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Travelog for: Willy W.

Budapest, Hungary - 16th November 2008

By: Szandra

And let's see the Heroes' Square!
Szandra told me that the monument was built for the 1896 Millennium celebrations, that's why it is called Millennium Monument.



Two museums flank both side of Heroes' Square: the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Art.



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Budapest, Hungary - 16th November 2008

By: Szandra

I didn't want to go home until I haven't seen the ducks in the City Park!:D



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Budapest, Hungary - 22nd November 2008

By: Szandra

This winter, today was the first day when it was snowing in Budapest!!! :stare:
I went out to the teracce and saw the snowflakes.
I'm just sad a little bit because we don't have enough snow to bulid a snowman...


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Budapest, Hungary - 22nd November 2008

By: Szandra

At night it was started snowing again!! Such a big snowflakes! I watched them fluttering to the ground..and than.. I don't remember... :stare: Szandra said I fall asleep! :D



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Budapest, Hungary - 23rd November 2008

By: Szandra

Snow! Snow! Snow!!! It's still snowing.
I decided to go out to make a snowball and to look around how does the area look like in winter time.



But I was cold sitting in the snow!!!


Fortunately Szandra gave me a warm cap! Yay! B)


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Budapest, Hungary - 24th November 2008

By: Szandra

Szandra's mother visited us in Budapest and we all went to buy some Christmas presents. I wanted to see the decorations of big shopping centres. And I was really in a Christmas mood when we finished! :D



Ohh...my cap... I didn't see anything.. :stare:



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In his envelope, travelling to Brazil - 24th November 2008

By: Szandra

I had to say bye to Szandra and her new guest, Etwas! I'm sad that we can't spend more time together, but on the other hand I can't wait to meet with my new host!!
Brazil, here I come! ;)


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Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil - 5th December 2008

By: dejoloka

After 10 days waiting for Willy... he's finally here!  :cyclops:

;) :p :D :cyclops: ;) :p :D :cyclops: B) ;) :p :D :cyclops: ;) :p :D :cyclops:
They were so happy to see me!


After the comemorations we had to study for the final test that was this afternoon! I learnt something about neuroanatomy...er, that's not the best topic in the world but it was necessary [really?]  :p

Finally we were going to University. We had lunch there, in a place they call R.U. (Universitarian Restaurant), that was not that bad!

And what a surprise, at the class room I found another TV! Unfortunatelly I forgot her name, she's being hosted by a Dejoara's friend and we became friends too. I swear that when I remember her name I post another photo with it, I hope we can play together again.

That's their mascot called "Puro Osso" which means "All bones" in english.

Well, that's all for today. This weekend we're going to study again, Dejoara said that Monday is the last day at University and she has to be prepared for the Chemical test. After this,  we can play a lot together! So... let's roll!  ;)

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Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil - 10th December 2008

By: dejoloka

These days have been a little busy, but now Dejoara's on vacation and we can play, watch some movies, go on christmas shopping and else... :D
Telling about movies, these weekend we watched a very good one. It's called Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta, that's about the 70's discos.


I have met that TV again, who's now really my friend because I remeber her name! :)
Her name's Mira, and she's from Australia. We're having some fun together.


These week I met Dejoara's cat, his name is Greko and he has a year and a half.


Ew, he licked me!

Here in Brazil the summer is coming and the weather is becoming hot and sunny so I thing soon we're going to visit a park and relax at the summer breeze drinking a chimarrão (some kind of tea in a special cup they drink around here). That's all for the moment, I hope we can post again soon.
Red hugs.  ;)

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Porto Alegre, Brazil - 14th December 2008

By: dejoloka

Humm, I ate some delicious hot dog at Dejoara's University. It was really good, much better than the Universitarian Restaurant  :p


And these week Dejoara and I decorated the Christmas Tree and the Holy. It's very simple, but beautiful.


A Dejoara's friend went home now that the classes are finished and we drove her to the bus station. She lives in another state called Mato Grosso and her travel would take about 2 days. I met her at the day I arrived here in Brazil and she's very cool, we'll miss her.


Red hugs.

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Porto Alegre, Brasil - 18th December 2008

By: dejoloka

Making a Christmas card to mommy! :D
First we took some pictures of the old newspapers and sliced it out.


Then we glued then on the paper. After we wrote some greetings.


And put on the envelope, ready to send to mommy! This morning we took it to the mail and delivered ;)


After all the work we had, I slept a little with Greko this afternoon.


Red Hugs.

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Porto Alegre Christmas Party, Brasil - 8th January 2009

By: dejoloka

Some photos from the Christmas Party at Dejoara's home



At Christmas day, we took some photos on the backyard, the day was so beautiful.


That's a fruit called araçá, on summer it grows a lot here.



Red Hugs.

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From Porto Alegre to São Paulo, Brazil - 17th February 2009

By: dejoloka

Dejoara's camera wasn't working very well these days, so we took some photos and we post everything today.

Some last things we did together this summer at Porto Alegre:
We played DS

I played with Ozzy, Dejoara's teddy bear

I slept with Greko, Dejoara's cat

We sent a gift to Karla on the envelope, I hope she likes it  ;)
It's a note with some thoughts Dejoara had about me and how she felt with me on her home

Bye Bye Porto Alegre, Hello São Paulo.  :rolleyes:

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Osasco, Brazil - 21st February 2009

By: karla


I ve finally arrived in Osasco, SP, Brazil. Karla my host is sick, she has dengue, a very common illness here. So we wont take pictures today. But we will soon!
We will also meet Alizeé and Stanley, but Im not sure when.
Other than that everything is fine, here is very sunny and Ive met all the family already. ;)

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São Paulo, Brazil - 24th February 2009

By: karla


Today Karla took me to the city, São Paulo. We saw a really huge bridge held up by cables! Then we went to get some groceries.


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