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Travelog for: Ronnie

Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 25th June 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Today I'm going to start travelling all over the world. I hope to see lots of different forests during my journey. My first destination is Glauburg-Stockheim in Germany :)

I didn't have much time to see around Tenerife but at least we made a few photos with my cat friends Felix and Katie and some plants my mentor's got outside.

Felix, Sambu and me

Katie, Sambu and me

Some petunias

Some strawberry plants

And an aloe vera. Aloe vera is a very typical Canarian plant.

Here I come world!!!  :cyclops:

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Glauburg-Stockheim/Hessen, Germany - 30th June 2009

By: Misha

Hey mommy,
now Im arrived in Glauburg-Stockheim/Hessen.
Here is so beautiful. I have never seen before.
Misha, my host is also very nice to me.  :)

Mommy, I'm scared. I see a wolf.  :o
Misha told me that the wolf has a name. he is actually a she and called "Aida". She gives the thing a name.  :o

well I've lied a little.  :p "Aida" isn't an wolf but a dog. actually a "husky".

friends I've found:)
But unfortunately there are no real mouse.

But....Misha then showed me her other pets.
RATS! real RATS!  :o They wanted me to eat  :cyclops: But there cute :)

haha, I had a hard battle with them, but unfortunately there are no photos that are not FamilySafe  :stare: :D

So mommy,

that was a very tiring day. it was very hot today.
I think I am going to sleep now.
see you later :)

Hugs and regards
Ronnie <3

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Glauburg-Stockheim/Hessen, Germany - 30th June 2009

By: Misha

Hello Mommy,
I forogt to tell you what...

We have made an strawberry cake.
I love it <3 :D

Here you can see, how hungry I was :O

Rawr, I eat it all  :cyclops:
This day was perfect. :)
Hugs and Kisses

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Glauburg-Stockheim/Hessen, Germany - 3rd July 2009

By: Misha

Hello mommy,
Today we could not do much because it was really hot.
we had 35 degrees in the shade.  :o
how many degrees in the sun we had, I want you do not say.
It was horrible.
Well, finally I met LittleWestiePup know.

Misha my host had its financial statements ball today. Unfortunately there are no pictures because there was not allowed to photograph. but she looked beautiful in her dress.  :p
Tonight, where it was cooler then slowly we have look tv.

Oh, and I give you what Misha say: "Hello Katja, Sorry that I have at the moment not so much "travel". But I am at the moment a little bussy because today I get my diploma. in the next time I try to show more you can." ;)

So that's all from Misha.
Just us, she even showed their birds. They called "Pünktchen" and "Anton" and there are "zebra finches".
The names are really funny.  :D
And then the day was already at the end.

See you.
Hugs and kisses Ronnie.

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Hessen/Maintal-Dörnigheim, Germany - 8th July 2009

By: Misha

Hello mommy,
today we drove to Misha's boyfriend.
he lives in maintal-Dörnigheim this is in Frankfurt.
First we drove through Glauburg. then we have, so LittleWestiePup and I seen many things. e.g. old looking houses. which looked very interesting:)
Then we came to Enzheim. there were also old houses to see. very historically. Later on the motorway in the direction of Hanau. the autos are there really fast, so fast we could not look.  :o
as we enter dörnigheim arrived, there was only once what to eat. there were: rice with "meatballs" and scalloped tomatoes. that has tasted so good.

Monday next week will make my friend a lan party. you know what that is, mama? a LAN party is a party where many people with their computer via a LAN cable is connected. on this LAN cable is then played several games. because I'm really curious times, as this will.  :D
photos of the lan party is there next week, promise!
we'll see what I have not yet experienced everything. ;)

Hugs and Kisses



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Hessen/Maintal-Dörnigheim, Germany - 11th July 2009

By: Misha

Hello mommy,
today we gone at a playground in Dörnigheim. Then we also have breakfast, you can see. there was "apple pie" and a "Schweine-ohr". "Schweine-ohr" ... what a funny name.  :D    
Then we went to a swing. by the way. with us, I mean Misha, her boyfriend and LittleWestiePup :)
Misha is right after the meal went on the swing. her was a little sick.  :cyclops:

