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Travelog for: Nils

Männedorf, Switzerland - 26th October 2013

By: egni

Hi there
Today we are going to the autumn-market. The thrift store is trying to sell some nice packages, they made with the things they have in the store.

I think, there are many nice things and in the end we sold more than 50%.

Look here!



And next door an elder Lady offered her handmade patchwork things.


We had a very nice morning there.

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Männedorf, Switzerland - 27th October 2013

By: egni

Today egnis friend is celebrating her birthday in a lonely forest hut. About 50 people will come to eat, play, do conversation, laugh, eat again, drink something and so on.

Some impressions for you all!






83 postcards, sent from 34 postcrossers all around the world to congratulate nissemor.




The rest of the meal, ready to be taken home by the guests.



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Grenchen, Switzerland - 31st October 2013

By: egni

Hey world!
Today egni and I travelled by train to Grenchen, for visiting an other postcrosser you works there. On the way egni finished a pair of wristlets and I helped her to sew the last yarns.


Ready! They are pretty, aren't they?

Than we meet Joanna and I made a gift to her. Do you guess, what it was?


Yeah! She is wearing the wristlets and she cuddled me. She enjoyed our gift were much.

More in the evening.


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Stäfa, Switzerland - 31st October 2013

By: egni

In the evening I attended egni and her hubby to a special theatre. Young people performed "Frühlingserwachen" from Frank Wedekind. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take picture during the performance.


We had little time before the beginning. So I check out the seats. They are not very comfortable.


We took the chance to talk with the stage director and drink a glass of vine with him.

Than the young people started her performance. It was gigantic. After coming come, I had to go to sleep.

By mom and to all reading this.

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Ürikon, Switzerland - 3rd November 2013

By: egni

Grüezi woll!

As the weather is so bad, egni and I planed a kitchen-day.


First we look for the weather. Raining!

The cat is still ill and won't go out!

We decided to make the stollen for christmas.


First we had to choose all the fixings. Looks good I think.


Than we prepared the sponge.

During we were waiting we had to weigh the exactly fixings.


Look, what happend to the sponge!

We had to work hard to mix all the things, formed it and than - in the baking oven.


At least we had baked 12 stollen and were very tired.
Bye for now.

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Basel, Switzerland - 8th November 2013

By: egni

Hey Mom
Egni and husband are going to have some vacation days and will go by ship from Basel CH to Koblenz DE. They give away the dog for a few days and than we started.


We were welcomed in our cabin. Nice, isn't it?


The weather was fine, so we had a look around on the MS Edelweiss.

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On the Rhine, Germany - 9th November 2013

By: egni

The first day the ship had a long travel to Wiesbaden. So we had enough time for sitting in the Lounge.


We ordered something to drink in the bar.


We were writing lots of postcards. Yes, yes, yes - postcrossing anywhere.


Egni was knitting!


Or reading and drinking coffee.

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On the Rhine, Germany - 10th November 2013

By: egni


Somewhere on the Rhine


It's raining in Bad Breisig

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On the Rhine, Germany - 11th November 2013

By: egni


Swiss evening on MS Edelweiss


Our drinks during the crew show.

The crew members showed us some feats. They have many of great talent. Do you know, what one can to with a normal towel?



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On the Rhine, Germany - 12th November 2013

By: egni

Some more pictures from our trip!




Every time we leave the ship, we had to take our shore leave card with us and put it on the panel again, when we are back.

It was a wonderful trip!

Soon it's time to go back to Germany. One week left and than I say good bye to Switzerland.

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Uerikon, Switzerland - 18th November 2013

By: egni

Hi Mom
I'm so sad!  :(

My last day with egni in Switzerland ...!

Last time going to the mailbox and bring the card to egni. Luckily I brought her only nice ones.

Last travel by bus.

Bye bye Stäfa.

The circle is closed: beginning and farewell.

I huddle into my travel bag. Bye egni! Don't cry. You will see my next adventures soon. Don't forget to look here.

Germany I'm coming!

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