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Travelog for: Milala

Shatin, Hong Kong - 26th April 2009

By: Wombat

Hey guys~ Milala is a cute little teddy bear who loves everything sweet. She is currently at home now waiting for her ToyVoyagers Tag. Anyone interested in bringing her around?? :p


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Wan Chai, Hong Kong - 1st May 2009

By: Wombat

Still a month to go before taking off to Belgium.  So Mommy brought me to go barbeque with her friends today~~

We had a nice breakfast before we head to the site  :p

After some shopping, we arrived at the site....the place was very nice and the weather was awesome :D And I took some lovely pictures there too~~

I still got some other pictures taken from Mommy's friend and will upload them later~~ The food was marvellous~~!

After the BBQ, Mommy brought me to the Mall, wow.....i wish I will be on a cruise someday...that's one of my life missions :rolleyes:


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Shatin, Hong Kong - 6th May 2009

By: Wombat

Mommy bought me to work today ^^ I was being naughty and almost get lost  :( But Mommy managed to find me behind those carton boxes  :o

I also meet some new friends today  :p

pic 002.jpg
pic 005.jpg
pic 003.jpg
pic 006.jpg
pic 007.jpg
pic 008.jpg

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Home, Hong Kong - 7th May 2009

By: Wombat

Today is my last day spent at home  :rolleyes: I will be traveling to katimausi's place in Germany. I will miss you Mommy  :p

pic 009.jpg
pic 010.jpg

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Gütersloh, Germany - 22nd May 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy,
after a loooong time, i arrived in gütersloh  :)
seems to be a nice place  :D


i first met bambi, he said, he is the best friend of miss klör, i will meet her soon. who will that be??  :thinking:


i had a warm welcome with cake and coffee, great  :cyclops:
not strawberry cake actually, but i´m so hungry, i really don´t care



kati said, it´s strawberry season this time here in germany, should i see a strawberry farm??  :cyclops:

at last, i saw the balcony, seems a nice place, if the sun would shine on it


but its too early, its 11 o´clock AM, the sun will shine here about noon, i´m too early  B)

i met a crazy cat too, she lives in the flower box on the balcony.


i think, she only lives here for the catnip, but i´m not sure  :thinking:

well, a nice welcome, but i´m reeeeaaally tired, so i write tomorrow or these days again

lovely greetings
milala  :D

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Gütersloh, Germany - 23rd May 2009

By: katimausi

whoah, mommy, this was a day, i defeat a biiig furry dragon, meet nice soccer fans and learn much about pen and paper roleplay game
but step by step:
at first, kati show me a furry thing, she calls it dice bag


it´s the fur from a wild rabbit, shoot by a ranger, not a brutal fur farm, so kati don´t have a guilty conscience  ;)

she opend it, there where maaaany dice in it, someone i´d never seen bevore, 4 side, 8 side, 10 side and twenty side dice  :o


some glimmers, some looks like cristalls and some are dazzling orange, strange  :stare:

she sad to me, i should go into a biiig bag with ruby gloom print on it, she means, we go to defeat a dragon in bielefeld with nice people, i´m really excitet


on the way, i risk a look out of the bag, but i don´t see anything of dragons, where will she brings me????  :thinking:


the next thing a saw was a tram in bielefeld, kati said, the train was reaally full, so she can´t let me out, but the tram was full too...
soccer fans where in town  :rolleyes:

at last, we arrived the jahnplatz in bielefeld, it´s only one station from the trainstation with the tram and a central place here in bielefeld. these days are leinewebermarkt, a big fair in the center of the town, many tourists are coming and the locals run away as fast as they can or stay at home if its possible.
the whole town is overcrowded and the traffic is horrible, good for us, we take the bus  B)



ok, the bus is full too, but we don´t have to drive through the traffic at ourself  B)
we arrived, left the bus and where in a quiet nice place of bielefeld, really nice  :)
so, here i should meet a dragon??? :thinking:


we ring, the door opend and we´re in a domicile, became some pastries (delicious), coffee and a cool water, but were the hell are the dragons????????


kati explaint, that we only play in our fantasy, so that the dragon only excist in my brain.
WHAT???? i´ve spend the whole travelling time to prepare dragonfighting AND IT´S ONLY A PRODUCT OF MY FANTASY???  :mad:
kati tried to explain me her charakter, that only excist on a paper, but it´s boring... I WANT A DRAGOOOON!!!


