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Travelog for: Bubo

Dortmund, Germany - 17th December 2011

By: Tiffy

Hey mummy!!!

Tiffy was quite busy this week so far, so I had no chance to update my Travelog earlier, cause Tiffy had still the photos of the last weekend!

But now here they are and I hope you have fun!
As you know, Tiffy had birthday this months and she became 21...
so this was a reason to celebrate! =)
So we had a belated birthday party together with a friend of Tiffy (who also became 21) and it was a real fun!
It was a theme party... so we had to get dressed up in Casino Style... cause it was supposed to be a Casino Party! Wuhuhuu!!!

So this is me and Carlisle... sitting at the roulette station all suited up.
The bow-tie suits me pretty much, huh?


Casiiiiino!!!! =)

Yummy pasta salat... okay, this was not typical for a casino... but it was delicious!!! =)

So and this is me... gambling at the poker table.
Unfortunateley I didn't get the royal flush this eve... the luck wasn't on my side =/

So and now we get prepared for Crimbo and I can't wait!!! =)

Love and miss you loads, mommy! =)
x x x

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Bochum, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!!

Sorry for this late Christmas update!!! But there was also a very busy week here, and so Tiffy wasn't able to give me the photos earlier!
Sorry!!!! But now you can see, how I celebrated Christmas in Germay!! Yeaaah!

This is me and Carlisle... helping to wrap the christmas pressies on the morning of the 24th... ^^

Unfortunately there was no christmas tree at Tiffy's home this year... but we still had a wonderful christmas eve..

we had lots of Candies...

we had some egg liqueur...

we had a typical christmas eve dinner... potatoe salad and sausage! Many germans eat this on christmas eve... but I don't know why? Maybe it's because, it's very easy to make or something? Tiffy also doesn't know it... but it was delicious!

We helped Tiffy to unwrap her pressies... and afterwards we sat down in the paper chaos! I hope you can see me!

And I got also a little present.
This is me with it...

This is me unwrapping it...

and this is me... happy with some chocolate!! hahaha! =)

And this is me and Carlisle with a funny guy, Tiffy got... it's a Fluffling and it makes really funny sounds and all that stuff! And it's sp fluffy! Tiffy called him Fuzzy-Wuzzy xD

So and after all that drinking, eating and unwrapping we played some cards!! =) But somehow I didn't understand that game oO

****Christmas Day, 25th...*****

Because I only have one picture of the christmas day... I'm going to copy it here! We had a really fest dinner! marinated pot roast with red cabbage and dumplings! Wow! This was so good and I was so stuffed after it!!!

Love you, Mummy!!!
x x x

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Dortmund, Germany - 7th January 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey mommy!!!

It's me again, Bubo!
I hope you had a great start in this new year!! =)
Sorry for being late with updates, between new year and now, nothing really special happend so I didn't know what to do.
Tiffy had to work and so Carlisle and me we're just hanging out here a bit and trained our feast-weight xD hahahaa... the food for christmas was way too good, I think!

But last saturday we went to Dortmund, to watch a musical at the theatre.
It was called "The Full Monty" and it was really funny! It was about unemployed steelworkers, who wanted to start their own stripgroup... this was so funny and the actors were awesome! I really had a great time there! =)

This is me in the theatre-foyer... the lights are really impressive, what do you think?? =)

So and this is me in the audience... this was our view from the box-seats... really cool and the stage was really close! So we had a nice overview! =)

Love you,

Bubo... =)

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Oberhausen, Germany - 8th January 2012

By: Tiffy

Sunday-update! =)

Yeaaah it's me again... and here is my other update for the last weekend!
On Sunday we headed to Oberhausen... it's a town just 30 mins away from Bochum.
And we went to see one of the world's most famous musicals.
It was really cool!

