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Travelog for: Landroval

Amrum, Germany - 21st March 2010

By: RikeH

Hi Dad,

Our last day On Amrum Island we were all sitting together and talked a lot.



We all will go to new hosts on Monday. Hugo will go to Finland, I will fly to Japan, Twix will visit Wales and Kasper will stay in Germany, but visit another place.

We celebrated the last day with RikeH drinking a delicious bottle of wine.


Oups very delicious.


We sat a very long time and had so much fun. It is great to be a ToyVoyager!


Then I said Good-Bye to Dicker Kumpel he has been such a nice host! I really liked it here with him and RikeH.


But now I am off to Japan!

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Okinawa, Japan - 3rd April 2010

By: JaymeC

I arrived in Japan just in time for... Easter? Apparently even though the Japanese don't celebrate Easter, my host Jayme's family does, so we celebrated at home. I arrived just as they were starting the egg hunt, the Easter bunny hid lots of eggs. I helped find some as well.
Afterwards we opened all the eggs up to split the candy. Lots to go around!
Then it was time to dye eggs. I was okay with it since they were of course only using chicken eggs. First we got the kit out
Then we got everything ready. Eggs, dye, and stickers all set out for the kids.
Here are the eggs dying.
And some more
And finally the finished product. The kids did an excellent job didn't they?
More updates soon,

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Okinawa, Japan - 14th April 2010

By: JaymeC

Jayme decided to take the day before her final exam for us to go out and relax a bit. That's kind of backwards isn't it? But she said the weather was just too nice not to go out, so off we went to the Renassaince Resort. We started out by the indoor pool and watched the kids go down the water slides. They had lots of fun.
Us toys relaxed in the lounge chair.
From there we went outside to grab a bite to eat. Here you can see the hotel from where we were sitting
The kids had chicken nuggets and fries, not very creative but it kept them happy til it was time to go home.
There was also an outside pool, but it was a little chilly so no one was in it.
Finally we headed down to the beach at the Renassaince for a bit.
The children were having fun burying each other so we decided to try it out and bury Haggis.
Don't worry, no toys were harmed from this picture, Haggis dug himself out very quickly.
After that we headed home. Jayme has to take her final next, and hopefully after that we'll get to relax some and do some more fun updates!

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Okinawa, Japan - 29th April 2010

By: JaymeC

Today we got to go to a Memorial Park at the Southern tip of Okinawa. Its called Peace Memorial Park and is dedicated to all who lost their lives on Okinawa during WWII. We started our trip at the playground though because the kids were antsy
And here's the memorial area. You can see there is row after row of walls inscribed with all the names of those who died on Okinawa during WWII. They include not just the Okinawans, but also the Japanese, Americans, and even a few British.
The memorial area is situated right on the ocean.
We also stopped by the museum which was very neat, but we were unable to take pictures inside. Here's a photo of the entrance.
More soon,

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Okinawa, Japan - 29th April 2010

By: JaymeC

We were able to visit a very neat site here on Okinawa! We started off by walking up a path with lots and lots of flowers.
Finally at the top we found out where we are. Nakagusuku Castle, an UNESCO site here on Okinawa.
Here you can see me next to a model of the castle with the actual castle in the background.
Here's a better look at the castle.
We went up many stairs
Finally we were way up at the top! Isn't it a lovely view. Here's the inside of the castle
And you can see the Pacific Ocean here. This is about as high as you can get on Okinawa. There are many hills, but no mountains.
Hopefully we'll get out again soon!

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Okinawa, Japan - 10th May 2010

By: JaymeC

We got to go visit a fun place called Forest Adventure Park. Unfortunately us tvs only got to see it from the sidelines. Jayme said it was a bit too dangerous for us to go on the course since if we fell down we'd be lost for good and it'd be a little too easy to drop us. We did get to watch her and others while we waited though. Forest Adventure is a zipline and obstacle course. You can see the zipline course behind me. The lines may be a little too small to see clearly, but they go over the valley, which is very deep. Those aren't shrubs below, they're full grown mature, very tall trees. You can see while she didn't want to drop us on accident!
To show you what the course is like, here is the practice course. Before you're allowed to do the real course they have you go through the practice course so they're sure you know all the safety precautions. They don't want anyone falling!
Finally there's the obstacle course. There's a net that you jump into like tarzan hanging from a rope then you pull yourself up. And then lots of other various obstacles you can walk over.
Here's a picture of Jayme, you can see why it would be kind of hard for her to hold us for poses as well since she was holding one for dear life, which was at least pretty funny to watch :)
More soon,

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Okinawa, Japan - 11th May 2010

By: smaug

Just updating Landroval's Map :)

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Somewhere on the Rockies, Canada - 10th June 2010

By: smaug


It was a long flight but I am eventually back home, nice to see my mountains again :).


