring here.
I will start my journey to the USA tomorrow. I am very curious since I have never been overseas yet!

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Mechterstädt - back home, Germany - 22nd March 2013

By: iloveletters

After a great time in the USA I am back home now.


Thanks to BunTraveler for all the lovely cards and gifts she sent with me in the package!

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Heidelberg, Germany - 25th April 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Dear Mum

Yesterday I arrived in Heidelberg. The weather is nice and sunny, so I already spent some time on the balcony and I also met nuriayasmin's cat Sammy. There's another TV here, a cute rabbit called Brinda and next month the two of us will visit the Czech Republic. I'm quite excited and plan to learn some Czech before we leave.

Take care,




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Heidelberg, Germany - 3rd May 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Hi Mum

Today Slowly-Slowly arrived. He's a cute turtle from the Netherlands and anxious to go the Czech Republic with us.


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Turnov, Czech Republic - 9th May 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Hi Mum

Greetings from the north of the Czech Republic. We arrived her after a 10-hours journey by train and bus and are a bit exhausted now. 'We're staying at a cozy hotel with just 6 rooms and we TV's have a bed of our own. The look out of the window is also very nice.

Bye, Shesh



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Turnov, Czech Republic - 10th May 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Hi Mum

Today we visited Hrad Valdštejn which once was in the possession of the famous Wallenstein, the supreme commander of the army of the Habsburg monarchy during the Thiry Years' War in the 17th century. The castle is situated about 4 km away from Turnov in the forest. On the way to it we passed the Hlavatice rock with its viewing platform and I learnt that unlike in German the Czech word "strom" has got nothing to do with water but means "tree". It already started to rain when we were still visiting the castle and didn't stop until we got back to the hotel. We had planned to have a look around the city of Turnov in the afternoon but because of the rain nuriayasmin went alone and we TV's stayed at the hotel so that we wouldn't get wet.







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Hruba Skala, Czech Republic - 11th May 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Dear Mum

Today we visited Hruba Skala castle which is nowadays a hotel and a restaurant and then took a long wald through the nature reserve of Hruboskalsko. On the way back home it started to rain again but we nevertheless had a great day.








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Liberec, Czech Republic - 12th May 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Dear Mum

Today we went to Liberec by train and did some shopping. On the photos you can see me in front of the town hall and in front of the theatre. Tomorrow we're going back to Germany but I'm already looking forward to coming back to the Czech Republic in June. Hope you're fine.




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Linz, Austria - 28th June 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Dear Mum

After spending a quiet time at my host's house in Germany, I'm now traveling again. Our first stop was the Austrian city of Linz where we just spent one night on our way to the Czech Republic. Here's a picture of me in the city centre.



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Lake Lipno, Czech Republic - 3rd July 2013

By: nuriayasmin

Dear Mum

I'm at lake Lipno now, the area is also called the South Bohemian Riviera. Lipno is an artificial lake. There are lots of holiday resorts and camp site on the northern lakeshore while the south is pure wilderness, the Bohemian Forest - or Šumava as it's called in Czech. Here are some pictures:








Bye, Shesh

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