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To see football stadiums as much as possible.

To collect photos at unknown places.

To make other TV-parents happy.

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Travelog for: Hermann

at home, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

We took this first photo of Hermann in our living room with a special pillow to sleep on.


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Football pitch, Neumünster - 20th November 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

Today we showed Hermann the football pitch in our suburb where my son played football this morning. It was very foggy and cold, bbrrrr......and we lost the game 1:4......


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Volkspark-Stadion, Hamburg - 20th November 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

Today in the afternoon we showed Hermann our favourite football stadium, the Volkspark-Stadion in Hamburg. He was very proud to be there, because our team won the match against 1899 Hoffenheim 2:0.


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Neumünster, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

WOW! Cessy from Austria invited me to visit her in Vienna! So I will go and pack my things to make my first experiences on this journey.

Maybe it´s possible to go first to Vienna and the immediately to Berlin, because Baerliner invited me too.
When my mummy wants to visit the big Olympia Stadium in January she could pick me up in Berlin....I have to ask Baerliner if its possible.
Now I want to look if I get a box which is big enough for me..... ;)


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Neumünster, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

First I want to go to Vienna as you can see....


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Neumünster, Germany - 24th November 2011

By: HSV Maskottchen

And next to Berlin to visit Baerliner if he agrees with!?


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Vienna, Austria - 14th December 2011

By: Cessy

Hi my dears at home,
i arrived after a long long trip in the dark envelope
at my first station in vienna and was welcomed
very heartily:


my hosters are crazy for football too:



i look forward to next weekend. We will visit the stadium of the footballclub rapid in vienna hütteldorf. I am already very excited.
In the meantime love and kisses to you.

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Vienna, Austria - 16th December 2011

By: Cessy

Hello my dears,
i am really excited and happy! Last weekend i had a very interesting trip with my hosters to several football stadiums. First we visited the home of RAPID WIEN in vienna hütteldorf. The weather was not really pleasant, nevertheless i had much fun.





You know hans krankl, michael konsel and peter schöttel? Here i could see some pictures issued at the RAPIDEUM (we only could look through the shop window)





Then we entered the official fan shop of RAPID WIEN:


So many things i saw there, incredible, look, so many footballs and tshirts and pennants and hundreds of other stuffs:




There i also met few RAPID bears, i asked them if they would like to become toyvoyagers too, travel to hamburg and visit the fanshop of HSV but they preferred to stay in vienna ;-)



Unfortunately we could not go inside the stadium, it was closed. But fot the moment i have seen enough, i am tired and happy to go to sleep. On Sunday we will make an other excursion.
Send you many greetings you will meet me here soon ;-)

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Vienna, Austria - 18th December 2011

By: Cessy

Hello, here i am again with my itinerary. On Saturday i only had the mind to chill and recover from my arduous trip of Friday.
Yesterday the travelling programme includes an other visit of a football stadium in vienna.
But first we went to the *Höhenstraße* (a street on the suburbs of vienna with nice fews of the city)


Later we arrived at the stadium of WIENER SPORTCLUB in the 17th district.

It was closed too but we had good luck. We met the groundsmen and he allowed us to get inside and look around:



Yes funny, this part oft he stadium is called *Friedhofstribühne* and all the fans of WIENER SPORTCLUB take seat here. It ist he part of the platform where the *Graveyard Wien Dornbach* is located behind the walls, look:



Here we are on the *Donauinsel*, in the background you can see the roof of the *Ernst Happel Stadion* (Praterstadium before 1992). It is used for football matches as well as for concerts of famous artists (for example The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Herbert Grönemeyer ……)


On the way back home to my hosters flat with the underground

I send you all my kisses and regards

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Vienna, Austria - 2nd January 2012

By: Cessy

Hello my dears,
again i had exciting days in vienna.
on christmas day i had to wait a long long time to see the christmas tree:



Time flies and suddenly new years eve wants to be celebrated.
We had a delicious meal, a meat fondue with many sauces and other extras



Later at twelve o clock i got a slug of sparkling wine orange




Do you know the convention of lead pouring? It is a funny thing.
You have to melt a piece of lead in a spoon over a candle and throw the liquid in a pot filled with cold water. In doing so, interesting shapes are arising. In shape and form of this figures you can guess your luck for the following year. I had made a ship. Can this mean that i will travel over the oceans in 2012???  :rolleyes:




Today we made jaunt tot he 10th district of vienna. There is the footballclub AUSTRIA WIEN at home




But what a disappointment , the fan shop was closed because of inventory! I think we have to come here again next week.

I send you many regards, see you (some time)

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Vienna, Austria - 11th January 2012

By: Cessy

Hi my dears,

today i had another fine day in vienna. My hosts and i drove again  to the fanshop of the footballclub AUSTRIA WIEN in the 10 th district. I was very excited and could hardly await to arrive there. It was not allowed for me to operate the car by myself and was required to fasten the seat belts.



Finally we reached our target and went in to the shop. Not only fan items i saw there but also i could visit an exhibition of the history of AUSTRIA WIEN with all the trophies and awards.









See me here with the violet mascots ;-)


Tomorrow i have to leave vienna to be at home in time not to fail the important football match of HSV ;-))

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Vienna, Austria - 12th January 2012

By: Cessy


today was the moment to say goodbye to my hosts and vienna. Together with the office mascot Nana i could have a look on the map for the route i will travel now


Then it was time to go in to the box. Nana kissed me farewell. Few hugs and wishes for my safe trip home. Good bye vienna


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Neumünster, Germany - 13th February 2012

By: HSV Maskottchen

After a long journey our loved one Hermann is back at home. He´s proud to reached Germany without any problems!
And it was sooooooo nice in Austria he told us! His first trip out of home was so exciting, no one can emagine! All these nice photos! Hermanns mother was a long time in hospital for a big operation at her back, so its al little bit late for this update. But as you can see, we took some photos at home, to show, that its here winter as its best.
We want to say thank you for your great hospitality dear "Wiener"!!!And thanks a lot for all the nice gifts! We love you!


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Neumünster, Germany - 20th April 2012

By: HSV Maskottchen

Dear friends,
after a long time staying at home I will travel to Paderborn to visit Mefito. I´m very excited, because I never was there before. I hope, that my guest-parents are very nice to me - I think that´s normal! I will miss my family and the two cats Cindy and Gutschie, but I´m also looking forward to new experiences.


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Paderborn, Germany - 21st April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hallo Mummy and brother!
Today I reached Paderborn! I was very excited sitting in my dark packet, but when I came out I saw a lot of friendly faces and a "Welcome Hermann"- sign! I jumped out and showed them my little presents and especially Mefito was absolutely wild with my presents, because he is HSV football fan as well. And imagine, my hostmum's husband is HSV fan, too, so I almost felt like being at home!
This afternoon Mefito and I listened to the radio and gave us a long hug: one point for Hamburg!
Monday morning Mefito will start to you.
All the best, yours Hermann

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