Blast it! Its June and there still snow everywhere :rolleyes:.


I can see Calgary from here. I should probably go seeing smaug and ask him about my next host. Maybe later ;).


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Aylmer Lookout, Canada - 13th June 2010

By: smaug


Today I was hanging around one of my favourite fishing spots ;), Lake Minnewanka...


...when I saw a group of what seemed to be TVs walking on a trail, so I decided to go meet them. And, guess what, they were smaugs guests :). Of course I stayed chatting a bit, and my friend sammino told me that he will come telling me as soon as smaug has arranged a new host for me :D.


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Nihahi Ridge, Canada - 19th June 2010

By: smaug


Today I was wondering if my friend sammino was going to come visiting me this weekend.


And here he came with a his guests...it looks like theres been a bit of turnover among them since last week :rolleyes:.


He told me that there is a nice host waiting for me in the States :), so I said goodbye to everyone, gathered some strength with the food smaug had in his rucksack ;), and took off. Off we go again :D!


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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 30th June 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Dad!!!

I am writing to say I flew in to the United State last night and I am now down on the east coast in Richlands, North Carolina.  My host Pixiedustlady is very nice and was happy to see me.  Pixiedustlady is married to a Marine and one day I am going to go on the base and see all the helicopters.  My host loved the magnet and postcard that I carried with me on my flight down.  You would be very envious of the weather!! It is 94 out and sunny! The humidity is something that will take me awhile to get used too!!

Here I am in my envelope! Thumper the dog brought me inside and put me down on the floor.


I started peeking away and my host helped open up the top of my envelope so I could get free!


Here I am with my wonderful magnet and beautiful postcard!!


Next someone tapped me on my wing and I looked behind me and it was a Russian Beaver.  His name is *Beaver* and he has been here since early April and will not go home till January.  He is very friendly and told me I am going to have a great time here.


Here I am with the other dog.  She is a Chihuahua and her name is Sombrita.  She speaks Spanish and all she cares about is food and a warm place to lay :)


I got my things put away and Beaver told me we had to pack up and get ready to leave for Summit Point, West Virginia.  My host is a motorcycle road racer and I got hear just in time for the rest of the racing season and the 4th of July.  Beaver just got back last weekend from VIR raceway and he said it was soooo much fun!!  We are packed up and will be leaving at lunch time tommorro.  The drive will take us up through the state of Virginia and then we will reach the state of West Virginia.  We will be up by Washington, DC.  I will get to see the Shenandoah Valley, which I hear is very pretty.  It will take us 7 hours to arrive at Summit Point.  We will be camping in the paddock all weekend long with all the other racers.  I am sure I am going to see things I have never seen before!! 


Here is a link to the track if you want to check it out!!


Well I am off to eat some Spaghetti and watch *Hot Tub Time Machine*  ;)


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Summit Point, West Virginia, USA - 5th July 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Dad!!!
I got home last night about midnight.  I am WORN OUT! I had a fantastic weekend up at Summit Point Raceway!  Here is how my journey unfolded :)  we started driving the truck and we were pulling our Toy Hauler..... no its not for TVs, it is like a mini motorhome with beds, kitchen, bathroom, flat screen tv and also has room for the motorcycle and scooter!  the journey took almost seven hours.  Here we are on highway 95, it is a very famous Eastern highway as you can go either all the way south to Miami or all the way North to New York City.  Here we are as we approach Washington DC.


After we left North Carolina we drove through Virginia then onto West Virginia.  West Virginia is beautiful!!! Here I am as we drive through the Shenandohah Valley.  A lot of tourists come up to this part of the state so they can go hiking and camping in the forest and climb up the mountains.  Of course they are nothing as spectacular as in Canada!! It was a balmy 95 degrees outside!!



We arrive at the race track at 6:00 pm and here we are outside the front gate!


We drive in the gate and then read the signs on which way to get to the Paddock.


