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Travelog for: Nils

Lüneburger Heide, Germany - 24th August 2013

By: sannah

Hi there!

Yesterday was fun! I met many other toyvoyagers and had a picknick sitting on blankets in the Lüneburger Heide or Lunenburg Heath. But it wasn’t a toyvoyager meet-up, we all met because our hosts are participating in postcrossing, too.


But the scenery around our place was really really beautiful – have a look for yourself!


Isn’t the heath beautiful in its purple blossom?


Soon I am going to travel to Switzerland – and meet another postcrosser.

All the best,

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near Zuerich, Switzerland - 28th August 2013

By: egni

Hi mom and dear Sannah

I'm in Switzerland now!

It was such a rainy day when I arrived and I was happy to came out of my envelope.

First I saw the two pets looking at me very curious. Egni introduced us and we make friends at once.
This a Miro.

This is Beauty. First she ignored me.

Than egni show me where I will live the next time.
I have my one little chair!
From the balcony I had a look around and than we went to the garden to take some pictures as a memory to my first day here.

After a short powernap we take the bus and I accompanied egni to the thrift short, where she had to work this afternoon.

She show to me all the poor and lonely bears, still waiting for a new mom.

A big koala bears asked me, to cuddle with him.

That's enough for the day, I'm so tired and egni lay me down to sleep.
Big hug for you mom. Good night.

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In the garden, Switzerland - 29th August 2013

By: egni

Today we stayed at home. Egni and her hubby were busy in the garden. So I walked around and found a lonely little deer.

I say him "Bamby". It is so cute.

Later on I had to help them putting a net over their grapes, as the birds and wasps are biting them and than they will addle.

It was a hard work, but we all were happy after all.

Tomorrow there will be a surprise. But we will come back very late, so I think the next letter from me will come on saturday evening.

Good night mom, big hug!

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Sankt Gallen, Switzerland - 30th August 2013

By: egni

Gruezi! That is swissgerman and means hello!
Today egni and all her former fellows had a trip to Sankt Gallen by bus. The weather was fine and all people twaddled a lot, it was a great noise around.

Sankt Gallen

Arriving in Sankt Gallen we had an interesting guided tour in the areal of the monastery. First we visited the great and impressive library. Unfortunately is was forbidden to take pictures, because the very old invaluable books must be protected from to much light. This is the cause, that in the old openend  bibles, shown in glasscases, every week another page is to be seen.

Afterwards we had a look to the minster, with all it's ceiling frescos, wonderful benches and carved confessional boxes.

Ceiling fresco

Confessional box

We heard a lot dates and names, but I can't remember, it was to much information to me.

On our walk through the old town we saw a lot of old patrician houses and jugendstil windows and oriels. Sankt Gallen is a very nice town.

The most beautiful oriel.

After dinner, our group started to the "Fliegereimuseum Althenrein". There are lots of old aircrafts to be seen and all what have to do with the flying. Some of the planes can be chartered for an hour or so. Surely with a pilot.




I like this one most, mom.

This is the emergency equipment, the pilot take with him, if he had to eject.

Sure it was interesting, but only the men where exited. The women listened and look to the pretty pilot who gave the instructions  :rolleyes:.

An interesting day and I'm very tired from all I have seen.

Good night.

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Stäfa, Switzerland - 31st August 2013

By: egni

Today there is a fleemarket on the place by the parish hall.

Egni hopes to sell some of the things, she don't need.

Ready to go! All we take with us, is on this little transport trolley.

There were many stands, but less people to buy something.

Most of our things, we had to take back home. We were disappointed.

But anyway it was interesting to see and meet lots of people. All the time egni get hugs from other women, they laughed together and we had an amusing day.

Lots of love, mom!

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Uerikon, Switzerland - 2nd September 2013

By: egni

Egni and her hubby have so much to work in the garden. I must go to help.
Today they want to paint their old fence. It really looks bad.

Before painting!

We had to work the whole day. First the garden gate was refreshed and I must say: I looks very good. Next picture shows the difference.


Before and after painting!

In the evening we were very satisfied and tired.

Good night Mom!

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Meilen, Switzerland - 3rd September 2013

By: egni

Tomorrow Egnis hubby has his birthday.  And she don't have any gift till now!
So we went outside searching for a CD from Amy Macdonald. Her music pleased him very much.
But sadly we don't find one. Nothing, nowhere! What to do? We had to think about the great problem and a rest on a very special bench.

Do you ever sit on so much money, Mom?

Wish I could send it to you.

Love you, Mom! Bye for now.

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Männedorf, Switzerland - 6th September 2013

By: egni

Today the thrift store where egni sometimes goes for helping, celebrates its "Sommernachtsfest". All the helpers had to ware clothing from the store. They had many attractions, for example a great tombola.

