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Travelog for: Viola

Grand Haven, MI, USA - 17th July 2016

By: kessalia

Back updates coming soon, I hope!

Mel's mom has a bit of wild garden behind her house.  A lot of it is raspberry thicket!

We picked three pints of berries!  We ate a lot, too.

This was my basket.  Yum!

We knew we couldn't eat them all at once, so we went home to Mel's and we made Raspberry Jam! 

Jars full and boiling to seal and sterilize...

There!  4 lovely jars of raspberry jam saved for later!

I thought the best part was eating the leftovers.  There wasn't enough left for another jar, so we ate it - over icecream!  YUM!!!

Summer here is fun!  And blueberry season is starting!  HURRAH!  :D  Miss you mom!  Have a great summer too!

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Grand Haven, MI, USA - 2nd August 2016

By: kessalia

Guess what season it is here in West Michigan?  It's BLUEBERRY SEASON!!! :D  They are so yummy!!!

We bought LOTS.  Then we ate them ALL.



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Bergrheinfeld, Germany - 13th January 2017

By: beelicious

How the times flies!!!

I'm back at home!

I had a wonderful time!

A big thank you to all my host they show my the world!!!

You make me and my mom very, very happy!!!

See you soon!



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Eder-Stausee, Germany - 1st November 2017

By: beelicious

I was with my family at the Eder-lake.





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Bergrheinfeld, Germany - 9th April 2018

By: beelicious

Today it's a wonderful day!

Mom said that I go travel again!

Yay! Finally!!!

I'm so excited and happy!

See you soon!


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Braunschweig, Germany - 13th April 2018

By: windy62

!Today cute Viola has arrived in my home! Thank you for sending the TV, beelicious! Viola was welcomed by her friends who will go all together to Hamburg soon... there are waiting many adventures for them   :rolleyes:

Violas new friends are Sophie, Paul and Sheep!

Hello mum! I feel fine!

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