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Travelog for: Pelly

Home, Wales - 21st November 2011

By: miapearl

Mummy and us welcomed a new toyvoyager to stay.
His name is KalliHH

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Home, Wales - 25th November 2011

By: miapearl

Mummy had put in some dried fruit for soaking in brandy the other day.
Today, we will make the Christmas cake.
The butter and sugar is being creamed.
Eggs were added.
Flour, spices, the fruit, nuts and treacle also get added.
The cake will take 4 hours in the oven, after our bedtimes. Maybe we'll have a photo with it when the cake is fed some more brandy.

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Home, Wales - 2nd December 2011

By: miapearl

Mummy is doing this jigsaw puzzle.
She isn't quite finished yet...
Luc Zeke is leaving today.
For travel, he's popped back into his egg. ...

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Penrhos Coastal Park, Wales - 3rd December 2011

By: miapearl

Today, we went for a walk. We've come to Penrhos Country Park on Anglesey.
It is a  bit windy.
The coastal park also has a woodland. They have a pet cemetery.
Having a rest on Tunnicliffe's seat.
We saw some fungi.
Not sure why this yellow bear is on the fence post.
Holyhead mountain is in the distance.
Near here is a geocache.
The geocache was found but we didn't want to reveal the exact location of it.
More fungi. Brr, it is cold.

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Home, Wales - 4th December 2011

By: miapearl

Oh dear...
There's a piece missing....

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Grandma's house, England - 21st December 2011

By: miapearl

We went to grandma's for Christmas.
My family started the tree without us.
These lights work!
We hid among the tinsels

The tree is going to look good.[img][/img]

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Grandma's house, England - 25th December 2011

By: miapearl

What is behind us in the wrapping paper?

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Hunstanton, England - 31st December 2011

By: miapearl

We've come out for a New Year's Eve walk to the beach
This is (old) Hunstanton beach, faces west but is on the East coast of England.
There's a lot of people over there. What are they looking at?
Oh dear, poor whale. According to one of the locals, it had died out at sea.
The brown layer is Carrstone, a sandstone with cement. Above, there is red and white chalk.
This is an old lighthouse.
I like the way the sand is rippled.
There isn't as much white chalk on the cliff, some had fallen down.

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Grandma's house, England - 31st December 2011

By: miapearl

Tomorrow is a new year
Let's celebrate with some cake

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Home, Wales - 12th January 2012

By: miapearl

We got back home safely but haven't done much. Travelling is tiring!
A package arrived
Henrik came to see us! Someone new to talk to!
However, Mr Wilson and KalliHH are leaving tomorrow.

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Home, Wales - 29th January 2012

By: miapearl

There's no snow :( other parts of the UK have had significant snowfall but we've had none.

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Home, Wales - 6th March 2012

By: miapearl

We haven't been out recently, my mum and dad have been redecorating the house slowly. Anyway, this room was recently finished and is now a workshop and jigsaw area.
We decided to help my big brother do The Periodic Table jigsaw puzzle he received for Christmas.
We all dived in to have a look for more pieces to put in the puzzle.
Where does this go?
I think it goes down here
a piece of Hafnium, which is below Zirconium in the periodic table.
Still a few more pieces to find!

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Home, Wales - 7th March 2012

By: miapearl

The postman came with a packet...
I wonder who is inside.
It is Squizzle
Mummy is attempting a 3000 piece jigsaw of the Mappa Mundi. How long will it take if we help?
Tomorrow, I am going on my first journey, yippee!

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Vienna, Austria - 14th March 2012

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I have arrived here in Vienna!
First, I showed my host the postcard you sent with me.
Then I had a look around the flat and found many other postcards. And huge poppies!

Bye for now!  B)


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Ramsau/Dachstein, Austria - 17th March 2012

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

How exciting. My hostmom told me that we will watch the FIS Ski World Cup Finale this weekend! It's in Upper Styria at a place called Schladming, a wonderful area to ski - well, obviously my host mom told me as I did not ski there before  ;)
She told me that it will be pretty exciting, as the Austrian skiers want to win and have really good chances to do so. One even hopes for the overall worldcup win this season - so fingers crossed!
Our hotel is located even higher in the mountains, in a town called Ramsau, which is located at the foot of Dachstein-Mountain!

Wow, so much snow. Maybe I can try to ski?
Pfiart-di (as they say here in the mountains for good-bye)


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