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To meet a real dog.

To eat fried sausage.

To meet another orange TV

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To visit the "Hofbräuhaus"in Munich and drink a cold beer.

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Travelog for: Wotan

Spenge, Germany - 8th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi there  :D *woof woof*

This is my first travelog.. oh wow.. so many TV's are here! I couldn't believe it. Pink_Bear told me a lot about you, but now i am surprised what's going on here.  :)

My name is Wotan and i am a very blitheful and funny dog. You can do a lot of funny things with me... i'm your partner in crime  ;)

Today i met Eustachia at this Store in Spenge, my hometown.


We laughed a lot and talked about doing funny things.. so she asked me if i want to come with her and become a ToyVoyager. It sounded great and so i went along with her.

Inside the car she introduced me to Cosyfuzz and Pink_Bear.


They were very friendly and quickly we became good friends. Time for some group hugging  :D


That's my story why i am here.

If you would like to hug me too and be my host please be so kind and send a pm to my mentor Eustachia. I'm looking forward for this!

See ya

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Pderborn, Germany - 8th December 2011

By: Eustachia

In the evening we made a trip to Paderborn.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck stopped in Paderborn today! How lucky that we spend the night near Paderborn, so we had the chance to visit the truck and take a walk at the Christmas market.

And here it is... Very cool!



And here are some other nice pictures from Paderborn at night.
The cathedral, dipped into lightblue colour...


And the city hall, decorated as an Advent calendar.


I think my new friend Cosyfuzz would like to show you some more :)

See ya

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Bad Hersfeld, Germany - 9th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Good morning!

I slept very good at our hotel and it was still a bit dim as we started our homeward journey.


At noon we stopped in Bad Hersfeld for a short visit at the "Stiftsruine". Here are some pictures...


Very impressive!


Can you find me on this picture?  :p


This memorial is called "Covenant for Reconsillation". These massive steel beams, twisted and destroyed by tremendous force are reconstructed to stand like survivors, a contemporary ruin, posed against the historic "Stiftsruine Bad Hersfeld".


Tomorrow i will show you my new home. I'm so excited!

See ya

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Home, Germany - 10th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hey guys  :D

Today i wanna introduce you my new home in he middle of Germany.

That's the look-out from the balcony. The weather is beautiful today.. a good chance to take some great pictures  ;)


Here you can see our garden. Isn't it a nice place to play around?


Waaahhhhh what's that?      Oh.. it's just Eloy, Eustachias cat  :p


Hi Eloy  :D Nice to meet you.


I played a bit with Eloy and Cami (the black belted cat on the left) at the balcony. They are very friendly and we had a lot of fun!


Hahaha, i think they want to come in, because it was very cold outside...


Eloy, what's up?




Okay, he REALLY wants to come into the warmness  :p He is scratching at the door. Hehehehe


Time to warm-up at the scratiching post  :)


Thats my new home! And now i'm looking forward for your invites to visit your home.

See ya

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Helsingborg, Sweden - 22nd December 2011

By: Kissemizz

Finally, I have arrived in the beautiful city of Helsingborg, Sweden. The weather is unexpectedly warm for a Northern country at this time of a year but I would be crazy to complain about that. :)

I have already experienced some of the Swedish Christmas traditions. I was invited to sip the immensely tasteful "Julmust" and on Christmas Eve all those beautifully wrapped presents were exchanged.

I am sure this small one is for me - it has the perfect size! I wonder what is inside of it.  :cyclops:

Now believe it or not, having traveled less than a month, I have already fulfilled one of my life missions! Two days after Christmas I met the wonderful dog Zesar. It was a bit difficult to take pictures together. Zesar thought I looked very delicious and tried to get a bite of me, haha, but I liked him anyway. Maybe I will get another chance of taking a photo with my new dog buddy.

Instead, I took some pictures with my new Swedish and Canadian moose buddies.

Sightseeing has turned out to be rather difficult due to the stressy Christmas time. I will postpone that until the upcoming weeks and keep you updated on here. I am also looking forward to my first New Year's Eve abroad. I wonder if we'll see some real Swedish snow by the turn of the year.


Bild 5a.jpg

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Helsingborg, Sweden - 1st January 2012

By: Kissemizz


Oh, what a spectacle that was! So many sparkly lights in the sky, such noisy yet wonderful show - a sublime, fun experience!

New Years Eve started off with the classic television program "Dinner for one" at 7pm. "Same procedure as every year!"  ;)
We then ate a wonderful dinner ourselves awaiting the great fireworks at noon sharp - oh, so nice it was. You can barely see me in the pictures, but I hope you like them anyway.

Today on New Years Day, we made some "chokladbollar", which is a popular Swedish pastry and tastes heavenly good. The small balls are made of oatmeal, sugar, butter and coffee and are later rolled in either shredded coconut or pearl sugar.

The weather hasn't been too friendly, so I still haven't done any exciting sightseeing. It was misty and raining all week long. However, I still have a few weeks to go and will certainly take some nice pictures of the local sights very soon.



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Helsingborg, Sweden - 6th January 2012

By: Kissemizz

Hello again!

