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Travel to every continent-

See two other primary schools.

See real bears.

Take a photo in a real forrest in Canada.

Travel back to Olten, when all 4 missions are completed.

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Travelog for: Edi der Bär

Primary school Bifang Olten, Switzerland - 5th December 2011

By: Nancy Ring

Today its the last day I see my class. I will miss the children very much. But I am very excited to travel around and to meet new people.
Hope travel starts soon.

Bilder Klassenfoto 09 012.jpg
Bilder Klassenfoto 09 014.jpg

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Mexico City, Mexico - 27th December 2011

By: heynizajude

Hey kids!!
How's everyone doing? I've been in sunny Mexico for a few days now, I arrived exactly the 24th of December! so I was able to have a very good X-mas
Here are some arrival pics:

Niza my host says thank you for the delicious chocolates! (only one made it to this picture) and she thinks all the cards you drew are absolutely lovely!


Over here there are some other tv's they are all from Germany, they are Barry, Schnappi, Sansibar, Lou and Entchen most of them have been here for a while so they are almost ready to go, they've told me they've had the most awesome time getting to know Mexico, I can't wait until I get to explore over here!

This days have been lazy so we've stayed at home, we learned how to play this game called "mexican train" it's very fun!

There were some real money bets!

Niza says she's got a big surprise for us tomorrow! I can't wait to see what it is!
Well kids have a great winter vacation, I miss you all already!
Love, Edi

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Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico - 5th January 2012

By: heynizajude

Hey kids!
Did you had fun in your vacation?? I'm certainly having so much fun!
So far we've known Mexico as it is today but this days we've get to know a little bit of prehispanic Mexico and it has been awesome!
To start, on wednesday last week we took a little roadtrip to the ancient city of Teotihuacan, you can read a little bit more here if you are interested

Remember Niza said she had a surprise for us? well it was the roadtrip!

We saw the pyramid of the sun

And got to go all the way to the top!!! here's a view from when we were going up

Then we went for the pyramid of the moon

And got to climb it too! here's a view to the avenue of the death and the pyramid of the sun

The mural of the puma

And in one of the sculptures to god Quetzalcóatl

It was so much fun!!! more pictures to come of what we've done in this few days, also hope you had a happy new year my dear kids! I'm excited about my adventures to come for 2012!
Love you all!

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Mexico city, Mexico - 15th January 2012

By: heynizajude

Hey kids!
How are all you doing? (: I'm very happy here bit I miss you all!
Well we've been up to some stuff this days so you can see here (:

We went to the national anthropology museum

They had lots of cool stuff there!





And we saw the original real aztec calendar!!!! :D

We spent new year's at a little town in the mountains

Here we are with Niza's new year necklace & bow

And on January 6th, the 3 kings day we ate the "rosca"

With the 3 kings figurines

Also Barry and Sansibar left us last week ): sure we're gonna miss them but we've got two new friends!  Gammler and  Awit from Germany, Gammler is actually also a school mascot!

Today we had sushi for lunch (:
Those were some big chopsticks for me!

And that's all so far (: Don't forget to keep me updated of everything going on back in Switzerland!
Love you all,

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Mexico city/Pachuca, Mexico - 26th January 2012

By: heynizajude

Hello kids!
How's everyone doing??
Well first of all Niza my host apologizes about not updating but this pretty much what we've been up to the last days

I tried to help but calculus & economics are just too complicated :/

However the other day we did a quick trip to Pachuca, the city where Niza's parents live, it was a very quick visit but we got to see some things there

The main landmark of the city is the clock

From the side

Also most of the buildings are from the 1900's

The state where the city of Pachuca is located is called Hidalgo after Miguel Hidalgo, the man who started the movement of independence in Mexico, so here's a monument to him

And we got to try a "Paste" which is the most typical food of the region, in this part of Mexico there were many English settlers, so the paste actually comes from the english pastry

And that's all for now! Let me know who are you all doing!
Love, Edi

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Mexico City, Mexico - 29th March 2012

By: heynizajude

Hey Kids!
How's everyone doing?? This is my last update in Mexico, because sometime this week I'll continue my journey and travel to the US (:

We welcomed a tv named Kydu, so we made him a welcome sign written in spanish! :D


We've had breakfast at starbucks almost everyday

And we've got to see Mexico city

Palacio nacional (The president's office)

The cathedral

Madero street, one of the main streets with latin american tower on the back

Templo mayor, some aztec ruins right on the downtown, next on the cathedral

On the subway with Kydu

Palacio de Bellas Artes (palace of beautiful arts)

Reforma, one of the main streets with hotel melia on the left, the monument to revolution on the center and the building of national lottery on the right

Paseo de la República (the street that leads to the monument to revolution)

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