This is me in front of the stage.
Sorry for this bad quality, but we took a picture without the flash and this was way tooooooo dark. And the pic with the flash... is kinda overexposed... but you can see me!! xD hehehe

We had really awesome seats in the 2nd row right next to the stage!
Oh btw. the stage is looking like a junkyard which was pretty amazing! =)
And during the show I was able to stare in some eyes of one of the actors.. and she was also staring back at me, which was kinda scary and I looked away. xD
I was afraid that she'd like owls... so I didn't want to take a risk and get caught by her! hahahaha xD

So as you can see, I had a pretty amazing and very "musical" weekend... I liked it! =)

Talk to you soon, Mummy! =)

Love you lots..
Bubo <3

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Bochum, Germany - 17th January 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!! =)

Today Tiffy took us, me and Carlisle with her for a walk during her lunch break.
It was such a nice wheater. The sun was shining but it was really cold.

We went through the city district, where Tiffy is working.
She works at a Travel Agency and it's next to the theatre of Bochum.
This is me in front of it.

And right next to it there is a square which is called the "William Shakespeare Square" Really cool, huh?

So and this whole district is a bit arty...
There are some small shops and small cafés.

And look what funny thing we found...
This is normally a street sign... and this is the pole of it.
And well.. someone knit a "coat" for it, that it looks a bit better... and there is also a small guy hanging around there... how funny is that?? I loved it! =)

And there was also a ballard with a knitted hat! Hahahaha that looked really cool! =)

So and this is me and Carlisle.. sitting on a bench and enjoying some warm sun beams.

As you can see... I had a wonderful cold but sunny walk through a small part of Bochum! =)

x x x

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Bochum, Germany - 22nd January 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!! =)

Today Tiffy and me did some cooking and we made a meal called "Winzertopf" (vintner pot)
It was really delicious I must say!
It was with turkey meat, mushrooms, bacon and grapes and with a delicous sauce out of grape juice and some cream and different spices!

So this is me with all the ingredients...

This is me cutting the meat...

and cutting the mushrooms..

so and after the cutting we had to roast the meat...

in the background are the ribbon noodles cooking.. and I'm stiring up the meat.. =)

afterwards I had to add the mushromms and the bacon...

and after this we added the sauce and the grapes.. to give this whole thing the final kick ;), you know... =)

So and this is me with my self cooked meal, it was so hot, that the picture is a bit steamy, but I hope you can recognise me and the delicous meal! =)

Wish you a great rest sunday!! =)

Love and hugs
x x x

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Bochum, Germany - 26th January 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey there!! =)

On thursday was the day of the big goodbyes I'd say...
first I had to say goodbye to Carlisle who departed back home.
We had a really great time here together and I'm sure I'm gonna miss him... ^^

And so we had our final buddy-hug.

And I wished him a good and safe journey back home..

And the next goodbye was Peeta's. Peeta is the new TV of my host Tiffy.
This is me with him at the post office. I did not really know him, because we didn't spent that much time together.
But I gave him some good adviced how to behave in an envelope without freaking out! =)

So and after Carlisle and Peeta left Tiffy and me made a little walk around the town.
This is one part of Bochum's shopping street. And this thing, in the middle is supposed to be a kind of a traffic light or something. But somehow it isn't working... strange...

Wish you a wonderful weekend!! =)
Love you, mummy!
Bubo x x

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Bochum, Germany - 12th February 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!!

It's me again!! =)
Due to this very cold wheater in Germany, Tiffy prefered to stay inside this weekend.
and I was glad, because I don't like that cold wheater, either.
So we decided to work on a London Bus...really cool!
Tiffy got a model kit for this Bus! And this kit is really huge! There are hundred of parts! Some are big and some are sooooo tiny!
I wonder how Tiffy wants to handle this.

So this is me with this huge model kit.

And before we started... I studied the construction plans...

And this is me, sitting on Tiffys desk inbetween some bus parts, colors and all that stuff...


And after Tiffy has shown me, how all this model kit thing is working and how I have to build some things, I was allowed so help and I started painting a few parts.
I was a huge help for Tiffy!! And she was happy about my work!