We unload the trailer and then set up our *camp* here I am on my host's GSXR 600.  I took it out for a spin around the paddock before cooking dinner. :)


Here I am with Beaver making Cheeseburgers for dinner.  They tasted really good and I love grilled food!!


The next day was a *track day* a track day gives people the opportunity to dial in their suspension and fix any problem areas they are having on the track.  We went to the bottom of the hill and sat up in the stands and watched all the bikes.


Here we are watching as my host and a few other bikes zip through the practice on Saturday morning!! 


Here we are with our host before he goes out for his first race of the day.  We get tucked inside the leathers and taken out on the track  so we can say we were in the race!!


Here is my host's pit bike.  It really comes in handy when you need to get all the way on the other side of the track!!  Dont I look cool on it!!


One of Beavers life missions is to take a walk in the forest.  Here we are getting ready to go for a walk in the pretty forest.


Here we are out on the trail, walking around and checking all the different plant life out.


The next day is Sunday and it is July 4th.  They have a spectacular fireworks show at night and I watch it while sipping on my Captain Morgans and coke. :) 


We packed up after that and started the long journey home.  I got to see a lot of really neat race bike and I enjoyed watching them race each other around the track.  Today I helped my host unload all the dirty laundry and linens and rewash everything, then we had to clean the trailer, sweep, mop and wipe everything down with Pine Sol because we are leaving this Thursday to go to Roebling Road, Georgia for another race!!!!  My host NEVER does back to back races like this and we all agree it is much more fun to have some REST TIME (two weeks at least!) between races!!  I will be traveling through South Carolina to get to Georgia.  I will have visited five states in less then 8 days!!! I really like it down here and it is VERY hot and humid.  I hope you enjoy the photos!!!

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Richlands, NC, USA - 8th July 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Dad!!

Here I am with Beaverl.  We just packed the trailer and we are leaving for Roebling Road in a few hours!! Roebling Road is located near Savannah, Georgia.  The trip will take about 6 hours.  We will be driving through South Carolina and then arrive in Georgia.  I am excited to see the bikes race again!! We will be at the track till Sunday afternoon.  I will update more in the next few days!!


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Savannah, Georgia, USA - 19th July 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Dad!
I finally have some free time to update my travel log!! The weather has been super hot here and thunderstoms almost every night!! It has rained and rained! very unusual weather for here at this time of year.

I went down to Savannah, Georgia to Roebling Road raceway!! I traveled with Beaver and we had a great time!! Our first stop was when we left North Carolina and arrived in South Carolina.  We went into the guest center and took some photos of our journey to Georgia!!




Here we are as we enter the state of Georgia.... Home of the Georgia Peach and the Atlanta Braves!!! (thats my hosts favorite baseball team!)


Here is the sign as we pull up to Roebling Road!!


We find out that we cannot run our race bike engines from certain times or we will be asked to go home!!


We sit down and take a break in our really cool double chair!!! It is very hot outside!


Here is my host's friend's Yamaha Race bikes that were parked right next to us.  We each have our own to go ride on the track!


Beaver picks the R1 and I pick  the R6 in favor of the Canadian Red color. :)


We decide to go ride around the paddock and borrow this cute little dirt bike.  It is perfect and tiny just for us!!


Here we are with a delicious meal of Beer Battered Chicken with cheese fries!!!


The next morning we get up and cook pancakes and sausage...... it smells soooo good!!


The race weekend was fun.  We didnt get any photos of the race as we were too busy eating all the time.  We had fun seeing Georgia and South Carolina and we truly were in the *deep south* known for Sweet Tea, Collards and lots of unhealthy greasy fried foods that taste soooooooo good.  My new favorite is Fresh Cornbread with real butter and Sourwood honey.  Sourwood honey is very special honey that is made in the mountains of North Carolina.  It tastes like nothing I have ever tasted before!!!  We have a car show in a few weeks and then we are back off to another motorcycle race.  We are going to help my host paint his motorcycle a new color scheme...... this should be fun!!

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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 24th July 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Dad!
Today we went to the airport because Frankie Blue was flying in from Italy.  He is a German TV and we welcomed him as soon as he got out of his envelope!!


We told him all about North Carolina and then we went outside to help my host paint his race bike.  We will be off again back to Summit point next month for another race!! It has been sooo hot here lately (today was 104) that all we do is stay inside and watch movies!  I hope you are doing well and I will talk to you later!!

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