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Bruchsal, Germany - 13th May 2012

By: fam-united

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.

For lunch we were in a restaurant today and then we went on a short walk through Bruchsal. Next to the restaurant is the old part of the city hall of Bruchsal. There are some shops like H&M and S.Oliver too since a few years. You see the coat of arms over the entrance of the city hall. City Hall adjacent to the Market Place is a modern building erected in the 1950s which has since been protected by law as an important historic structure.


The so-called City-Church Our Lady was built on the remains of a 1268 mentioned church. The market fountain shows the coat of arms of Bruchsal and of prince-bishop August von Limburg-Stirum.


On of the streets with some old houses, which survived World War II. are in Huttenstraße.


There is renaissance fair in the citizens' park and we took some photos a photo of the tents and the keep of the old castle.




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motorway restaurant, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: fam-united

We are on our way to Trier today. My host and her husband invited us and her husband's parents to join them on the trip. Here I enjoy a cup of cappuccino in a motorway restaurant.



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Trier-Ehrang, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: fam-united

When my host's parents in law were young, they lived in Trier-Ehrang. Actually they were born there and grew up there. We saw all the places, which were important for them. This town is a suburb of Trier, which is located in Rhineland-Palatinate. There live about 10 000 people and it is the third largest district of Trier. It has municipal laws since 1346 A.D.

Here we see the church St.Peter of Ehrang.



Then we went to a house, which was built in 1805. Here you can read about it:



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Burg Ramstein, Kordel, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: fam-united

At lunch time we drove to Burg Ramstein. After eating a tasty meal we went the last metres to Burg Ramstein and took some photos there. The castle is surrounded by wood. The first castle was build 915 A.D., the one, which we see now was built sometime around 1300 A.D. The former tower house was about 25 metres high and had four floors.





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Trier Petrisberg, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: fam-united

Because my host's parents in law are older people, we had no chance to have a walk in Trier and see all the sightseeing places really close. Her father in law sits in a wheelchair and her mother in law needs a walker, so it is too difficult for them. Nevertheless we took the chance to take a look at the sightseeing places from a place called Petrisberg. It was a bit difficult to take photos, though, first my host didn't have her own camera, second we had the sun against us and third either I or the landscape was sharp and so we had to zoom in some parts to give you a closer view on some places.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany, founded in or before 16 BC on the banks of the Moselle. Trier lies in a valley between low vine-covered hills of ruddy sandstone in the west of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, near the border with Luxembourg and within the important Mosel wine region.

The city is the oldest seat of a Christian bishop north of the Alps.

With an approximate population of 105,000 Trier is ranked fourth among the state's largest cities; after Mainz, Ludwigshafen, and Koblenz.

You can take a look at the link. My host says, that she loves Trier and that you should come and see it, if you get a chance to visit this part of Germany.





We will go and see St.Matthias in the late afternoon.






I'm really sorry, but we also had no chance to catch a short view to the most famous Porta Nigra, because you can't see it on the photo above - it is just too small as you can see on the zoomed in photo.


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St. Matthias, Trier, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: fam-united

St. Matthias' Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in Trier. Monks have lived in the present St. Matthias' Abbey since late antiquity. The monastery adopted the Rule of St. Benedict in about 977. The abbey was originally named after Saint Eucharius, first Bishop of Trier, whose tomb is in the crypt. The church has been given the status of a basilica minor.




The abbey church, a Romanesque basilica, is a renowned place of pilgrimage because of the tomb of Saint Matthias the Apostle, after whom the abbey is named, located here since the 12th century, and the only burial of an apostle in Germany and north of the Alps.


Just above the tomb you see the sleeping statue of St. Matthias.




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Igel, Germany - 28th May 2012

By: fam-united

Our last stop was Igel, what is hedgehog in English - what a funny name for a town. We stopped here to take a photo of the Igel column, which is UNESCO World Heritage. The column is 23 metres high and was built in 250 A.D. by the brothers Lucius Secundinius Aventinus und Lucius Secundinius Securus. The original column is in a museum in Trier.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 30th May 2012

By: fam-united

Today we go out for another day trip. I'm sure, I will enjoy it.