So it was a nice day :)
we see us.
Hgs and kisses


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Hessen Maintal-Dörnigheim, Germany - 13th July 2009

By: Misha

Hello mommy,
Today, the Lan party started. It was so exciting. We are total of nine people and each has brought his PC. as I said. a lan party is a party where you play different games. e.g "Warcraft", World of warcraft", "Counter Strike 1.6". The games are brutal, which is shot with pistols.
for me and misha it's really nothing. LittleWestiePup does not like it really.  :stare:
But the friend of misha's boyfriend are all nice.
nils has made with us a photo. he is somewhat under the influence of alcohol, but he is really nice and funny.  :cyclops: The youth today.  B)
in the next few days do I sign up again with you. and new photos, you will also see.

Hugs and kisses


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Hessen/ Dörnigheim-Maintal, Germany - 16th July 2009

By: Misha

Hello Mommy,
Today we went walking. Misha and Patrick (her boyfriend) show me and LittleWestiePup the old town.
We have seen so many things. also amongst the oldest standing house of dörnigheim. this house is a restaurant and calls "the old town hall".

here al little bit historie of Dörnigheim.:
Dörnigheim was first established in 793 mentioned. A certain Bodo Wolf gave to the abbot of the monastery of Lorsch, inter alia, the area in Maingau, in "Turinchheim," says the old name of the city lies. The ownership of this community shared the Counts of Hanau and the bishop of Mainz.
Due to its strategic location between the cities in the East, and Hanau Frankfurt flourished here in the west of the restaurant and hostel operation - many of the old pubs are still managed - because travelers like it here one last stop before the last stage of their journey to Frankfurt am Main appeal.

In 1964 the city received Dörnigheim rights. Ten years later, on 1 July 1974 Dörnigheim with Bischofsheim, High Town and Guard Book by law to a new town Maintal summarized.
inhabitants: 15.040 (31. Dez. 2006)

That was so exiting today :)
See you.

Hugs and kisses


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Glauburg-Stockheim/Hessen, Germany - 21st July 2009

By: Misha

Hello mommy,
today we met Mr. Smiley. He is realy nice. :)
Misha isn't good today, so we look only tv and eat cookies.
At next time, we show you more. :)

See you
Hugs and kisses

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 11th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

A big hello from Scotland mum! I have now arrived here and am looking forward to a few highland adventures. The journey was long (not that I know when I set off!) but here I am, looking tired I'd say.


However after a small nap I met the other TV's staying with the host here, Eilidh. They are Rocky and Chance. They're both American and talk in funny accents compared to me, but they both seem nice, so I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together!


I will photo where I am staying and who with later, because today I am off to Scotland's 4th largest city - Dundee! I'll show you the photos later.

Hope you are well!


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Dundee, Scotland - 11th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Evening mum. Today has been a big adventure for such a small guy like me. I went with Eilidh, Rocky and Chance to Dundee. We went by bus, so that was quite cool, here we are on the bus. It wasn't that busy today.


Here's a view out the window as we crossed the Tay Bridge (in the rain of course!) to Dundee, you can almost make out the rail bridge in the backround.


In Dundee we met up with some of Eilidh's friends and went out for lunch. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant, this is us with the menu. Don't we look full?


We also got to spend some time with another TV Emil - who apparently is a friend of Chances from a previous voyage/host, so that was nice.


After lunch and a quick stretch of the legs it was time for ice-cream. We went to 'Marble Slab' which is such a cool place! You pick your flavour of ice-cream and then whatever you would like mixed in to it and the mash it all together for you. Here's me munching on mango ice-cream with strawberries and meringue in it. Yum!


On the bus on the way back to Earlsferry we had a lovely view out the window. Where I'm staying now is very rural - right in the countryside, so here is some views of the fields. Also I got my first glimmer of the sea! Eilidh lives only a 2 minute walk from the beach, so if the weather ever picks up here, I'll make sure she takes me someday!





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Perth, Scotland - 13th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Today was good here, the weather picked up (a little) so we decided it was time for an adventure - off we went to Perth. Perth is around an hour and a half from Earlsferry by car. An interesting fact about Perth is that Sir George Murray was born here before he moved to Australia and named the particular territory there 'Perth'. So the Perth in Scotland is the original.