And after all that painting we started to put the engine into the underbody of the bus...

And this is the other side of the underbody of the London Bus.
With all exhaust pipes and and tubes and all that technical stuff...

As you can see, we made a huge step further in building this Bus, today.
And now I'm really excited how far we will come during my visit. =)

Wish you a wonderful sunday Mummy! 

Love you! =)
x x x

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Essen, Germany - 23rd February 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!!

Today I was allowed to go to Essen with Tiffy, to visit the Travel & Camping trade show! =)
It's a trade show about the trends in the travel industry.
There we're some countries and cities which showcased their destination.
Some of them were kinda boring.. but some others were really interesting!

But first of all we had to go to Essen by train... Essen is not far away from Bochum. We only needed about 15 min to arrive in Essen.
This is me at the Bochum train station.

At the station we had to take a look into the railway shedule, so that we knew which train we had to take and when it would depart...

So and this is me at the station concourse and there was a huge destination board, which listed all arrivals and departures of the trains!

Waiting for the train at the platform was kinda boring... but we had luck and our train came in time!
Many german trains arrive with huge delays... but this train not! Lucky us! hehehehehe! =)

and here are some snapshots of me at the trade show..
this was the huge stand of Croatia... this was really impressive and I'm sure, that Croatia would also be an interesting land to travel to!

This was the stand of Finland, and they had a real reindeer there!
Can you believe that? But I'm sure, that the reindeer had no fun there =(

And there also was a stand for Australia, where you were able to buy some typical Australia things, like hats, roadsings,  plush toys, books and some many other things! =)

Hehehe and then I met a funny guy at the "Europapark-Rust" stand.
The Europapark is a theme park in the south of Germany.
And they were also showcasing their park and there was a funny clown, who was dressed as a cowboy but he also had a red clown nose!
Funny! So I also took a photo with him, and he liked me and said, that he thinks, that it's really cool that I'm travelling through the world and he never met an owl from England! Hahahaha! So funny!
I'm on the left... and the mouse on the right is the mascot of this theme park. 

I had a really fun day at this trade show.. =)
Hope you enjoyed the pictures I took there!

Love you,

x x x

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Essen, Germany - 4th March 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!!!

On Sunday Tiffy and me went to Essen again...
do you rememeber that I watched the Musical "Elisabeth" in Cologne in November??
So on Sunday I watched it again! This time in Essen!
You must know, that Tiffy is really a musical addict and she wanted to see it again... and it's really a great show, so I went with her and we watched the show again! And it was absolutley mindblowing!
This time we sat very close to the stage... in row 7 and it was awesome!
I was able to see the facial expressions of all the actors! Really amazing! =)
The music is wonderful and the story is also awesome! =) But I already told you something about the story, so I won't do that again, this time, okay? =)

So this time we drove to Essen, and this is me in the car on the motorway!
As you can see, the wheater wasn't nice! =( Booooh! It was raining...


And during our "journey" to Essen it became even worse...

So and this is me in the theatre... it's called "Colosseum Theatre" but it doesn't even look like the Colosseum in Rome, so I'm a bit confused and I wonder why it is called, "Colosseum", then?
I have no Idea.. and Tiffy either.
In the past this building was used as an industrial building... which was very typical for this "Ruhr-Region".
And now it's a theatre! Really strange, those Germans... I'll tell, ya! xD hahaha
During the last years, the theatre belonged to the "Stage Entertainment Company" and there were always some long run production Musicals in this theatre, like Phantom of the Opera, Aida or Mamma Mia! (just to name a few)
But now, it still belongs to this company, but it's kind of a "free-theatre" now... so it has no fixed prdouctions, and so there are many Tour Productions, only for a few weeks in this theatre. Like Elisabeth.
This is me on the second floor of the theatre of the Foyer and it was really high! Wow!

And again... waiting for the show to beginn...

