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To visit South Africa.

Go to the Empire state building in Ney York city.

Go surfing.

Make it in Hollywood.

To make it to manly beach in Australia to see my friend Fo.

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Travelog for: Fred

Winsor Castle London, United Kingdom - 2nd September 2010

By: Suzanne

Hi there my fellow ToyVoyagers.

It was so nice to find Fred sitting on of a bench outside Windsor Castle yesterday afternoon :D I live in Mortlake London. Me and my friend spend the afternoon at Windsor Castle.

After a few hours of walking we took a rest on a park bench just outside the castle walls. That's when i noticed Fred on the next bench . I just couldnt keep my eyes of him. At that moment Freds foster family was on the other bench, watching my every move. I moved over to Freds bench and ask the kids if it was theres. They just told me to read the tag. So I did and to my delite Fred was now mine. His foster mum told me that on his wishlist of places he would like to visit is South-Africa. Well i am from South-Africa and planning to go back soon. So Freds wish will come true after all. I'm so happy we're friends but i dred the day when i'll hve to say goodbye to him and send him on his next travels.

For now his staying in my little room in Mortlake where he made a few new friends. I think his settling in well. I'll keep in touch. See you soon .Suzanne

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