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Travelog for: Suny

Remscheid, Germany - 24th January 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we are having snow again, not so much, but enough to get cold and wet feet :)

Here you can see the water tower which is close to the city hall and visible from many points around the city.


T'his is rear side of the city hall.




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Remscheid, Germany - 26th January 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
it was still really cold today. Katja had to buy a few things and took us through the quarter where she lived until summer 2012.

Large parts of the city of Remscheid were destroyed in World War II, but there are still quarters with lovely old houses, mostly built in late 19th or early 20th century.





This is the local court, the old building on the right side, the new annex on the left side.


It was so terribly cold that we all  preferred to sit in Katja's bag :)


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travelling, to Spain - 6th February 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today it was time for me and Arimbi to say good-bye to Remscheid, our host and to our TV friends.

My next destination will be Spain! This sounds like sunshine and much better weather. We are having snow again here in Remscheid, after a week with really ugly rainy weather.

We both packed some delicious sweets into our envelopes.


Hope to receive my next destination noon!


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Barcelona, Spain - 12th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!!!!
Today I arrived at Spain!!!! What a boring trip!!! But finally it has ended :)
I was sleeping when some light came into my envelope…

And when I looked out, some other Toy Voyagers were waiting for me!!!!!

S- Hi!! My name’s Suny!!! I’m from Germany!!!

Zero is the ghost dog and is the host here; Doña Felisa is the elephant, Betty Bear is the little bear, Rocky Raccoon is the raccoon and Miggy is the big pig. They are so kind!!! I shared the candies I took with me and show them the postcard and we took a group photo :)

And then, Zero add me on his guestbook ^^

I’m happy mom!!! Although I miss you, I know I will have nice time here :)
See you!!! Kisses!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 13th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!
Today is the last day of Carnival festivities and here in Catalonia this day is called “enterrament de la sardina” (burial of the sardine). About why is called this way, there are a hypothesis, among others. First of all, to bury something is a way to forget it, to take leave of it… And the hypothesis is that the back-bone of the pigs was known as “sardine” and it was buried at the end of Carnival to start the Lent.
To celebrate it, we have eaten a sardine made of bread with chocolate. It was delicious!!!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 23rd February 2013

By: SiniS

Good morning mom!!!!
It’s snowing!!!! It’s sooooo strange in Barcelona!!!! As you can see, here it’s only raining, but, can you see the mountain behind me?

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Barcelona, Spain - 25th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!!
Today we went out for a walk and we went to the shopping center “La Maquinista”. “La Maquinista” is situated where the metallurgic fabric “La Maquinista Terrestre i Marítima” was in the past. Here you can see us taking a rest in front of the little park of “La Maquinista”.

This is the large pond, situated in the middle of the park, named Narcís Monturiol (a Catalonian engineer, who invented the first crew submarine). It was built in order to take advantage of the two nearby water sources and it’s used to irrigate the park. Inside the pond you can see the large antique wheel that reminds us of the industrial past of the land. And the building near the pond is “Museo de La Maquinista y Macosa”, a museum which contains historical documents, plans, photographs, models and historical objects from the old factory.

The shopping center!!!!

After visit some shops, we take a rest in a lounge terrace.

Can you see the big clock on the floor??? There was a projector which projected the small hands of the clock to show the hour, but it’s out of order :(

In the first floor there are the restaurants, near another lounge terrace.

It seems like a jungle!!!

Before come back home, we met Tom and Jerry, who drove us in their sidecar :D

We had a fun afternoon!

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Gavà, Spain - 31st March 2013

By: SiniS

Hello mom!!
We spent the weekend at hostdad home, so we’re in the train to Sants, the central train station.

In Sants we took another train to Gavà. The views aren’t so nice, just buildings, roads or industrial parks…

Finally we were in Gavà!! This is the train station.

We did a bit of sightseeing while we went to hostdad home. This is the church.

And in this little square there’s a grower with some asparagus.

We spent the afternoon at home and then we went to have supper at hamburger, in the shopping center.

Mom!!! Look what I found!!!! A palm tree!!!! But this is a little palm tree, I want one bigger!!! Well, it will be training…

After the exercise, I ate very fast my part of hamburger, I was hungry!!! Good appetite!!

