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To travel somewhere outside of Europe

To visit a historic cemetary (like my namesake)

To eat a famous food of the region I'm in (other than haggis or other Scottish delights)

To go walkies in a park with another dog

To play chess with someone

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Travelog for: Bobby

Edinburgh, Scotland - 25th August 2006

By: lilitu93

My name is Bobby and I am a Scottie dog in a tartan bag. I started out my life as a souvenir in a shop on Princes Street, Edinburgh, but my adventures began soon after I was bought (on my birthdate in my profile).

I was not to be an ordinary souvenir. Instead, I became part of a prototype for the Companions Atelier of the
Convivio Summer School 2006. The summer school is an annual event for interaction designers to learn more about their practice.

The attached picture is from the Companions presentation given on the last day of the summer school. Yes, they got my name wrong, but I was glad for the chance to be a star or such an interesting event. ;)

After Convivio ended, my current guardian decided instead of sitting around for the rest of my life, I'd have more fun being a ToyVoyager and travelling the world. I agreed, since now that I've had a taste of life beyond the souvenir shop, I am eager to explore the world and make new friends. So I'll be going back to London tomorrow with my guardian and will start my travels from there.


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