I could help selling the lots and giving out prices.

On my walk through the store I took a rest in this nice doll's pram.

We had a lot to do and all the people were enjoying the warm evening.

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Konstanz, Germany - 11th September 2013

By: egni

Today we went to Konstanz, a beautiful town near the border to Switzerland.

In the train.

Slowly arriving at Konstanz mainstation.

And we are! I'm curious what to see today.

Postcards, of course! We had to look and egni bought some for her stock.

I learned, how to cross the road safely! Very important for a little bear.

Look, mom, they had a house just for me. "Zum weissen Bär" it's called. So cool!  B)

This is the "Wiener Kaffeehaus".

But we don't want to drink something. It was very cold, because the wind blows from the Bodensee. So we went to the station, after egni had given her envelops and lot of cards to the postoffice.
Have a safe journey!

Bye, mom, love you!

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Bathroom, Switzerland - 18th September 2013

By: egni

Help, help  - oh Mom, egni will to bathe me. She thinks, I'm very, very dirty. She took away my clothes! But I don't like bathing. I fled on the faucet.

But of course she found me there.  :(

The water was warm, and there was many lather. Oncemore I tried to escape. But without results.

I was scrubbed from top to toe, than I was dried, and after my clothes were ready too, I feel like Nils again.

And now, Mom, egni told me, that tomorrow we are going to Vaduz, together with other women. That's why I have to be a clean and proper little bear. Now I understand.

Write tomorrow againg.
Bye Mom.

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Malbun, Lichtenstein - 19th September 2013

By: egni

Mom, look at me, how clean and propper I am now.

All the women were excited about me. I'm a little bit proud.

Today we went to Malbun.

The weather wasn't good, so we went into a restaurant for lunch. I was so hungry.

One of egnis friends feeds me with some bread.

It was very nice decorated and the candle shone warm.

At last all had their meal - it was delicious!

Than we went outside, looking and listening to a falconer, who showed us his birds of prey. The greatest one was the golden eagle, 30 years old and great in hawking.

The falconer and his golden eagle.

They are waiting for their performance.

After the show the sun began to shine, so we had a great look into the mountains around.

On the way home I was asleep from all I had seen and from the mountain air. It was a great day!

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Männedorf, Switzerland - 22nd September 2013

By: egni

Today there is Slow-up at the Lake of Zurich. There are many activities along the street.

I go to a fleemarket with egni. We want to sell lots of things to earn some money.

I helped her, setting up the stand.

Also on the stand besides egni, there is still much to do.

After we had made some money, we get hungry.

So we went to the cake buffet - jummy.

In the later afternoon we were happy having sold lots of books and other things. So we had a heavy purse!

Fleemarket is so great!

Bye mom!

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Hombrechtikon, Switzerland - 6th October 2013

By: egni

Today we need some culture. So we went to a nearby village to see and hear "Madame Pompadour", an operetta. Before taking place in the hall, I had a look around outside.

This is an old railway station, which now houses the young persons from Hombrechtikon in their free time.

And this poor man is locked-in for ever. I had to go to console him.

We were welcomed with this placard. And as it was forbidden taking pictures inside, I only can show you the following.


Picture from the dress rehearsal

Than we went to our seats enjoying a very good performance.

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Lucerne, Switzerland - 11th October 2013

By: egni

Hi there
Egni and her friends have their playing afternoon in Lucerne. As we arrived, the hostess received us with coffee and sweets.


Than they began playing, and playing, and once more playing.

I was bored, so I saw over the rooms and found some nice places.

Riding around the world.

Looking to the postcrossing postcards and games.

View from the balcony.

And there I had a little rest, till we are going home.

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Zurich, Switzerland - 13th October 2013

By: egni

Hi Mom
Sun shines bright and we have decided going to an exhibition of a friend.
He is a artist, painting cats and mouses. The exhibition was in Zurich in the "Kronen Gallerie". On our way I had to look so much, as it is my first visit to Zurich. I noticed much water and much churches.


St. Peter seen from the "Grossmünsterplatz" and near the Limmat.


"Fraumünster" church


I climbed up the "Grossmünster" church, but it's only a small model  :rolleyes:!

On our way I had to look at this little lane. The painting was interesting.

Autumn tree.

Finally we reached the exhibition from two contrasting artists. There were lots of exhibits to be seen. We raped with the artist, egni bought some for her collection and than we say goodbye.


Artwork by Doris Ray.


Cat paintings by Hanspeter Ehrat.

On our way to the station Egni showed the Limmat to me.

It was a fantastic adventure and now I had to go to bed, dreaming about all I have seen today.

Bye, mom, hope your are well! Please write me soon!

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