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Travelog for: Valentin

Williams Lake, BC, Canada - 18th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Hey boys and girls!

My name is Valentin, a namesake due to the lil red heart on my right ear.

Mom found me today in a basket full of toys and decided to take me home with her.  When we arrived at the house, there was a package waiting for her.  It started to move from the inside and out crawled another toy!

His name is Diddl-Maus and he crossed across the ocean and flew across the country to arrive here... all the way from Germany!  What a trip!  I asked him what it was like to travel and that's when he told me all about Toy Voyagers, and what it took to be a TV.  His adventures sounded so exciting that I knew I wanted to be one also.

I asked Mom if it would be okay, and I was nervous about what she would say because she technically *JUST* found me.  I haven't even met Dad yet because he was out of town!  So I used my puppy dog eyes on her and she said yes! :D  Mom said that she was going to surprise me with my first trip before I will get sent to another location.  I can't wait!!


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Vancouver, BC, Canada - 21st August 2010

By: Fukumo

My parents and I, along with Diddl-Maus drove down to Vancouver last night.  This morning Mom told me that we were going to Alaska this week!  I was so excited!!

I helped where I could with the packing and when we were ready to leave, I hopped into Mom's backpack with Diddl-Maus, before I was surprised for the second time today... a little bag just for my new friend and I!  That means no being squished around and we could check out the sites as we're being carried around... how convenient  :D


I could barely contain myself by the time we got on the road and arrived at the crossing border between Canada and the USA.  But for security reasons, Mom didn't let us out of the car to run around.


It was about a 25 minute wait and before we knew it, we were heading down I-5 towards Seattle.  We stopped at the Tulalip Casino for dinner.  Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to use our cameras inside the gambling facility so you'll have to take my word that the food was very delicious!


After dinner we powered the rest of the way to our hotel in Tukwila, which is about 10kms south of Seattle.  The pillows were so soft and I was so tired from all the traveling... but I can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!


G'night folks!

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Seattle, WA, USA - 22nd August 2010

By: Fukumo

It's rise and shine this morning to begin our journey asea!  Mom and Dad checked out of the hotel and locked up the car before sitting down with us in the foyer to wait for the pier shuttle.

Here I am guarding the bags!

When we finally arrived at the terminal, it was a mad dash to check the bags in and going through immigration.  Our next week will be spent aboard the Sapphire Princess. The entire process didn't take more than an hour before we were finally dropping our stuff off in the cabin.  However, there was no time to rest because we were rushed off again to grab some lunch before it got too crowded in the dining area.

I was allowed to start with dessert first!

Afterwards, we walked up to the top deck to check out the scenery and soak in some sun.  Docked next to us was the Oosterdam from Holland America.  And on the other side of our ship you can see Seattle's skyline from afar...  can you see the Space Needle?


Shortly before disembarking, everyone had to attend the muster drill where we are shown how to put on life jackets and what to do in the case of an emergency.  I think I'm a bit too small for this one though  :rolleyes:

Now it's sail-away time!  Cocktails anyone?

Actually, I was just kidding... of course Mom would never let me drink!  ;)

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At Sea, Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean - 23rd August 2010

By: Fukumo

This morning we were able to take it slow and sleep in for a bit.  We were able to take our time with breakfast and took a nice leisurely stroll around the ship's promenade.  We stopped at the back to watch the ship's wakes in the water.  It was very soothing and almost hypnotic  :thinking:


Then it was play time in the casino!  Well, erm... not really because Diddl-Maus and I aren't technically old enough to gamble  :( But we still had fun pretending and we were allowed to explore on our own for a bit  ;)

eek... too short for blackjack!

Upon returning to our room to change for lunch, we found a complimentary bag from Princess waiting for us!  Diddl-Maus and I tried it out but decided that it was too big and not as comfy as the bag that Mom brought along for us.

On our way to the dining room we came across a display for a traditional English pub lunch.  We weren't going to eat here, but I couldn't resist posing with some of the beer cans, much of which were taller than me!

Afterwards, there was a fruit and vegetable carving demonstration that Mom wanted to see, but Dad would rather walk around some more so I kept him company.

see how pretty the plaza is? that column to the right is an elevator...

When we met up again, we were told that next on the list was a game of Trivia with other passengers, a Clash of the Titans movie, the gym, the hot-tub and eventually a comedian show tonight.  Wow... so much for taking it easy today!

