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Travelog for: Rendolph

Home, Wales - 25th March 2010

By: miapearl

I'm a little reindeer. I would like to travel around the globe. I am not big enough to pull Santa's sleigh, and even if I was, I wouldn't be able to see much of the countryside because it would be dark when Santa delivers presents around the world. Please contact my mummy (she is my mentor too) if you would like to show this little reindeer around where you live.

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Fontenay-sous-Bois, France - 26th March 2010

By: Nuryko

Hello miapearl !

I haven't give you news for a long time. Sooooo sorry !
I've spent Christmas Holydays in France at Nuryko's home. There was snowing. It reminds me home !

The day after Christmas, we go out to see the snow and we've found a little Christmas village.



I try to pull Santa's sleigh but it was too heavy for me.


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Baytree Owl Centre near Spalding, England - 3rd April 2010

By: miapearl

I went to my gran's house. We then went out to visit an Owl sanctuary.
A barn owl below.

I wonder where else I will go before leaving home...

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Caernarfon, Wales - 16th April 2010

By: miapearl

A package arrived. We gathered on the front lawn on the picnic rug to open the package.
We all gathered round the new arrival, alfie langer
A lazy day.

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Postbox, Wales - 28th April 2010

By: miapearl

Goodbye all, I am going abroad now that the volcanic ash cloud has cleared. I hope the journey isn't a long one.


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Milano, Italy - 21st May 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
I'm in Italy and I'm fine!
I've found two other TV, Bluto and Frankie_Blue, now they tell me something about Italy!

randolph 1.jpg
randolph 2.jpg
randolph 3.jpg
randolph 4.jpg

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Milano, Italy - 25th May 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
I'm so busy preparing the suitcase, do you know why? I go to the seaside!!! My host says I can't forget to take my sun cream, bathrobe, camera, train tickets... well, I think to have everything, my newfriend Frankie_Blue is coming with us too!

rendolph 5.jpg
rendolph 6.jpg
rendolph 7.jpg

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Marotta, Italia - 27th May 2010

By: annix

Hi mom!
Now I'm at the seaside in a place called Marotta (if you want to see om a map you can look for Pesaro), I think I'm going to enjoy myself!

Rendolph 8.jpg
Rendolph 9.jpg
Rendolph 10.jpg
Rendolph 11.jpg
Rendolph 12.jpg
Rendolph 13.jpg
Rendolph 14.jpg

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Marotta, Italia - 30th May 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
look what I'm doing today on the beach! It's funny to play here!

Rendolph 15.jpg
Rendolph 16.jpg
Rendolph 17.jpg
Rendolpi 18.jpg
Rendolpg 19.jpg
Rendolph 20.jpg

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Marotta, Italia - 3rd June 2010

By: annix

Hi mummy!
Playing on the beach is quite tiring so I need an hearty breakfast before I go to the seaside.
I'm having a lot of fun, hope you like me on the beach!!!

Rendolph 21.jpg
Randolph 22.jpg
Randolph 23.jpg
Rendolph 24.jpg
Rendolph 25.jpg
Rendolph 26.jpg
Rendolph 27.jpg

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Bologna, Italia - 7th June 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
I took a train again because before coming back in Milan we wanted to visit also Bologna! We arrived in a very special day: the 150 anniversary of the Italian Republic, there were red flags everywhere and a lot of peolpe in the streets.
We visited the Cathedral of St. Petronio, we saw the most important buildings like the palaces of the government, the Neptune fountain and the tower called "Donkeys Tower" which is the symbol of the town.
Now we are back at my host's home, it seems that summer is arrived, it's quite hot here at the moment!

Rendolph 28.jpg
Rendolph 29.jpg
Rendolph 30.jpg
Rendolph 31.jpg
Rendolph 32.jpg
Rendolph 33.jpg
Rendolph 34.jpg
Rendolph 35.jpg
Rendolph 36.jpg
Rendolph 37.jpg
Rendolph 38.jpg
Rendolph 39.jpg
Rendolph 40.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 25th June 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
today I'm in Milan visiting the castle called Sforzesco. It's a sunny day and a lot of peolpe are walking here.

The tourist guide says that: "It was built in the period from 1360 to 1370 along Milan's medieval walls. Galeazzo II Visconti decided to have this fortress built basically as a defence. Then, his successors Gian Galeazzo and Filippo Maria went on with the building. In particular, the latter made the fortress his residence and arranged the great park in the northern area. The Visconti Castle had a square plan (180x180 meters). A tower was built in each corner. "

I took some picture out of the castle, in the garden and inside the walls. My host says I look so beautiful!!!

rendolph 41.jpg
rendolph 42.jpg
rendolph 43.jpg
rendolph 44.jpg
rendolph 45.jpg
rendolph 46.jpg
rendolph 47.jpg
rendolph 48.jpg

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St. Moritz, Switzerland - 28th June 2010

By: annix

Hi mom,
I'm having a short holiday in Switzerland! First of all I've taken the "little red train" to reach St. Moritz (passing through the Alps) and now I'm visiting the neighbourhood, very nice places!

rendolph 49.jpg
rendolph 50.jpg
rendolph 51.jpg
rendolph 52.jpg
rendolph 53.jpg
rendolph 54.jpg
rendolph 55.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 8th July 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm on my way to Hong Kong!!!!
Before I left my friends arrived to wish me a very good journey.
I hope to meet them again in any other county!

rendolph 56.jpg
rendolph 57.jpg

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On the ferry, Hong Kong - 19th July 2010

By: vivyanhui

The first thing I did is travel the star ferry in the Victoria Harbour~
Good morning, Hong Kong!  :cyclops:

Kirin and me were excited about it.
Here we go~


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