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Travelog for: Pammy

Vääksy, Finland - 26th March 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!
Yesterday we; Mandy and me went to Lahti and visited library, where our host Susanna works. This year Susanna is home, because she started her studies. But we want to see how her working place looks like.

In first picture you can us outside library. Then we went to see book stock in library's cellar. Patrons usually can't go there, but we were able to go there with Susanna.

I will write again  :D

Take care Mom!

From: Pammy


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Lahti, Finland - 8th May 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

We have been sooooo busy here. Our host has to move back to her home town Lahti very suddenly. And we helped her the best that we can (me and Mandy). And there were lots of things to do, boxes to pack and unpack. Now almost everything is on it's place here in Susanna's new apartment.

We also visited in Seinäjoki again. Here are some pictures from there. You can see me in front of church called Lakeuden Risti. It has been designed by famous finnish architect Alvar Aalto. White bell tower is 65,2 meters high. And we went to little square - Aalto square. All the buildings around that square are also designed by this Aalto.  Seinäjoki is nice little town and we have fun there.

Take care mom, and have nice mother's day!



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Lahti, Finland - 23rd May 2010

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I'm so sorry we haven't updated for so long. And Susanna sends her sincere apologies too. Well we have been painting walls and cleaning cupboards and lots of other things in here.

Then we take some pics from Susanna's new home. First you can see me outside, building back is where we live now. Apartment is at sixth floor. I took a peek from balcony, but Susanna kept close eye on me so I was quite safe. And she won't let me go alone to balcony, so don't worry mom.

Now while we are at Lahti Susanna promise me, that we go and see city more often, can't wait.  ;)

Take care Mom!


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Pentney (Norfolk), England - 8th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hello Mum, I hope you are well...

I've arrived in the UK and met my new host today...my previous host sent a lovely postcard and some chocolate along with me :)


...and as luck would have it another parcel containing TVs turned up today too... it was two TVs who had travelled together, Apelsinas and Tobbi..... we are already making friends and looking forward to our adventures together...


Well, I just wanted to let you know I arrived safely, I shall post again soon - you should see the weather here Mum, its been raining and thundering today! My new host assures me that occasionally they do get sun in this country though  ;)

Speak soon,
Pammy x

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Kings Lynn (Norfolk), England - 10th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hello Mum,

Today my host had to pop into town (Kings Lynn) for a course...
I decided to accompany her just incase there was any opportunities
to explore the area. Im not too impressed with the English weather
I've seen so far though.. it kept raining on and off all day!  :stare:

When my host had finished her course we took a wander to Kings
Lynn Docks.... Here is a statue of Captain George Vancouver ...he
stands overlooking the river ''Ouse''... 


We stopped on a bench overlooking the river for a while ...


..before continuing to walk around Kings Lynn... we came to Saturday
Market Place which is an area with some lovely buildings around it...
This one here is the 12th century St Margarets Church, part of it had
to be rebuilt at one point due to a big storm in 1741...


....If you look closely here you can see this buildings ''Moon Clock''
it reveals the phases of the moon as well as the time of high tide in
Kings Lynn...


Opposite the church is Kings Lynns Guild Hall....Its a very pretty
building as you can see :)


Well mum, we are coming back to Kings Lynn again tomorrow so
I hope to see a little more of the town then.

Keep your fingers crossed for some sunny weather this weekend
for us - Exploring in the rain isnt quite the same!

Miss You,
Pammy x

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Kings Lynn (Norfolk), England - 11th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hello Mum,

Today we were back down in Kings Lynn and we started
from the place we left off yesterday and continued walking
around the town. Not far from St Margarets Church is
some gardens....


...the building you can see in the background is the back of
the town library, the front of it looks a little like a castle!


In the middle of these gardens stands the Greyfriars Tower
which is really tall and has an archway to walk under it... it is
one of only 3 of its kind left in England now! ..Here I am
outside the tower and then under the archway....


Our next stop was ''The Walks'' which is a very well-kept
beautiful park just outside the town centre...



...The further you walk into ''The Walks'' the prettier it gets....


...This is the view after walking through the archway...



Look - ducks! :)


...I really enjoyed our walk, there were so many pretty trees,
flowers and rivers to see.

We had to head home after this but I have one more picture to
share with you ...

..this is me in front of the field that is next to my hosts house....
all the flowers are starting to spring from the ground now its
getting warmer (if not sunny-er!)...


Well, thats about all for now mum.
I'll post again soon.

Take care,
Pammy x

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Pentney (Norfolk), England - 15th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hello Mum,

I hope you are well, sorry you havent heard from me in a few days.... Well we did get a little bit of sun at the weekend but it didnt last long unfortunately... and although we made the most of it and went to a BBQ in a local village we sadly didnt get a chance for photos  :( ... the food was yummy though!!!  :p

My host is feeling a bit more optimistic about this weekend.

Well, today I have been to the local swimming pool with my host...its only a short walk from her house ... Tobbi, Apelsinas & I helped pack her bag with the things that she needed, then we hopped in ourselves just for the journey..


