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Travelog for: Cosyfuzz

Home, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello everyone  :)

This is my first travelog.
Today it is a very foggy day, so i've slept very long  :p
Later, my mentor Eustachia with her boyfriend, my best friend Eloy, our guest Pink_Bear and me will travel to Coburg. It is 285 km to Coburg.. wow.. that far  :o But i am not alone, so its okay.

Yesterday Pink_Bear arrived and he is very cute. He is smaller than me! Hehehe! That's saying something! I've thought i am a tiny one.

In the evening we started decorating the bathroom for christmas. Actually the bath looks like a jungle. With tiger pics and bamboo stuff and everything is green.. let's have a look

This cheeky tiny bear...


And after some work it looks like an freezing cavern :D


That's the toilet lid decoration for christmas  :D

Waaaahhhhh.... :stare:

We all had a lot of fun and now the bath looks really cool and frosty, adepted to winter and christmas time.

Now we gotta go and pack our things for the journey to Coburg.
I wish all of you a nice day. See you soon!

Cosyfuzz  :rolleyes:

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Coburg, Germany - 25th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello there  :)

Yesterday we started our trip to Coburg. My mummy was travelling there for a job-related meeting, so she took us with her and we did a little sightseeing after her meeting  :)

Here you can see our guest Pink_Bear and me packing the case.
https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-daWAGpn8dWc/TtKagc0SrhI/AAAAAAAAASg/w1giwL1r8QY/s400/2011-11-24%25252015.49.45.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ylgZk5d1UQc/TtKagoTIFCI/AAAAAAAAASc/moRNBaXzLH8/s400/2011-11-24%25252015.50.15.jpg

We arrived at the hotel in the evening. There was a small swimming pool, so we plashed around for an hour before dinner.

And after that it was time for some sleep. Good night  :)

That's the "Waldhotel Bächlein" nearby Coburg.
https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-wMyHfb67znc/TtJ-EyBDBZI/AAAAAAAAAOA/OcPqrMVR3Ik/s576/2011-11-25%25252008.56.20.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-yNGpFRnly7c/TtJ-FiUKONI/AAAAAAAAAOM/h6XLwb3n8Wk/s576/2011-11-25%25252008.56.49.jpg

After her meeting, Eustachia drove us to some places of interest.
Our first stop was the "Veste Coburg", also known as franconian crown. Unfortunately the weather was very foggy, so we had low visibility.

The fort was builded in the 10th century. It is one of the biggest and best conserved castle in Germany. The fortress Coburg was never captured.

Inside the castle wall we found a frame house. In this building you can find a museum, but we hadn't enough time to walk in.  :( But it looks very impressive.

This well has a depth of 28,5 meters. Here you can see how Pink_Bear is watching me while i'm looking down. Waaaahhhh.. that was frightening deep!

Before leaving this fortress, Pink_Bear and me took a ride on an antique pony. That was fun! :D

We had not much time, but we startet a short walk to the "châteu Callenberg". That was our next stop. The area around this châteu is very huge, so we couldn't visit the whole estate. But we took a walk around the museum.


Haha, when we take a look at the internet, the châteu Callenberg looks very different to our pictures, because the doorway to the main entry was closed. But this building belongs to the main Châteu. :p And for Pink_Bear and me it was funny and adventurous, too  ;)

At this picture you can see the stairway to the main entry. Maybe we will visit the REAL châteu next time  :p

It was a very funny trip. Pink_Bear became a very good friend and sometimes he helps me to get over my fear. I'm so happy, that he is our guest  :)


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Zoo Münster (NRW), Germany - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Juhuuu  :)

Today, Eloy, Pink_Bear and me started a journey with my mommy Eustachia.
So we packed our things and started to travel to Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Let's go!

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ZCFLSJniiDw/TteeZS-45YI/AAAAAAAAAXE/DmXEGHwHDsc/s300/2011-11-29%25252010.40.48.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Gt6Vqs378ZU/TteeZlPrqxI/AAAAAAAAAXM/Wn1TzhY-8E4/s300/2011-11-29%25252010.41.10.jpg

Our first stop was the zoo in Münster. Next door to the zoo is the museum for natural history, but we hadn't enough time to visit it.


So we decided to storm the zoo  :D


Inside was a very tall frog. I was a bit scared, but he was very friendly and told us were to go first..


We started at the grey seals. At 10:30 am they had there training. It was very funny to see what kind of stunts they do. Next stop was at the penguin basin. They are sooo funny.


The guy wanted to feed them, but they were too shy to jump into the water.. so they stood at the border of the pool and become more and more nervous. Hihihi, i think they are fearful like me.