HA, at last, i found a lance, so where is the dragon???  :D


aaah, there is the great, big, evil furry dragon, TAKE THAT!!!


at least, i lost, with this bad breath, the dragon is too strong for me  :(
but thorsten rescue me, he hold me  high enough that the dragon couldn´t reach me, because it has no wings  :cyclops:


on the way at home, we meet some soccer fans, kati asked nicely for a photo and get it  :cyclops:
the club is the 96 kölsch, kati likes the 1.fc.st. pauli more, but this fans where friendly, so she shoot the picture  :cyclops:


as we arrived, i falled backwards on the couch...
what a day, but kati sayd, monday we will spend a whole day to walk arround in bielefeld, she will show me the town in peace, i shall rest sunday.
so, that i will do, good evening, mommy  B)

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Gütersloh, Germany - 27th May 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy
i told you, we would visit bielefeld at monday, but the weather was too bad, it was really too hot and sticky, but these days, we would travel, maybe tomorrow?
however, i finally meet miss klör, it´s such a nice "person"



ok, she´s a hamster, but reaaly nice, she don´t bite and has a real cuddly fur  :cyclops:
so, maybe, i write these days, but i´m sure: we go to bielefeld  :D

lovely greetings

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Gütersloh, Germany - 30th May 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy,
kati and her husband jens has celebrate yestersay their 7th wedding day, how romantic  :)
at first, we take a walk through the city, nice places they have  :D


they have frame houses, really beautyfull  :o


we has only taken a short walk, because they want to go to eat sushi in a restaurant, but we can´t make photos, so, let me tell you:
the sushi was GREAT and it was a romantic dinner, not candlelight, but thats not the most important thing  ;)

on the way, we meet some nice friends of kati and jens, bonny girls  B)


at the time, it´s election for the european parliament, so kati and jens complete their ballot paper.
it´s really strange, how much parties want in this  :o
the paper is over 90 cm or 35 zoll, wow  :o


oh, by the way, yes, katis couch is this big  ;)
so, i wish, you have a nice evening
milala ^^

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Gütersloh, Germany - 5th June 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy,
just a short update, katis cam isn´t working so good this time, she needs a new memory card, but this saturday, she is in town, shopping and will buy a new one  :)
next week, we drive to krelingen, a very small village near walsrode (800 habitants) to visit her parents  :cyclops:
so, you will hear (and see) me sunday or monday at the latest  :D

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Gütersloh, Germany - 8th June 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy  :)
kati woke me up early and tell me, we would drive to krelingen today, i´m really excitet  :cyclops:
kati said, that we couldn´t upload photos from there, the internet is too slow, they need 20 minutes only to watch a email  :o
how annoying  :(
however, kati promised, to make much photos from me and all other stuff, maybe i meet horses  :cyclops:
but first, we must to pack one's bags


i promise to be a nice toyvoyager and don´t make any trouble (so kati thinks  :rolleyes::cyclops:
wish you nice days, thursday are we back home  :D


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Gütersloh, Germany - 12th June 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy
yesterday we came back from krelingen. kati and jens was really tired, so we made the update today :)
krelingen was a very nice place ^^

they have many sheeps


a very nice garden






and they have a big furry dragon, but this one seems nice  :cyclops:


every morning we has a nice breakfast, but strange things they do on their breads  :o




this is banana-kiwi-fruit marmelade, strange but tasty  :D


this is a kind of cheese, blue mold cheese, looks nasty, but taste very good  :cyclops:


its covered with a special sort of mildew, when its getting mellow, it smells intensiv and the taste is much stronger, but this one is a young cheese, kati don´t like the old sorts  :rolleyes:


kati´s mum and stepfather lives in a christian centre in krelingen, they help mentally ill and drug addicted people. old people live there too and they have a home for theology-students and help them with they studis  :D
this is the church


this is the altar with a old hebrew bible


the windows:


after the trip through the church, we go hungry home, katis mom made potatosalad, the best potatoesalad in the world, so kati said, and its the truth, its really the best  :cyclops:


the trip home was stressfull, full trains, full stations and delays....
so, i´m tired, yesterday was a long day, i have not restet enough yet

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Gütersloh, Germany - 21st June 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy
this is my last evening at my host, i have a nice time here  :cyclops:
kati made a stag party for me, i could choose a film from her collection  :D


we decided for botched and black sheep, very funny horror-comedy  :cyclops:
i had chips and beer, the good german black beer, great  B) :D



tomorrow she will send me to my next host, i´m really excited  :D

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Sülfeld, Germany - 25th June 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Ninni and I arrived at Rike’s home today – and there were Slummy, dicker Kumpel and Murph waiting for us!


We all will go on a cruise on the River Danube, there is very high water at the moment – so it will be an adventure!!!

Because we are nice TVs, we tried to help Rike to pack the bags.


We decided that long hippo and blue hippo should come with us.


Rike wasn’t that lucky with our idea, so we decided to need some games…


Help, what is that? Rike told us something, like – you are not really helpful - and put us in this nice basket…


…and now????  She had a strange smile in her face and brought us in the garden…



Well, we cannot help her now – but because we are ToyVoyagers, we will start to talk and talk and talk.


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Passau, Germany - 26th June 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We started our tour in Passau. We explored the wonderful city and started with the Passauer Dom.


Then we saw this lovely fountain with the beautiful building.


Over the Danube we saw the Veste Oberhaus on the hill – it has a very long wall.


Do you know, that the Danube is the second longest river of Europe? And I will make a cruise on it – it is amazing !!!




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Passau, Germany - 27th June 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum !

This morning we spent in Passau again. We had a beautiful view over the Danube.


Because Rike know, that we wouldn't love the boring long trip with the bus in the afternoon, we were allowed to play and we saw a great car of the fire department,



Here we are on the long trip from Passau to Budapest. But we had fun – ToyVoyagers have always fun.



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