After some very stormy days, the weather has finally brighten up and I could go outsite and explore a little bit.

I started my sightseeing tour at the Kärnan tower in central Helsingborg. The tower was part of a Danish fortress in the 13th century and together with Kronborg, another fortress in Helsingör (right across the Öresund), it was used to controll the entranceway to the Baltic Sea. 1679 Kärnan and the whole region of Skåne (Scania) became Swedish.

Later, I went to see one of Sweden's most famous furniture stores: IKEA. Everyone who comes to Sweden, should visit IKEA at least once. It's like a tradition. :)

I also heard a rumor, that I might get a chance to join my hosts on a trip to Denmark. :cyclops:
We'll see! ^^

For now, I wish everyone a good night and I will come back and write more very soon.



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Helsingborg, Sweden - 11th February 2012

By: Kissemizz

-- A Day At Work --

Spending time at home celebrating Christmas and New Year sure is a fun thing to do, no question about that. But sooner or later all good times come to an end - then it's time for work again . :P
Nothing to worry about, though! As you can see, I am having a looot of fun playing with everything that I can find at my new temporary workplace. Reading the local newspapers still is difficult but I am trying anyway. :D My host Kissemizz (*meow*) even lets me listen to some German radio stations, so I can't help but dance and sing all the time. hehe

That's it for now. Time to get back to work! See you soon!


bild 18.jpg
bild 17.jpg
bild 19.jpg
bild 7.jpg
Bild 6.jpg

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Helsingborg, Sweden - 11th February 2012

By: Kissemizz

Here are some more photos from my sightseeing tour. I went to see Helsingborg's harbor.
As we all know, Helsingborg is Sweden's closest point to Denmark with Helsingör on the other side of the Öresund and although the weather was bad (again), I could see Kronborg castle in the distance (the place where Shakespeare's Hamlet took place). It's a beautiful view: two Scandinavian countries so close together only seperated by the ice cold water of the Batic Sea.
I also visited Helsingborg's Kulturhus (last picture) and admired all those pretty boats and ships in front of it.


bild 8.jpg
bild 10.jpg
bild 11.jpg
bild 12.jpg
bild 13.jpg
bild 9.jpg

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Åstorp, Sweden - 11th February 2012

By: Kissemizz

Finally, I got to see my first Swedish snow! I took the oportunity and drove to the beautiful National Park "Söderåsen" to see some Swedish nature and to scent the fresh winter air. Unfortunately, I didn't see any mooses or other wild animals, but I found some interesting footprints and could hear some howling of my brothers the wolves. :)


bild 20.jpg
bild 16a.jpg
bild 14.jpg
bild 15.jpg
bild 21.jpg

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Helsingborg, Sweden - 11th February 2012

By: Kissemizz

After spending so much time outside, I really had to do some laundry. It turned out to be a really dangerous task... but I mastered it anyway! ;) The big yellow board is used to book a time during the week to do your laundry and use the big washing machines in the cellar.
Then, I had some to time left to pose for creepy pictures in the cellar. Just for the sake of it.  :cyclops:


Bild 5.jpg

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Stockholm, Sweden - 29th February 2012

By: Kissemizz

Hello again!

Last week I got the opportunity to follow my host to a short trip to Sweden's capital city, Stockholm. Because we spent most of the day in the car and only stayed for a few hours, there will only be few pictures. (I will add them a little later)
I got the chance to attend a very special event, you will understand when you see the pictures. :)


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Copenhagen, Denmark - 29th February 2012

By: Kissemizz


Yet again, just a short note and placeholder for the pictures that I took during my short trip to Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen. Again, we only stayed there for an evening to attend a special show. Pictures will follow as soon as possible and because I am on my home already, I am a little short of time. ;)

I had a great time in Sweden (and Denmark) and hope to continue my adventures around the globe as soon as I come home. Thanks a lot or Tack så jättemycket, as they like to say in Sweden. :)


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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 5th March 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello everybody  :D

Today i arrived at my home in Laubach-Münster. But it is only for short, because i will leave it tomorrow to visit mailianne in Czech Republic. How exciting!

When i arrived, i heard some foreign voices. But also the known purring of a cat..


Helloooo! Wow, what a salutatory committee  B)


I brought some presents from kissemizz:
Two swedisch butter knives  :D


and a postcard from Helsingborg.


That reminds me on my time there in the north.. it was sooo great! Thanks Kizzemiss for the great time in sweden  *woof woof*  :)

But today arrived two other packages with me. So let's have a look who's inside...


It is Häppie_Sheep, from the German ToyVoyager Trail...


Hello, nice to meet you! *hug*


Hmm, but who is in the other package? Misslucy opened it careful.


Oh, it's another TV, Cilly, so we welcomed her heartily.


What a big Hello! Three TVs arrived. Hihihi.

Time to calm down, so we sat with Cami at the window and had a look outside...


See ya

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 6th March 2012

By: Eustachia

Hi fans! *woof woof*

Time to move on! My next host ist mailianne in Czech Republic. I'm so excited!"

So, i packed my things and i got my camera... i think i'm ready to check out!  :cyclops:


See ya

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