This guy is called Southern Three-banded Armadillo. He was so fast.. you can't take a good picture of him...


These Pygmy Marmoset (some sort of apes) are very fast too. Very nervous coevals.


..in contrast to these guys, called Colobus Guereza. Hahaha, they are sooo lazy.. They fall asleep while sitting there  :D


Awww.. cutie Brush-tail Rat..


Yummy.. that looks delicious. Paprika, Salad.. and other good stuff.


Time for a group photograph! In the background you can see some ostrichs and  buffalos or something similar. Waaah they are so big. But i felt save abreast with Eloy and Pink_Bear  :rolleyes:


Woooaaahhh.. two rhinos. Okay, THEY are big! Fortunately they stand far far away from me..


Hahaha.. these guys were so funny.. they ran around and they were digging all the time.. but there was nothing in the ground.. I think they were digging just for fun  :p



This cute little friend is called "Gundi", some sort of rodent. Isn't he nice?


Time for another group photograph! In the background you can see a new friend of Pink_Bear. They laughed a lot. He was a very friendly bear, called Pepe.




Across from Pepes place was a horse museum.
Here you can see Pink_Bear and me sitting on an old stagecoach. Uhmm.. we are very small. Can you see us?  :rolleyes: Theeeere, upon the wheel!


Here we're sitting on a horse riding simulator. Hahaha, that was fun!


Before we had to go, we watched some fishes...


..and reptiles. This guy is called Spiny-tailed Shink.


That was my visit in the Zoo Münster. We had much fun, but now it was time to drive on, because my mommy Eustachia had to do some work...


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Altenberge (NRW), Germany - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

My mommy had a buisness meeting in Altenberge, so i slept a bit in the car. The sun was shining, so it wasn't too cold.


When she came back, we journeyd on to Enschede.

Wow.. how exciting! :D

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Enschede, Netherlands - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello Enschede!

We travelled to Enschede for another shopping tour. The goodies Eloy and Eustachia bought last time were sooo good, that we needed more. Hihihi  :p

It is only 40 minutes by car from Altenberge to Enschede, so we jumped at the chance to buy some more  B)

That's a well-sortet store, i think.


Oh look.. at his store, we met Uilina.


Haha these funny Dutch...  for a shopping cart you need a 50 Cent coin. Not a 1 Euro coin, like in Germany...


It is very interesting, that the Dutch have a completely different range of products as we have in Germany.

Let me show you some typical Products from the Netherlands:

The first thing we have to know is, that they must looove chocolate sprinkles.. Look at this! It's amazing!


The next thing is christmas goodies. I think they do love almond biscuit in any different designs. And gingerbread filled with almond paste.


I prefer this one.. yummy!


Haha they are crazy!  :D It seems, that licorice is another speciality of them..


And cheese, of course  ;)


Pink_Bear would like to introduce you the assortment of gingerbread, chocolate letters, and almond biscuit creme...

At the end we took a round at this carousel. That was cool!


Now it was time for us to go to the Hotel..


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Weseke, Borken (NRW), Germany - 29th November 2011

By: Eustachia

In Enschede we meet a new friend. She's a cute owl and her name is Uilina. I've already tell you abput her. We asked her to come with us and so she did it  :D

At the hotel we talked a bit, to get to know her. She is so nice.


We were sooo hungry... time for dinner! Sushiiii! Woohooo!


Uilina doesn't like Sushi, so only Eloy, Pink_Bear and me ate this delicious sushi  ;)


That was a great day! We found a new friend and she wants to become a toyvoyager. We saw many friendly animals at the zoo and we travelled to the Netherlands for some shopping. Now i'm tired.

Good night
Cosyfuzz  :)

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Weseke, Borken (NRW), Germany - 30th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Good morning everybody *yaaaawn*

Today i woke up early in the morning.. the sun begins to rise.


Thats the hotel


After a short sightseeing, we continued our roadtrip to Siegburg, also located in North Rhine-Westphalia.
That's the church of Weseke.


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Siegburg, Germany - 30th November 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello again.

We travelled from Weseke to Troisdorf and then to Siegburg, where we visited the Benedictine Abbey Michaelsberg.

Eloy already told you everything about our visiting, so i would like to show you only some pictures  :D





What a great view...





When the sun was going down we drove back home.



That was a beautiful day!


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Bielefeld, Sparrenburg, Germany - 8th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello my friends  :)

Today i visited the Sparrenburg in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. My mentor Eustachia had to do a buisness travel so we came along with her to see some interesting places.