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Darmstadt, Germany - 30th May 2012

By: fam-united

Our first stop was at the Hundertwasser house in Darmstadt, which belongs to the state of Hessen. The house is called "Waldspirale", "forest spiral" in English. It is a residential building complex built in the 1990s. It was designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, planned and implemented by architect Heinz M. Springmann, and constructed by the Bauverein Darmstadt company. The building was completed in 2000 after Hundertwasser's death.


It contains 105 apartments, a parking garage, a kiosk as well as a café and a bar. There are about 1000 windows and no two windows are the same.

You see the typical elements of Hundertwasser's personal style attract attention: the gilded onion domes, the absence of straight lines and sharp corners, the multicoloured painting of the building in earth tones and the colourful ceramic columns.






The inner courtyard contains a playground for the children of the residents and a small artificial lake.





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Darmstadt, Germany - 30th May 2012

By: fam-united


At next we drove to a place called "Mathildenhöhe". We all didn't know anything about this place, so we had to read about it. It's an artists colony and you can see some houses around the park, which were created by them.





With about 180 metres it is the highest place of Darmstadt.



There is a Russian Chapel built in 1897 and the Hochzeitsturm (wedding tower) built in 1906, which was created by one of those architecture artists, which I mentioned above.



We climbed the tower and took some photos from the top floor, but I'm sorry, the photos are blurry. It was just a problem of the sun and the camera was still the small one.


In 1833 they reshaped the garden in style of an English garden and the  plane trees are of this decade.









The artists built their houses in Art Nouveau style between 1899 bis 1914.





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Frankfurt a.M., Germany - 30th May 2012

By: fam-united

Finally it was time to drive to Frankfurt a.M., because we had to fetch my host's daughter there, who came with a flight from Athens, Greece. She was there with her class. We had no chance to see any planes, because we arrived to late to go outside on the terrace.



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Bruchsal, Germany - 31st May 2012

By: fam-united

Because my host and her children still had a break from school, they decided to go and have lunch at a restaurant outside of Bruchsal. I asked her to take some photos with me when we walked home again.


I got to know two new friends. Tami is a brown girl and Luka a white boy. I like them both.



As you can see here Bruchsal belongs to the rural district of Karlsruhe.



Here's the backside of the house Santa Maria.


I love this VW-Kaefer (Beetle). Do you know Herbie?


Here is the front of Santa Maria. We found a sign and took a photo of it, so you can read some information about this house.



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Rainrod, Germany - 1st June 2012

By: fam-united

We were on a trip again today and have seen many halftimbered houses on our way. I hope, you enjoy them. Rainrod is a town in Hessen, so I'm once more in another federal state of Germany.




We drove to a landscape called Vogelsberg. This was the only place, where we had been able to stop next to the road to take a photo.


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Rainrod, Germany - 1st June 2012

By: fam-united

We found some more halftimbered houses in Glauburg.



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Aschaffenburg, Germany - 1st June 2012

By: fam-united

I'm in Bavaria now:) Aschaffenburg. It is a city in northwest Bavaria and belonged to the Archbishopric of Mainz for more than 800 year. The town is located on both sides of the River Main. The second river is the small Aschaff which flows in the western part of the town into the River Main.

Schloss Johannisburg is a castle in Aschaffenburg that was erected between 1605 and 1614 by Georg Ridinger. Until 1803, it was the second residence of the prince bishop of Mainz. It is constructed of red sandstone, the typical building material of the area around Aschaffenburg.

Schloss Johannisburg is one of the most important buildings of the Renaissance period in Germany. At the end of the 18th century, the interior was restructured in the style of classicism.

(Sorry, I had a strange camera, but I wanted to add all photos)









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