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Have my pic taken with a guard at Buckingham Palace

to go on a treasure hunt

appear on T.V. (anywhere)

Play pooh sticks with another toy voyager

To have my own collar and lead

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Travelog for: Crystal

plymouth, uk - 10th October 2006

By: IttyBittyKitty

im going to a new house today im going to be traveling on a bus to plympton where i will start my missions.  I'm going to Kitty's sisters for a little visit before moving on, Titch is coming too for some trainging.  :D

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Plymouth, UK - 25th June 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

Kitty has been thinking really hard about who i should go to or if i should go wild like Pooky.  I said i didn't want to go wild just yet, i'm still getting used to being on my own.  So the perfect opportunity arrived when Kitty's brothers came to visit.  Her big brother agreed to realese Pooky somewhere in London and her little brother agreed to show me around Brighton where he lived for a little while and then release me somewhere nice.  :D 

Picture 4644_2.jpg

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Brighton, England - 30th January 2009

By: Jess

Been studying in Brighton....

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Hameln, Germany - 11th May 2009

By: Jane

Crystal has been to Hameln to check out the rat situation.  Happy all is well Crystal is ready to to move on to warmer climates.  Brunei here I come. Tried to add a photo but couldn't get in the picture! 

* Posted May 11, 2009, 5:20 pm [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

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