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Ketchikan, AK, USA - 24th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Ahoy everyone!

The ship rumbled a bit this morning and found out that we have docked and now securely moored in Ketchikan.  It's quite wet outside and it rained for most of the day while we were in town, but luckily Mom decided to bring us along in her pack today.

We stopped by the visitor's centre to pick up a map for a self guided walking tour, tightened up the laces in our runners, and we were off!

We walked through downtown first, then through Creek Street where there is an old series of board walks that surrounds a river that's just swarming with salmon!  Then we took a hike up Married Man's Trail and took a ride down the fenicular.  Unfortunately, we didn't take much pictures of me through town because I wasn't feeling too well, so I let Diddl-Maus take the limelight for this one.  Make sure to check out his travelog for pictures!

downtown Ketchikan
outside the Sapphire Princess...

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Tracy Arm, AK, USA - 25th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Brrr... G'morning everyone!

Mom and Dad woke us up really early this morning as we were slowly navigating through the Tracy Arm.  It's a rather winding route and it takes a rather confident captain to pilot a ship this size through this course!

It was terribly foggy as we approached the Sawyer Glacier and it was difficult to make anything out.  The bridge didn't dare bring us any closer due to lack of visibility, which was unfortunate :(  Dad told me that when they went last year at this same time the ship was able to approach as close as half a mile away!  Oh well, better luck next time maybe  :)

...pretty darn foggy!!

We managed to snag a quick pic of an errant iceberg on our way back out and enjoy the beautiful scenery as we began to make our way towards Juneau.  You can't see it, but the mountains on either side are supposed to be composed of quartz which is supposed to have a calming effect on you.  I have to agree with that!


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Juneau, AK, USA - 25th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Ahoy again!

Wow, the weather really started to clear up as we headed closer towards Juneau!  There were beautiful patches of blue and sunshine peaking out from all the clouds and you can hear and see all the helicopters that are flying overhead.

We watched a movie and then had a nice long soak in the hot-tub before getting ready to head off the ship.  It was 2pm when the ship was safely moored and we all walked off with our sunglasses on  B)


Because we were all feeling pretty mellow, we didn't attempt to join in any excursions today and decided to just poke our heads into the many establishments and did some souvenir shopping.

a little patch of garden centre...

Although we won't be disembarking this port until closer to 9:30pm, we headed back to the ship early to have dinner and go in for another soak in the hot-tub  ;)

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Skagway, AK, USA - 26th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Morning everyone!

Another early day today!  We're docked in Skagway and had a nice big breakfast before getting off the ship to register with the tour company at 8:30am.  Mom and Dad are taking us for a bus ride to the Yukon... I'm so excited!

We had to register a full hour before the actual tour began so we had a bit of time to kill.  Some of the stores weren't opened yet and the town was pretty quiet... but we managed to keep ourselves entertained and Dad even bought a few tshirts.

"Camp Skagway"... the Arctic Brotherhood Hall building.  It's surface is made of driftwood.

...pretty darn quiet...

Tlingit totem

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Carcross, YT, Canada - 26th August 2010

By: Fukumo

And I'm back!

We've settled into a small shuttle with about 7 other Americans (not including the driver) and a couple from Israel!  Mom told us that they had originally wanted to rent a car and drive out to the Yukon Territory themselves but found out that there's an old Canadian law that prevents Canadians from driving non-Canadian plated cars back into the country... how ridiculous!

Skagway is about 15 kms away from the Canadian border, and we had to quickly blitz through a bit of British Columbia before reaching the Yukon line.


The drive is incredibly beautiful!  My parents said it was actually a good thing they didn't end up driving so this way they could enjoy the sights as well  :rolleyes:

As we drove through BC, we pulled over onto the side of the road because there was a black bear down in the gulley eating a goat.  The driver didn't allow us off the bus for security reasons, which was fine by me!  And we didn't manage to get any good pictures of it because it was too far.  Oh well  :rolleyes:

We went as far as Emerald Lake, but backtracked and settled in a small town called Carcross.  Just north of it was an attraction site called Caribou Crossing and that was where we had lunch.  Then we visited the museum which had a ton of stuffed animals (REAL animals... not the plushy sort!).  Some of them were a bit too scary for me so I didn't take any pictures with them, but Diddl-Maus sure was fearless so make sure to check out his travelog if you want to see the scary animals!  To make up, Mom took me out to play with the little Husky puppies.  They are so cute even if they're bigger than me  :o


We also stopped for ice-cream cones before making a quick stop at the Carcross Desert, which is considered the smallest desert in the world!


