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Travelog for: Germania

at home in Remscheid, Germany - 10th January 2009

By: olgamaus

My name is Germania. I am a girlie bear who wants to meet bears all over the world. I already have an invitation from a German host in the Ruhr area so I will start my journey soon.


I'm looking foreward to meet more nice hosts all over the world.


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Essen, Germany - 17th January 2009

By: BlackCat

Hello Mum,

We weren't the only ToyVoyagers that arrived here today. Here arrived Bruni Lila, Cassandra and we two. So we are all new and met Tilda, Thiele and Friendship Bear. So much Toys :)!


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Essen Kray, Germany - 19th January 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we went to a part of Essen that is called Kray. BlackCat needed to get a package from the post office there so we went there all together. On the way back to a bus stop we saw this wonderful church. It is the St. Barbara church. BlackCats grandparents married in this church. Doesn’t it look nice?

The church tower

The front door of the church

Another view of the tower.


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Essen Steele, Germany - 23rd January 2009

By: BlackCat

That’s us in front of the pitman statue in Steele. Pitmen were really good for the city Essen, because they had a lot of coal mines here. Now there are only a few ones left and no one is still working, but this statue should remind you of the pitmen that did the work to make Essen to such a big city like it is now.



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Essen Margarethenhöhe, Germany - 28th January 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we went with BlackCat when she visited her boyfriend at work. He is working in a company that is in the Margarethenhöhe.
The Margarethenhöhe is a jewel of the city. It is one of the loveliest examples of the German garden city idea. This area of the city is idyllic and was donated in 1906 by Margarethe Krupp on the occasion of her daughter Bertha’s wedding. Maximum two storeys high, comfortably equipped flats for workers and employees were developed following the plans of architect Georg Metzendorf. Even though the area gives a feeling of unity, no house is the same. Various design elements such as bow fronts and hedgerows, arched gables, plaster and natural stone foundations were used to give homes individual appearances. The estate has been under historical preservation since 1987.
It was really nice there but it was still dark, so the photos aren’t so good.


A picture of Margarethe Krupp

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Essen, Germany - 1st February 2009

By: BlackCat

This is one shop in the city of Essen. We found it when we were just walking around there. Doesn’t it look nice?


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Essen, Germany - 3rd February 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we made some cookies for the budgies of BlackCat. She found a recipe online how she can make cookies for her birds herself and wanted to try it. So we went with her in the kitchen and helped her as good as we could.

Looking for the grain feed

Putting an egg to the flour

Mixing it

Putting the grain feed into the mix of eggs and flour

Mixing it again


Making little cookies of it (not perfect, we know)

and now we have to wait 15 minutes…

The cookies are ready =)!

And the birds are happy about it.

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Essen, Germany - 4th March 2009

By: BlackCat

Bruni Lila has to go today. So we all said Goodbye and waved. It was a nice time with Bruni and we all hope that the travel will be fast and nice.



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Essen, Germany - 18th March 2009

By: BlackCat

Today BlackCat need to buy some birthday presents for friends. So I went with her to the Limbecker Platz! A big shopping hall in Essen.
It isn't ready until now. They are still building the second part which will be opened in autumn 2009.



The shopping centre is really nice inside. They have a lot nice places there.




Even a little playground for children is there.


That was a nice shopping hour.

Then we went back and I saw the mainstation. The mainstation is fixed up at the moment. There were a lot people working.



In front of the mainstation there is the Handelshof. It's a hotel and it has the emblem of Essen on it's top.


What a nice day. After that shopping tour I was really tired.

Have a nice day,

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Essen, Germany - 19th March 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we all went with BlackCat into the youth centre. I was allowed to sing a song in the studio of the youth centre. Am I good or what?



So maybe I will produce my own CD. Who knows?

your star

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Essen, Germany - 23rd March 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we helped BlackCat to write some postcards. She will send them tomorrow, so we hurried.
There is even one card for you mum :)!


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Essen, Germany - 3rd April 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we had to say goodbye to Friendship Bear. It was really sad.


Goodbye my little friend. Hopefully we will see us again one day!

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Essen, Germany - 4th April 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we had a little party for Tilda, as she won the Golden Bear Award this year. We were all really happy and had a lot of fun!


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Essen, Germany - 7th April 2009

By: BlackCat

Tilda had to leave today. I was so sad, because she already leave before breakfast :(! Cassandra and I are alone here now!



After saying goodbye, I had breakfast. Some nice honey cornflakes with milk :)!


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Essen Steele, Germany - 8th April 2009

By: BlackCat

It was not a really nice weather today, but BlackCat wanted to go to the Ruhr with us, so we went together.

On the way to the Ruhr we found this poster for the zoo of Gelsenkirchen. With a nice icebear on it :)!


And then we went to the Ruhr.



There we saw some ducks :)!


And some deafs, too.


It was nice. Then it started to rain so we went home again :)!

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