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Gavà, Spain - 1st April 2013

By: SiniS

Today we stayed at hostdad home playing games. We joined with the other guys who live here, Koala, Pitufina, Beaker, Cálico and Super Coco. Zero introduced us and we took a group photo :)

First we played alone…

… And after, we played two by two to Kinect, Michael Jackson experience. I played with Cálico and we had a lot of fun!

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Barcelona, Spain - 4th April 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!
Today we went out for a walk and we found some interesting places during our walk.
This is “Plaça Jardins d’Elx”, where a Lady of Elche’s bust is situated.

And in the same square there’s “Parroquia de Crist Rei” a parish started built in 1924.

We continued walking and we found another church, but this is a quite strange church, “Iglèsia de Sant Joan Bosco”, inaugurated in 1974. When hostmom was a child, she thought it was a very big slide and she always wanted to slide for it. Poor hostmom!!! :D

In “Carrer Aragó” (Aragon Street), we found a sculpture dedicated to article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Later, we saw “La Farinera del Clot”, a cultural center situated in an old flour fabric in 1852.

And finally, we arrived to “Les Glòries” where we saw “Torre Agbar”, a tower which is the see of the water company of Barcelona (AGBAR = AGuas de BARcelona). At night it’s illuminated by thousands of colored lights.

It has been an interesting walk!

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Barcelona, Spain - 6th April 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom.
Today we say goodbye to Doña Felisa and Betty Bear :(

Give a big warm hug to Doña Felisa

And another one to Betty Bear

We take a last group photo

Zero write their check out on his guestbook

And say the last “goodbye”…

I will miss them a lot :(

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Barcelona, Spain - 23rd April 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!
Today is “Sant Jordi” (Saint George) and here in Catalonia is celebrated as lovers’ day and as books and roses day. It’s very typical to present a book to men and roses to women. And it’s so typical too to find a lot of little shops in the streets selling books and roses.
Here you can see me in front of one of these shops near home:

We have bought a book for hostdad about Barcelona and a rose for mom

And as surprise, we have eat a “Sant Jordi”’s cake, it’s delicious!!!

Feliç Sant Jordi!!!

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Viladrau, Spain - 1st May 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!!!
Today we went to Viladrau!!! A little village very known for its mineral water and because a very famous brigand lived there: Serrallonga. It is situated beneath the massifs of the Guilleries and the Montseny, that’s the reason we saw so many green around us.

We arrived at the hotel, “Hostal La Glòria”.

And then, after leave all the bags and other things in our room, we went out for a walk. We asked about some routes and the people of the hotel gave us a map with a route named “El camí dels ponts perduts” (The lost bridges route) and who got lost were us! It was very funny :D And we discovered some beautiful places.
First, we found “La Font dels Enamorats”, (Lover’s fountain).

And soon, we found “La font de l’Oreneta” (Swallow’s fountain).

In our way, we found “La Riera Major”. This is one of its beautiful little waterfalls:

…And some meters later…

Then we arrived at “Mas els Molins”, an enormous house with a sun clock (although it’s a bit difficult to see the sun clock…)

And near there, in a path beside a field, we met catalan donkeys!!! They’re so beautiful, friendly and lovely!!!

We continued our walk and saw a big old tree.

Then, was when we got lost… We were a bit busy trying to find the way back to hotel… And we got it! We arrived at Viladrau again, (well, we were in Viladrau, I mean at the village). And we saw the city council…

… and “Capella de la Pietat”. It’s a chapel dated on 1603 and presided by Mare de Déu dels Dolors. At right of the photo, you can see Sant Domènech Savio, the youngest no martyr saint of the Catholic Church who wears jacket and bowtie. It’s curious…

Ufff!!! Finally we arrived at the hotel, we were so tired!!!! But it was a wonderful day :) Good night!!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 4th May 2013

By: SiniS

Today Rocky Raccoon continues his travel, so we have said him the last goodbye.

We gave him a very big and warm hug…

And as usual, Zero wrote his check out on his guestbook

Bye, bye Rocky Raccoon!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 5th May 2013

By: SiniS

In Spain, Mother’s Day is celebrated the first Sunday of May, so…


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