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Travelog for: Drescher

Linz, Austria - 15th July 2013

By: Mausbären

Hi there!

The last few days we were so buse, we hardly found the time to update. This now will also be only a short entry- but the next one's coming soon, promise! ;)

We had a blast at a lake in Linz, where we went swimming, and played cards a lot- it was such a great time.

Then host mum told us that a surprise was waiting for us. I'm going to tell you about it in my next entry  ;)
Love, Drescher


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Vienna, Austria - 23rd July 2013

By: Mausbären

Hi there!

So what was this surprise host mum was talking about??? :stare:

Guess what- we were about to fly again!

And this time we were even going to fly to another country, namely to Slowenia, to go sightseeing for a day! :D

So we had to look at the flight map of slowenia, in order not to fly into the airspace of ljubljana city. (We were going to Portoroz, which is on the coast of slowenia. ;)

Then we had to look for the shortest way to go from Vienna to Slowenia- of course we wanted a direct, which would mean that we would not have to fly past certain points, but go directly to Slowenia- but, because you can never be sure to actually get one, we had to look up our waypoints.

Then we fueled the plane- and up we went ;)


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Up in the air, Austria/Slowenia - 23rd July 2013

By: Mausbären

There we were again- up in the air!!! :)

It was so great! I enjoyed myself so much even though we did enjoy slightly less spectacular views than last time, because we did not pass any of the high mountains.

Yet instead we did enjoy the beautiful and simply stunning view of Slowenia's coast from up above- it was truly wonderful :cyclops:


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Piran, Portoroz, Slowenia - 23rd July 2013

By: Mausbären

Oops, I just realized I forgot to add the pictures of what we looked at in Portoroz, which even though only a few, are well worth seeing  :cyclops:

So, this is the city of Piran, which is so nice to look at. I enjoyed it very much :D


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Vienna, Austria - 26th July 2013

By: Mausbären


i think I just spend the scariest night of my whole life!!! :o

We asked host mum if we could stay the night in a haunted place, as we really wanted to see ghosts- well, spoiler alert- we did not, right there and then, but now on the pictures I see that we were indeeed surrounded by ghosts :o - so scary!!!!

The night itself was also quite frightening, because right as we sat down at the fire, Cilly suggested to tell some ghost stories- The others were quite fine with that, and I did not want to admit that I was already kind of freaked out by sitting in the middle of nowhere with only a small fire to give us at least some light  :(

Well then in the middle of the story, we suddenly heard a really loud, really scary noise- I decided to hide as quickly as possible- well, I was really surprised that I wasn't the only one, Mr. Curious, Cilly and me, all of us hid behind Susy, who might be the smallest, but also seems the bravest of us all.

Of course Mr. Curious urged us to go and see where the noises came from- because frightened as he was by them, he was also quite curious about them. So we went to a strang, and frankly uite scary looking house. I thought we were going to get haunted for the rest of our lives by the spirits that lived in there. Well, but luckily, there weren't any spirits, but A.Piglet, another toy, who had chosen to camp out there- we asked her to join us, and she did.

So at least something very positive has happened- we all found a new friend :D


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Vienna, Austria - 2nd August 2013

By: Mausbären


Today we visited one of Vienna's rivers. You can't imagine how surprised we were when we saw a pirate sitting on a raft in the middle of it. As it turned out Störte, the pirate had been traveling by ship to Vienna, but lost it somehow- but not even this could stop him from getting to Vienna ;)

Then when we found a real pirate ship, he even trained us- it was so much fun! :D


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Vienna, Austria - 8th August 2013

By: Mausbären

Hi there!

As you cannot go the Austria, without hiking the mountains (you know those are the mountains where "Sound of Music" takes place), we hiked one of them today, namely the Rax, which is one of the highest mountains near Vienna.

Even though it was exhausting to get there, it was also very welcome, because we could escape the heat of Vienna (104 degrees Fahrenheit), and also enjoy the great view from up there.

It really impressive and beautiful!


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Vienna, Austria - 8th September 2013

By: Mausbären

hey there!

Sorry I didn't update for such a long time, it was quite busy here in Vienna. However, last week I was part of some of the best party I have ever been to.

It was a dress up party, and each of us dressed up just perfectly. I was a flower, Mr. Curious was Batman, Susy was a ladybug, Cilly was Mickey Mouse, Störte the Mad Hatter, and Mr. Moose dressed up as Harry Potter.

We had a very good time, especially when Störte shared his booty with us. We celebrated until we fell asleep- which was what Cillly had been waiting for. She decorated each of us with a Cheshire cat grin, and then took pictures.... :mad: 

Well, but I guess I do look funny with such a big grin  ;)


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Vienna, Baumhaus (Treehouse), Austria - 28th September 2013

By: Mausbären

Today we went to the Baumhaus, which is a large indoor playground, which has trees in it, even though it is inside :o

We had lots of fun there climbing trees and ladders and stones- and even one chestnut (even though none of us can tell you how we got up there- it is kind of a mystery to us) ;)


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Vienna, Austria - 1st November 2013

By: Mausbären

hi there!

For my last day in Vienna we really visited the Vienniese Central Cemmetry. The Vienniese  traditionally have a reputation for being in love with death- so it does not come to much surprise that they have lots of songs about this cemetry and also lots of stories.

Fact is that this cemetry is really lovely because it consists of many historically significant parts, like the jewish cemetry, which is the most beautiful one, and also 3 other parts.

The Jewish Cemetry is left all natural, and many animals, like deer and foxes have found a place to live in there. That makes it look not only beautiful, but also quite fairy tale like. It is truly beautiful.  :D

Greetings from Austria,


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