And waiting again,... now in the audience.. and you can see how close we were to stage! WHAAAAAAH!!! <3

And while I was waiting and sitting on my seat... I met HolgiHH and Brownbeard, so we talked a bit about travelling and beeing a Toyvoyager and about our adventures... and Brownbeard was a bit scary, cause he is a pirate and he talked kinda strange... ARRRR!!! xD

Hope you have a great week! Miss you Mum! =)
Bubo x x x

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Bochum, Germany - 8th March 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!!!

Sorry I've been late with this Update... it's one from last week, but somehow the SD-Card were the photos were on wasn't working... but now I'm glad that it is working again and that the photos were still on it! =) Yeaaah! =)

So Tiffy and me went to a Bubble Tea Bar last week on thursday.
Do you already know Bubble Tea?
It's a new trend coming from Asia and everyone is totally crazy about it!

At first you have to choose if you want tea or milk as a basic for your drink... Tiffy chose Milk... and then you add a flavour.. in this case it was coconut and then you have to choose between different type of bubbles... we decided to take yoghurt bubbles... and on top of that, were were Oreo cookie crumbles in this drink!
It's really crazy, don't you think?

And this is how it looks...

And then I was kinda brave and tasted it... and I must say, it was really delicious! =)
First it was a strange feeling to have a bubble in my mouth, but after a few it became really cool! =)

A friend of Tiffy took a bubble tea with green tea und kiwi flavour... so I also had to taste it... but I must say, I liked the coconut milk one more...

So and all that drinking and bubbling made me hungry and I had a Donut! =)

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Bochum, Germany - 16th March 2012

By: Tiffy

http://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gif http://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gif http://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gifhttp://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gifhttp://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gifhttp://www.smiliemania.de/smilie132/00000424.gif

Hey Mummy!!!!
Spring is coming to Bochum and I absolutley love it!! =)
It's so wonderful to have temperatures around 20 degress and to walk through the streets without the winter jacket! I'm so thrilled right now and it's such a wonderful time here! =)

Today it was really warm and so Tiffy and I enjoyed the sun during her lunch break.
We bought a delicious coffee frappucino at a bakery and then we sat on a bench in the sun and just enjoyed this sunny spring life!


Just take a look, how bright the sun was shining today!!! Absolutley aaaaaamazing!=)


and last but not least I was sitting in the gras and enjoyed the sun xDDD

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Bochum, Germany - 29th March 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mummy!!! =)

A new TV arrived at Tiffy's home!
So it was a pleasure for me, to welcome the new TV...

Tiffy allowed me to open the envelope...
It was really exciting to meet another Toyvoyager...
And out of the envelope came _Lilly_! =)
She's here to come with us to London in 2 weeks...


So and because I'm a kind TV I made her a nice welcome sign!
And I'm sure that she was happy about this very friendly gesture of mine. Yap...Yap...Yap..


Lilly brought some chocolate from Yosemite with here...
so we sat together, with a cold orange drink and talked about toyvoyaging.
She is kinda new to this and haven't seen much from the world yet, so I told her all my travel adventures and it was a really nice chat.
So I'm very sure that we will have a great time together here.

Write to you soon! =)

Love you, Mummy!
x x x

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Bochum, Germany - 3rd April 2012

By: Tiffy

With every ending comes a new beginning....

Hey Mummy! =)

So today was my last day in Bochum. And it's been kinda sad.
I was Tiffys 1st Tv, she was allowed to host and I spent nearly half a year now here in Bochum and I really had a great time!
Thank you for sending me, to her! =)


I said goodbye to Lilly, and wished her much fun on her upcoming travels and adventures...maybe we'll meet again, sometime. You never know ;)

So goodbye Bochum! Tomorrow morning Tiffy will bring me to the post office... so 'll hope that I will spend the easter holidays with my new host in Germany.

Write to you, when I'll be there! =)
Love you Mummy, and I hope you enjoyed my Bochum adventures! =)

x x x

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