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To go to a cocktail bar

To go to an art gallery

To dine in a posh restaurant

To have my photo taken with someone famous

To go Geocaching outside the United Kingdom

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Travelog for: Gwen Jolie

Home, Wales - 7th March 2012

By: miapearl

The postman came with a packet...
I wonder who is inside.
It is Squizzle
Mummy is attempting a 3000 piece jigsaw of the Mappa Mundi. How long will it take if we help?

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Home, Wales - 12th March 2012

By: miapearl

Look who has come to help with the 3000-piece jigsaw
Hello Shesh and Lizzy Lizard

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Home, Wales - 4th April 2012

By: miapearl

Ooo, we are off somewhere. A package arrived so we'll open it later when we get wherever we are going.

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Grandma's house, England - 4th April 2012

By: miapearl

We've arrived at Grandma's house
and now it is time to see what is in the package.
Hello Yetta Bear

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Grandma's house, England - 6th April 2012

By: miapearl

It is my Mum'w birthday soon, and grandma doesn't live too far away from LittleBlogFrog
So, we hijacked mum's toyvoyagers account and decided to contact LittleBlogFrog for help with presents.
We wrote a message to her asking her to meet some of us at King's Lynn the next day, to see if she has any ideas what mum would like.

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Grandma's house, England - 8th April 2012

By: miapearl

It is time to wrap up my mum's birthday present.
And then Grandma gave us an Easter chocolate each.

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Home, Wales - 19th April 2012

By: miapearl

Happy birthday Mum.
I hope you like our present to you..

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Home, Wales - 26th April 2012

By: miapearl

A package arrived...
Hello MuhKuh to our home.

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Home, Wales - 9th May 2012

By: miapearl

A package arrived today, let's see what is inside...
It is a ToyVoyager called Twixx

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Jyväskylä, Finland - 17th September 2012

By: mmm105

Hello mommy!

I'm here!!! I'm in Finland now!!!  :D

I arrived here today, and I got a warm welcome. There's already many other toys here, so I think I will have great time here with so many new friends.

Mommy, take a look at the pictures. In the first picture there are we all toys together. And in the second picture I'm with Kurnau, TV who is living here and who is my host here.

I just want you to know, mom, that I'm fine. :)

Gwen Jolie


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Jyväskylä, Finland - 8th October 2012

By: mmm105

Hi mommy!

I have got nice time here. I have made new friends with other toys here, and we have got fun!

Today I was outside, and I saw some great things of the autumn. Look the photos, mom, and you can see the colours of nature, too. Yes, it's the most colourful time of this season, very soon all trees will be "naked", and then it's time wait some snow coming. I'm so exited, I want to see some snow... but I have to wait little more first...

I'm fine here, mom. :)

Gwen Jolie


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Jyväskylä, Finland - 12th October 2012

By: mmm105

Hei! Hello!

It's getting quite cold outside in Finland already.
Can you believe, the weather forecast has said it will be minus degrees Celcius outside in this weekend?!?  :o  And it might be snowing in Lapland very soon...  :o  :o  :o

I'm only wondering, when will come the first snow here Central Finland... Oh, I just need to wait little more...

Just take a look at the picture. There's a sign, and you can see how far away Jyväskylä city is from other countries... Wow!  :o

Gwen Jolie


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Jyväskylä, Finland - 18th October 2012

By: mmm105

Hei! Hello mom!

Today happened something really great!
Mommy, I aaaaaamm sooooo haaaaappppyyyyy now!
I got one of my life mission completed. I was eating in a restaurant!!!  :D

First, I was thinking what to order...
There were so much nice foods what to choose for.  :thinking:



Then I started eating the salad.


Suddenly happened something unbelievable!!!  :o
Mommy, can you believe that there was a big squirrel walking in the restaurant? Look!


And mommy, look!!! This squirrel hold me in his hand, so hostmom could take a picture of us. :)


When the squirrel had gone, hostmom told me the squirrel is the mascot of the restaurant. Squirrel's name is Ossi Orava, and this restaurant's name is Rosso. Then hostmom showed the children's menu, and there's a picture of Ossi Orava. :)


Yes, it is the same squirrel, that I just met. Cool!  :D


Then was time to eat. I ate some salmon with vegetables.
It was so yummy!!!  :p



OOoooooh, it was so yummy, that my tummy is soooo full!  :o


Mommy, it was a great day today. :)

Gwen Jolie

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)
To dine in a posh restaurant!

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

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Jyväskylä, Finland - 20th October 2012

By: mmm105

Hi mommy!

Something exiting happened today. My hostmom is active in postcrossing hobby, and today I had a chance to take part in the postcrossing meeting! It was really fun!  :D
I was there with Kurnau, Alberto, little Sunny and Matsya.

The meeting place was a wonderful postcard shop named Harjun Paperi. It's absolutely the best postcard shop in this town (it's like a postcard heaven).

And what we did in the meeting... Well, we chat to each other, and eat some great snacks...  :p


...and we wrote many postcards...


...and while people wrote even more postcards, we toys were exploring in the shop. :)




It was fun!

Gwen Jolie

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Jyväskylä, Finland - 21st October 2012

By: mmm105

Hi mommy!

Today I visited to see the oldest building of Jyväskylä.
The building called as Taavettilan riihi, which is in English the drying barn of Taavettila.
The building has buildt somewhere in 1700's, the exact year is unknown.
First, building used as a drying barn, but somewhere in 1800's it became usual barn/cabin and it got windows then. In 1900's the building started to be a cabin museum.

Jyväskylän vanhin rakennus = the oldest building of Jyväskylä
Riihi muutettu tuvaksi 1800-luvun alussa = a drying barn has turn to be a cabin in the beginning of 1800's
Jyväskylän yliopisto = University of Jyväskylä
Rakennus 3 = Building 3



Because we didn't have a chance to go in (the door was closed), we decided to look through the window...




Gwen Jolie

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