When we arrived in Perth the first thing we noticed is how green it is. There is a lot of plants, trees and sculptures everywhere - very pretty. Apparently it wins a lot of competitions for 'Britain's Best Kept Town' (it used to be a city, but is now no longer classed as that as it has a population of less than 50,000.)



The streets are lovely and wide, with many shops that you can only find in Perth located here. This is me in one of the streets.


And here is me with Rocky and Chance outside a very famous department store - McEwens.


I also found some information about Perth, so had a little read of it.



Then we headed down to the River. Perth lies on the River Tay, Scotland's longest river (7th largest in the UK). It was very peaceful down here and we enjoyed the beautiful views.



Ronnie x

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 15th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

You should see the weather here mum - oh my! It's raining cats and dogs! We've been stuck inside the past two days which is not so great,  so here are some pictures from a walk we went on last week.

There are 2 golf courses in Earlsferry - so two golf clubs. This is the one that Eilidh's dad's a member of 'The Thistle'.


And in the distance is the other one, which is just named the 'Golf Club'. Oh, this place is just so obsessed with golf.


If you look across the sea here you can see our capitol city - Edinburgh. Eilidh says that she will take me there, but not at the moment because the Edinburgh festival is on and it will be too busy for a little guy like me.


I've been doing some reading whilst being here. We all found this dictionary very strange - I didn't recognise many words at all!


Mum, this is cool - am I now a Fifer?! (Not sure if you can actually make this picture out or not!)


This is me and the national symbol of Scotland - the thistle. They're very sharp and prickly purple flowers, they are quite groovy to look at though!


Hope you are having better weather than we are!

Ronnie x

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Carnoustie, Scotland - 17th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

"Carnoustie is famous for golf, which is first recorded as having been played here in the 16th century. Carnoustie Golf Links is one of the venues in The Open Championship's rotation and has been nicknamed in the media as 'Carnasty' for its difficulty."

That's right mum, today we went to the other home of golf (St Andrews being the first!) Carnoustie! It's quite far up north compared to where Earlsferry is, so it was quite a drive to get there.


When we arrived we went for a wander, we saw in the distance the very famous club house - it is often on the TV when the Open is played here - just think so many famous golfers, including Tiger Woods have been in this very place!



This is the hotel the golfers stay in. It's sponsored by the watch makers 'Rolex' - so I think that shows it's quality. We were in awe just standing outside!


My time in Scotland so far has shown me that it really is a nation in love with this sport. Scotland does not do very well in sports really (apart from maybe cycling and Andy Murray for tennis!) however it does excel in it's facilities. These are award winning courses we have visited.


We carried on the walk and saw these MASSIVE shells! They were really cool. I'm learning a lot about sea life here, because Eilidh stays so close to the beach I've been there a fair bit.




Carnoustie also has very good transport links, perhaps not the most exciting thing to photo but you might be interested to know that Carnoustie is located only a few miles from the bridge that the 'Hogwarts Express' train goes over in the Harry Potter films.



Eilidh is planning on taking us to discover 'The Old Course' in St Andrews next weekend I think, so you will see some more world famous courses then - I sure hope you are in to golf mum, haha!

Ronnie x

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Stuck at home (Earlsferry), Scotland - 18th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

These were just a few pictures from the few days where it rained non-stop. Nothing exciting happened so Eilidh didn't think she would bother to update, but we pestered her until she has because we thought you might like to know anyway!

This is me, Rocky Squirrel and Chance having a wee pose on the table in the back room.


Then here we are again looking at the rain. It rained non-stop for around 3 days here. Seems to have brightened up (a little!) now, so let's hope it stays like this so our adventures continue.



Don't worry though, whilst it was pouring down we helped Eilidh with her French homework. Maintenant je suis tres fort en francais!


Today I'm taking Archie (Eilidh's dog) to get his haircut, so there might be pictures of that, or of something else later tonight. Wait and see I guess. And tomorrow Eilidh returns to school (ugh!) after the summer holidays and having 7 weeks off. So I'll maybe go with her and see what a Scottish school is like.

Ronnie x

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