That's the entrance of the Sparrenburg. Wooaaah, it was soooo windy and cold!


The weather wasn't very nice.. as you can see on the pictures, but who cares.. we had fun!  :D



That's the look-out over Bielefeld.





Waaaahhh.. Pink_Bear! Be careful!


This tower is looking cool. We should go upstairs to have a better view..


Oh noooo.. the door is closed!


We are too late! The tower is opend between 1th of april to 31th of obtober.


And it was to stormy to have a look into the fountain. Eustachia told us that it is too dangerous and we could fall down. Hmm.. what could we do now?


So we had to find another cool thing to do... What's that?


Wooowww! Some kind of maschine which transform a 5 cent coin into a beautiful and precious "Bielefeld-coin"  B) We HAVE TO try this!!!!

Let's do it!

First of all, i put a 1 Euro coin into the slot..

..then Pink_Bear puts our 5 cent coin into the other slot...


Now we have to move this slider-thing into the maschine..


..spin the arm..



Aaaaand.. tattaaaa...


Our coin is transformed!  :D


That was cool! Take a look at this!!  B)


That was very very funny! Time to move on...



This guy is Friedrich Wilhelm. Wooow! He is very tall.



Here you can see a plan of the Castle Sparenberg.


..and a miniature


Woooaaah.. it's late.. time to go!


Bye bye nice castle :)


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Spenge, Germany - 8th December 2011

By: Eustachia

After visiting the Sparrenburg, we drove to Spenge in North Rhine-Westphalia, where my mentor Eustachia met the funny little dog Wotan.

He wants to become a TV and so he came along with us to our home. We became best friends in just a minute!


One minute later...


Now we continued our travel to the Christmas market in Paderborn, were the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is waiting for us! Wow, i'm so excited!

Paderborn, here we come!  :D

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Paderborn, Christmas Market, Germany - 8th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hohoho! Time for some christmas feeling.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck stopped in Paderborn today! How lucky that we spend the night near Paderborn, so we had the chance to visit the truck and take a walk at the Christmas market.

And here it is...


Woooow! That's cool!



There was also some live musik


At this booth we ate some sort of bread (with sour creme, potatoes and cheese) called "Dinnede". That was very tasty!


So for now, we were invigorated and ready to storm the Christmas market!

First of all i wanna show you the cathedral of Paderborn. In december it is very nice to watch because it is illuminated.



Another highlight is the city hall which is illuminated too and decorated as an Advent calendar (there are the numbers 1-24 at the windows in the front) - unfortunately you couldn't see it at this picture. But let me tell you, it looks beautiful!


In front of the church was a "living crib" with a cow, a donkey and a sheep... or was it a goat? Hmm.. i don't remeber right now and unfortunately it was too dim to take some good pictures  :( But it was very nice!


Here is a miniature of the town center..


..and the church in the background.


Oh woooowwww... look at this! A carrousel!


Eustachia told us, that this carrousel is called *Pderborner Horse-carrousel" and it is over 100 years old!

Let's have a ride on the carrousel! Wooohoooo...


What a great day! Now it was time to go to our Hotel!


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Brenken (Büren, NRW), Germany - 8th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello again.

We arrived at the hotel at 9.00 pm.


That was our room. The bed was very comfortable.


But now it was time to eat some fired almond, type "Nutella" (hazelnut spread). Yummy!


Good night :)

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Bad Hersfeld, Germany - 9th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Good morning my friends *yaaawn*

We left our hotel early in the morning.


Our next stop, before we arrived at home, was the "Stiftsruine" in Bad Hersfeld.




The Stiftsruine is an ancient cloistral church, builded in 736. It was destroyed in 1761 at the Seven Years' War. Unfortunately we couldn't go inside, because the ruins are opened from march to october.  :( What a bummer!



Can you find me on that picture?  :D


That's the Katharinen tower.

Enough for now.. time to go home.

Cosyfuzz  :)

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Home, Germany - 10th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello everybody!

Waaahhh.. today is the day!
Eustachia told me that it's time for me to start my round robin journey.
I'm so excited! This is my first travel on my own.

So it was time to say goodbye for some time...

Bye bye Cami. I'll miss you *kiss*


Goodbye Eloy. Keep a stiff upper lip!




Byeeee Pink_Bear and Wotan! I wish you a great time, much fun and hope to see you sometime  :D



My first stop is far away from home.. in the USA..  and i have to confess, that i'm a bit nervous.


Boris Kitty, here i come!


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Reading, Pennsylvania, USA - 21st December 2011

By: Eustachia

Cosyfuzz arrived at his first host  :)

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