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Travelog for: Orpheus

Bonn, Germany - 1st June 2015

By: smaug


we must have slept a long time :rolleyes:, since when we woke up it was time to leave and in the blink of an eye we were back in Germany were I had to get ready to travel to my next host :).
Before I left Sigfrido gave a me a big hug and wished me a safe journey :D.


He asked if I wanted to travel by mail, but I pointed out that, if my friend Landroval keeps flying back and forth between Europe and North America, I can sure manage to fly a few kilometers down the Rhine B) (I hope :rolleyes:) so I went to the window, waved him goodbye and took off :).


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Bonn, Germany - 11th October 2017

By: smaug


I took some time to find my way along the Rheine…canaries are not renowned for their navigation skills :rolleyes:…I eventually arrived at a familiar window, which was conveniently open :).


Inside I found my friends Krystal and Sigfrido, who where a bit surprised to see me ;).


But they soon found something appropriate to celebrate my arrival :D.


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