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Travelog for: Bubo

Kellinghusen, Germany - 25th December 2010

By: babyamy

The sun was shining and the snow was glittering - the right weather for a walk around the town.
Kellinghusen is a small town, but this "dish tower" in the middle of the market place shows what it is famous for: faiences

The next stop was the town hall.

The church

The street with the oldest houses of the town.

And our last stop: the lake in the park. You can't see the lake? Well, it's just behind me, covered with ice and snow.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 3rd January 2011

By: babyamy

Happy New Year mum!
We received a postcard from Katrin today who has spent New Year's Eve in Praha, the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Leipzig, Germany - 9th January 2011

By: babyamy

We are back home in Leipzig and today Pippi got the news that she will travel to her next host tomorrow. I gave her some tea bags for the journey because I don't know how could it will be in Wales. I told her to say hi to you. :)

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still Leipzig, Germany - 24th January 2011

By: babyamy

Hey mum,
I hope you didn't worry too much about me. Here is still everything the same. Katrin spends her days at university and studying for the exams.
One day she brought this huge pile of books from the library.

Let's have a look at the different topics Katrin is studying.
This looks like different old handwritings she practice to read. The one I'm sitting on is from Martin Luther.

This is Latin grammar

This is an exercise for catalouging old books

This book is about preservation in libraries and different damages which can be found at books.

And then - finally - tea break! I don't know how many liters we drank during the last weeks...

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Leipzig, Germany - 29th January 2011

By: babyamy

Katrin came back from her grocery shopping, grabbed me and hurried down the stairs. When I asked her, what she wants to show me, she said that I will see it as soon as we leave the house.

It must be something important, because usually there are no parking cars on this street.

When I looked across the street, I saw a lot of people looking at what? Right, the body of an airplane!

It is an old airplane from DDR (German Democratic Republic) days. Everyone who passed by here stopped to have a look, even the cars slow down. You could go much closer, but here are two more photos.

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Leipzig, Germany - 3rd February 2011

By: babyamy

Today Katrin got the idea, that it would be nice to have all the stamps she had collected without the paper on which they were glued on.
It looks a bit funny how they are all swimming in the water.

But after a while you could easily seperate them from the paper. Now they just need to dry again.

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Itzehoe, Germany - 10th February 2011

By: babyamy

I've travelled to Northern Germany again to spend a week with Katrin at her parent's home.

Today we made a trip to Itzehoe, the city where Katrin went to school. We took just this single photo of me in front of this strange house which is built after a painting from Hundertwasser.

Then we spent hours with shoppping and I was stuck in Katrin's bag - totally forgotten!

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 11th February 2011

By: babyamy

Together with Katrin's mum I worked on my second life mission. There is a birthday tomorrow and I'm going to prepare a cheese cake!

The dough was put in the spring form pan and backed in the oven for a while.

While it was backing, we mixed all the ingredients for the stuffing.

When the dough has left the oven...

... we put the stuffing on it and put it back into the oven.

80 minutes later we had a wonderful cheesecake. Mission completed :)

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Kiel, Germany - 15th February 2011

By: babyamy

Today I made a trip to the Kieler Förde, which ends in the Baltic Sea. This photo was really difficult to take because the sun came from the front. But behind me you can see the farry from Kiel to Sweden.

Later I saw it again on its way to the Baltic Sea.

A discovered more interesting ships: this boat of the coastguard...

and a wooden sailing boat.

This building is the "Landtag" (state parliament) of the state Schleswig-Holstein.

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Leipzig, Germany - 25th February 2011

By: babyamy

After a long and boring time Katrin remembered that she has a guest at home- me! She promised to be a better host in the future and organised a new friend for me. He will hopefully arrive sometime next week.

We spend this afternoon looking through lots of travelogs to find our favourites for the Golden Bear Awards 2011. I know, we are terrible late with the nominations, but fam_united told us it would be fine when she gets our list after this weekend.

Looking through all the travelogs made both of us feel like we should travel somewhere soon. We read about wonderful adventures in Asia and the US. This is the travelog of Saint Lillebi, a little mouse who is living with a photographer. Her photos are really amazing!

Finally we had nominated our favorites and send a long list to fam_united.

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Leipzig, Germany - 26th February 2011

By: babyamy

This morning Katrin became very excited when she found a message on her phone: mail has arrived in her "Packstation". She grabbed her golden membership card and me and off we went.

And this is the mysterious "Packstation". It's an usefull invention of the German Post. Instead of receiving packages or parcels at home (which are usually delivered when you are NOT at home and then you have to pick them up at the next post office), it will delivered to this "Packstaion". It is open 24/7 and you have to log in with your card and a pin.

Then it makes a lot of strange noises and finally one of the grey doors opens and you can take out your mail. And what did I find in there? A bookcrossing book. :)

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city center, Leipzig, Germany - 1st March 2011

By: babyamy

Today Katrin and I spent some time to explore parts of the city center in which we both have never been before.
Here are our impressions:

Germany's Federal Administrative Court

The new town hall from another direction

The back of the church St. Thomas

nearly frozen water

A memorial for the dead Jewish commuity and the destroyed synagogue.

An English shop - "the fastest connection to the island" (their own advertisement)

The entre of the museum "Runde Ecke". It's the former home of the “Stasi”, the secret service of the former GDR (German Democratic Republic).

Another church

A bus stop inspired by the artist Hundertwasser.

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Leipzig, Germany - 2nd March 2011

By: babyamy

This morning someone knocked at the door. When I opened it, I remembered that Katrin told me something about a new guest. It's Tobbi who is going to live with us now.

Katrin gave Tobbi some slices of the bread she baked this morning and he shared them with me. They look a bit strange at this photo, but that's just because the bread ist still warm and the butter has melted. On the butter is some herb salt which makes the taste of the bread even better.

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somewhere near Hardegsen, Germany - 6th March 2011

By: babyamy

I'm out for my first big geocache of this year. It is called "An der Espolde", the Espolde is a little river which crosses Hardegsen. But to log the cache, we had to walk a little while through the landscape.

When we came closer to the final, we arrived at this wonderful place.

The hint was "unter the bridge"...

cache found and logged :)

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Leipzig, Germany - 17th March 2011

By: babyamy

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Katrin spent this evening with some friends in one of Leipzig's Irish Pubs and this green hat was given to her tonight.

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