It wasn't long before we had to all get back into the bus and make our journey back into Skagway because our ship was due to sail out at 4:30pm!  Crossing the border was a breeze and it even tried to snow when we reached the Alaskan summit (only about 1300m in elevation).


The shuttle dropped us off at the edge of the pier and we raced to the very end where the ship was moored.  We had about 15 minutes to spare when we finally got in line to get back onboard.  But we weren't the last ones on so that was good!

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At Sea, Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean - 27th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Ahoy ahoy!

Finally we were able to sleep in!  After a nice leisure lay in, Dad went to grab some coffee while we got ready for the day.  It was another day out at sea as we slowly made our way towards Victoria, BC.  The sun was shining and the skies were absolutely beautiful above us!

We sailed along the east side of the Haida Gwaii (aka the Queen Charlotte Islands.)

We took a nice walk around the ship's promenade to enjoy the rays and feel the nice breeze.  Nothing really lined up today, but Mom told me that we would most likely be hitting the gym.  It might not be a bad idea as they keep feeding us so much food on this ship!  ;)

you can just make out the southeast coast of the Haida Gwaii amongst the clouds...


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Victoria, BC, Canada - 28th August 2010

By: Fukumo


This morning started off with an Alaskan buffett with lots of yummy baked salmon and sushi!  Then we went to watch an ice-carving demonstration and watched Iron Man 2 in the theatre.

We're expected to arrive in Victoria by around 7pm this evening.  We were actually making really good time but had to really slow down because we weren't due to meet the pilot until 6pm.  And because we will be the largest ship at dock, we also had to moor in last  :rolleyes:


Our pilot was quite talented and steers the ship in BACKWARDS!  It was really neat watching this enormous structure turn around!  The ship on the right is the Oosterdam and on the left is the Pearl from the Norwegian Cruise Line.

My parents decided not to get off the ship here as they have been to Victoria before.  Instead, they decided to take us out to our last nice dinner onboard and then we began to pack so that our luggage would be ready for pick up tonight.

Tomorrow morning we'll arrive back in Seattle where we'll make our drive straight home.  It'll be a long day tomorrow, and while I can't wait to be able to sleep in my own bed again, it'll be sad for this holiday to come to an end :thinking:

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Williams Lake, BC, Canada - 2nd September 2010

By: Fukumo

Hello everyone!

After coming home from our family trip in Alaska, I got to know my new friend, Diddl-Maus, a bit better and had fun chatting with him.  Then this morning my Mom informed me that she had made arrangements with TaisAfinskaia to host me all the way out in Russia!  :o


I've never been so far away from home before!  I was terribly nervous and even contemplated hiding, but Diddl-Maus assured me that everything will be okay and that I will have the time of my life.  That made me feel better and suddenly I was feeling much better about this.

I gave Mom and Diddl-Maus a big hug goodbye, and Dad gave me a manly handshake.  Soon, I was placed inside an envelope and and the next time I pop out to see daylight again it'll hopefully be at my new host's home!

I'm in eager anticipation!


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Moscow, Russia - 25th September 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
I`ve arrived in Moscow! Actually as I could feel I was there already on Tuesday, but Maria`s house I reached only on Friday.
The first place I asked to take me was Red Square - the mosct famous place in Moscow.
You can see many tourists here. I was very tired, so I made only one picture to make you believe that I`m with my host, took a train and went home :)


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Moscow, Russia - 29th September 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
We visited Kolomenskoe:

Kolomenskoye village was first mentioned in the testament of Ivan Kalita (1339). As the time went by, the village was developed as a favourite country estate of grand princes of Muscovy. The earliest extant structure is the exceptional Ascension church (1532), built in white stone to commemorate the long-awaited birth of an heir to the throne, the future Ivan the Terrible. Being the first stone church of tent-like variety, the uncanonical "White Column" (as it is sometimes referred to) marked a stunning rupture with the Byzantine tradition.

It is really nice there and we were lucky - weather was great for Russian autumn and people were walking trough the park with pleasure.


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50 km from Moscow, Russia - 2nd October 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
I spent nice week-end at the country-side. Maria has a small house there, the weather is not yet so cold, but leaves are already yellow and bright!


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