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See a panda bear up close.

Pet a deer stag.

Play under falling snow.

Visit a hot spring in Japan.

Walk around in a big forest and bring an acorn from it back home.

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Travelog for: Robito

North Bay Village, FL, USA - 5th September 2007

By: marina

Hello everyone! My name is Robito. I'm a bunny rabbit and I live in Miami, Florida. I've only lived here for a couple of days, having moved recently from California. My new Mommy found me on eBay and now I live here with her. I used to spend all my days and nights on display inside a cramped, little acrylic box. It's a relief and a pleasure to finally be able to romp and hop to my heart's content!

I want to relax and play at my new home for a week or two before going out into the world to make new friends and see new places.

Today I accompanied my Mom to work. Later in the evening I had a little picnic in the bedroom. I will have pictures up soon, so please keep an eye on my Travelog!


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Miami Beach, FL, USA - 5th September 2007

By: marina

I will now begin logging my first little adventures in and out of the house. I like to write little notes on my photos, but as I have no hands and must hold the pencil with my toes, my writing isn't very good. Please bear with me!

When I first arrived at my new home, Mom was just about to go to work. But she took me out of the box and let me into her bag so that I wouldn't be lonely or at the mercy of her cats, with whom I have yet to get acquainted.

I sat quietly while she worked. After a while my tummy began to growl, so Mom went out and got us both a snack from Starbucks. It was very good! After that I was so full that I slept all the way home inside of her comfy bag. Mom said there was a horrible thunderstorm on the way back, but I didn't hear a thing...


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 5th September 2007

By: marina

Back home, I spent a few hours exploring my brand new home. I quickly worked up an appetite again, so I had a little picnic of lettuce and crackers in the bedroom, beneath the night-lamp. I even had a jar of mayonnaise that was just the right size for me!

It was pleasantly cool in the bedroom and faraway thunder could still be heard. I had a nice, relaxing time. Now, I'm ready for bed.


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Miami Beach, FL, USA - 6th September 2007

By: marina

I went to the office where Mom works again today but she was too busy to pay any attention to me. It was also very cold, so I snuggled inside her hat and napped until it was time for us to go back home.


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 6th September 2007

By: marina

This evening we walked to the gas station where my Mom's mom works. I went there inside a bag full of interesting smells. The bag had a little wooden gourd filled with yerba mate (a herb, kind of like tea) and a bunch of freshly baked cheese buns wrapped in a cloth. I sat on top of them and came out all warm and smelling of cheese!

They let me drink some mate too. It was just a little bitter but very good. It also had a lot of caffeine, so I feel very energetic right now. Hop!  :cyclops:

Looks like next week we'll be going to buy a few things for me to take along on my travels! I don't know what it will be yet, but I can't wait!


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 6th September 2007

By: marina

As I was sitting on the drawing board today, watching Mom ink one of her comic book pages, I decided to grab a pencil and try my hand (er, foot) at drawing a little. I used an index card that was laying around and had a good time.

I think I'm pretty talented!  ;)

I'm now looking for hosts (see forum post here.) Like Mom said there, I hope to visit Japan, Latvia and to see castles, mountains and walk around a few forests. My Mom has never seen an acorn except in pictures, so it's one of my life missions to bring one home to her as a souvenir. Maybe I'll collect acorns from all over the world. Won't you help me?


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 7th September 2007

By: marina

Yet again I went with Mom to work today. This morning she took a photo of me outside for the first time. But, she seemed mortified and troubled and was looking around all the time as she snapped the pictures. If a car stopped nearby, she suddenly looked away from me as if she didn't know me!

I'm kind of offended now... :( But she said she just has to get used to this and can't help it.

I heard I'll be going to The Netherlands soon, so I'm very happy and looking forward to my trip!


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 7th September 2007

By: marina

I went to Hollywood with SaruMaru and Mocha today. I'd heard a lot about these two but had yet to meet them. It was nice making new friends! Oddly, Mocha's feet look exactly like mine...

We went to IHOP together and Mocha and me shared a little cup of half-and-half, which was delicious. I also got to ride a car for the first time, and it was very exciting. I was a little frightened at first, I must admit. But Mocha and SaruMaru seemed at ease, so I soon relaxed too and enjoyed the scenery. The night was so beautiful and full of lights! I even dreamed of them that night.

Speaking of which, SaruMaru and Mocha are sleeping over at my place for a few days. Since I'll begin traveling soon and won't see them for a while, I'd like them to have something to remember me by. I'll ask Mom to take me to a store so I can buy a gift for them before they have to go back home.


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 9th September 2007

By: marina

After I pestered her for a while, Mom agreed to take me to Michael's to buy some gifts. I chose a yellow visor for SaruMaru, which he liked very much. Mocha seemed sad I didn't give him anything. I felt bad, but I didn't want to spoil his surprise!  :thinking:

I'm making a sled for him. Well, Mom bought me the unfinished sled, but I'm painting and decorating it all by myself. I really like Mocha. He likes to draw, just like me, and his feet look the same as mine. So I want to make him a special gift. I hope SaruMaru won't be jealous!