....When we arrived in the changing rooms, us TVs decided it might be best to keep away from the water... we didnt want upset owners if one of us fell in! ...We decided to stay and talk in the locker....


Well mum, I shall be in touch again very soon..
Hope you are having better weather than we are!

Love Pammy x

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Peterborough, England - 18th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

Today I've been to Peterborough, we had to go on a double decker bus to get
there... my host let us sit on the top deck to look out of the window during the
journey as it was quite a long way...


..We had to go through another town to get there, called Wisbech. This is a pretty church we spotted on the way through this town..


...we had to make a stop in Wisbech to pick up more passengers at the bus station there..


...As soon as we got to Peterborough we took a walk around the shopping
centre... my host bought a couple of postcards as well as a little gift for me
to bring home after my trip here.


After stopping for lunch, we took a wander outside the shopping centre
and found these fountains...


...we then took a wander through the archway pictured in the background of
the photo above and found this enormous building, Peterborough Cathedral..


..Well mum, my host is planning a trip for us to the seaside tomorrow if the
weather stays dry...

Until then, Pammy x

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Great Yarmouth, England - 19th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hello Mum, how are you? good I hope.

Today we ventured down to the seaside at Great Yarmouth.
Our first stop was at the Sea Life Sanctuary.... I spotted some


...I also saw crocodiles, a sea turtle, clown fish, starfish, jellyfish...
infact loads of kinds of fish.... including this shark!*gulp*


.....After our visit there, we made a stop at the world famous Harry
Ramsdens fish and chip restaurant... from our table we had a good
view of the promenade.


..with our tummys full we then took a wander on Britannia Pier... as
you can she the sea was very rough..


....the beach looked a bit more peaceful though.. i think it was too
cold and windy for tourists!


Well I better be going, its Fathers Day tomorrow and Apelsinas,
Tobbi and I are going to help our host wrap her dad's present.

Bye, speak soon :)
Pammy x

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Terrington St Clement (Norfolk), England - 23rd June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi there Mum!

Today my host had to go over to her nans house so she could look after the dogs
while her nan was out for the day... she has six dogs so I thought she could use my
help and I went along with her.

It was a very hot day so we spent some time in the garden...


Here is one of the dogs we was looking after, his name is Sid.

The other dogs? Well, there was two chihuahuas called Daphne and Henry,
two Yorkshire terriers called Pebbles and Percy and Daisy May who is a
very excitable border terrier 


...outside in the garden we said hello to a very fluffy bunny rabbit too....


...before we sat down in the garden to have lunch, Apelsinas, Tobbi and I shared a meat feast pizza...



Well Im back at home now and feeling a little exhausted as it really
was very hot today..phew... off for a nap i think...

Speak soon, Pammy x

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Pentney (Norfolk), England - 28th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

The weather has changed for us this past week, its starting to get very
very hot.... we have took my hosts dog for a walk today but we will
probably spend alot of the day indoors out of the heat... just thought
I'd show you the view from my hosts bedroom window today...


Well speak soon mum,
Love Pammy x

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Castle Acre (Norfolk), England - 29th June 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hello Mum,

This evening, as the weather was warm and sunny, we decided to
go for a walk through the nearby village of Castle Acre... we followed
the route of the river...


...until we saw a big building in the distance...it was Castle Acre Priory


My host said it was apparently a building shown in the 1964 horror
film 'The Tomb of Ligeia' which starred Vincent Price!

We walked towards it for a closer look....



It was a really pretty building. My host said during the day you can
pay to go inside it but unfortunately its surrounded by electric fences
during the evening so this is the closest we could get!

...I still enjoyed my countryside walk and seeing it :)

Speak soon, Pammy x

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East Walton (Norfolk), England - 4th July 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,
I hope you are well and enjoying your day :)

Well, we were in the village of East Walton today... we took a stroll
through one of the fields there and made our way to the river.....



...our host had a paddle in the water but said it was freezing so Apelsinas, Tobbi
and I just sat on the bridge and enjoyed the sunshine for a while - after
all I didnt want to get myself wet OR cold!


...on the other side of the bridge the plants hid the river...


We saw a huge very old tree trunk on the way home so all went had had a climb up it for a group shot before venturing back indoors out of the heat to cool down!



Speak soon x

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Hunstanton, England - 10th July 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

Me again and wow, we are having some lovely hot weather here lately!

Today we ventured down to Hunstanton, a beach on the Norfolk coast
to soak up some sun.... here I am once we picked our spot on the beach...


...Then to my surprise I saw a shark coming towards us... it came straight out of the sea on to the sand! My host explained it was actually a boat called 'The Wash Monster' which takes tourists on little sea trips to see seals.



...Well, Ive been picking up a bit of a tan...but im back indoors cooling down now...

Until next time, Pammy x

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Pentney (Norfolk), England - 14th July 2010

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

Tobbi and I have been saying our goodbyes to Apelsinas today who is going home soon
to see his owner for a while. Here we are wishing him a safe journey...


After our lovely weather at the weekend we have been having some rain over the past
couple of days....but I hope to post again soon... :)


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