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 12th September 2007

By: marina

Whew! I've been so busy being a good host that I haven't had time to write. Not only are SaruMaru and Mocha staying at my place but a new visitor arrived recently--a friendly, well-mannered mouse named Vince, who brought his little son Vinnie along. So I was quite busy making sure they were comfortable and had good things to eat after their long trip.

Also, having finished painting Mocha's sled, I gave it to him. The delighted look on his face was worth all my hard work!

I couldn't be happier if it wasn't for one thing, or rather one certain individual. See, Mom had promised me a new friend, someone who'd live here with us and maybe go on travels of his own. This new guy arrived at the same time as Vince, but from the moment he came out from the box it was quite clear that something was not right. He smelled really bad. I didn't even see him because Mom took him away too quickly, to give him a bath. Vince did see him, though. He told me not to judge this newcomer by his looks, that surely he must be a friendly guy, but he was smiling somewhat nervously as he said this so I didn't feel very reassured. I had a bad feeling.

Well, today I finally met him. He's a warthog that Mom has decided to call Jacovino. Does that mean he's staying? I do hope not! Like me he has no arms or hands, but that's were our similarities end.

He doesn't smell bad anymore--now his strong flowery, soapy smell irritates my sensitive rabbit nose instead. All I can tell you about him is, he's a perfect jerk! He stole one of my new hats and walked all over my photos while I was looking at them. He began playing with them as if they were toys! I'm so upset!

Apparently he's been spending his time sitting on a box under Mom's bed and so we hadn't seen him until now. I hope he goes back down there and stays there forever!  :mad:


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 14th September 2007

By: marina

Mom hadn't been paying much attention to me lately. It was OK because I had my friends to play with. Still, I can't wait for the new bead-chain for my Travel Tag to come in the mail. Mom says I can't travel under the tag is safe on my neck. I have nothing to do but wait. I do have to wonder, though--has she realized I don't really have a neck...?

Anyhow, today she finally played with me a little. She brushed my fur, too, and then gave me a surprise: a pretty purple bag in which I will travel, a big laminated card with my photo, ToyVoyager ID, list of missions and her contact info and also a little notebook that I can use however I like. I have decided to collect signatures in it; those of the nice people who will host me. That way I can always remember them!

Afterward, Mocha drew my portrait. He's been drawing everybody: SaruMaru, me, Vince and Vinnie, and... Ugh. That nasty, mean Jacovino. I guess he and Mocha are fast friends now. Hmpf. Vince said that it seemed to him as though I was being the mean one. Of course, that isn't true! Why doesn't anybody understand? Jacovino is... He, well... He doesn't... Or rather, he does--ah, who cares! I don't like him, and that's that.

At least my portrait came out good, though it doesn't look that much like me...






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Miami Intl. Mall, Doral, FL, USA - 16th September 2007

By: marina

I went out with SaruMaru, Mocha and Vince and Vinnie today. We went to Miami International Mall. My Mom bought stationery to write nice letters to my hosts in and lots of stickers to put on my little journal.

So many preparatives... I wish my bead-chain would come in already! I'm so excited to travel somewhere--anywhere!



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Aventura, FL, USA - 18th September 2007

By: marina

Yesterday I went to that mall Vince told me about--Aventura Mall. It sure is a big and fancy place! I'm glad I'm getting to see more of the area where I now live before I go to The Netherlands to visit Dorenda. Speaking of this, Mom said I'll likely be leaving sometime next week.

Anyhow, I saw a funny, bizarre statue that you can see in the photos below. Vince and Vinnie also got their picture taken on it when they visited this mall. They also had their picture taken with the statue of a crocodile, but somebody was sitting on it so Mom couldn't take one of me. Frankly, I was a little relieved, because it was a pretty scary thing! Even if it was just a statue... :thinking:

This time, on the bus, I didn't have to stay inside Mom's bag. I sat on her lap and I soon fell asleep there while she softly stroked my head. It felt so nice!

Something interesting is going on here, by the way. Vince has met a nice girl mouse that has already been over at my house to share a snack with us. She's a very pleasant girl, so I'm happy for Vince. :)








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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 19th September 2007

By: marina

What a happy surprise I had today! I'm so thrilled! :stare: My good friend Palmito, with whom I used to live in California back when I was part of someone's Puffkin collection, showed up at our doorstep this morning. Mom hadn't told me that she had bought him, too, so I was truly surprised--and happy!

Palmito is very good-natured. I know I get angry about things easily. What I like so much about him is that he always manages to appease my temper with such ease, without making me feel bad. And he's so good at cheering me up. Back when we lived together and we had to be inside of those cramped, little acrylic boxes all the time, Palmito would make funny faces at me from inside his box whenever I was sad or bored. He made the hours pass more quickly and my empty days more bearable.

Now he's going to live here with me. I couldn't be happier!

I even feel like going to see Jacovino and introducing him to Palmito. Maybe I will... :rolleyes:





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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 22nd September 2007

By: marina

I had fun today playing with Shampoo. She's rather small, very furry, and cuter than Stimpy, I think (though when I introduced them, Palmito liked Stimpy better.)

It is hard to get a photo of her; she is annoyed by the camera and usually doesn't want to. But today, she allowed her photo be taken with me beside her. So right now I'm the only one she's taken a picture with. How nice of her! :)


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