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Go to a fun Halloween party.

Go trick-or-treating with a bunch of kids.

Visit five different zoos.

Go aboard a big, luxurious cruise ship.

See a great, big waterfall.

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Travelog for: Palmito

North Bay Village, FL, USA - 19th September 2007

By: marina

Hello! My name is Palmito. It is the Spanish word for "heart of palm."

I used to be part of someone's collection (the same one as Robito) and have just arrived at my new home in Miami, Florida, today.

I'm a little black monkey who loves making others laugh, no matter what it takes--I don't care if I make a fool of myself so long as I manage to cheer my friends up and put a smile on their faces. Like any other monkey, I enjoy climbing on things, especially trees (though of course there are no trees in the apartment where I live, so I climb on the cat's carpeted condo or on the bookshelves!) Despite having no arms or hand (just like Robito) I can climb anything with ease! ;)

I just love eating sweet things. Cookies are my favorite treat! I really like candies, too, so Halloween if my favorite season! I hope I can go to many Halloween parties, and even better, go trick-or-treating with a bunch of kids in cool costumes! Of course, I'd need a costume of my own... :thinking: Perhaps Robito could help me make one.

I would like to visit zoos in different countries. I hope to make many friends as I travel around the world!


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Miami Beach, FL, USA - 20th September 2007

By: marina

Today I went somewhere for the first time. :) Just like Robito, my first little adventure was a visit to the studio where Mom works. There wasn't much to do other than sit beside her and watch her work on the computer, though. I was a little bored until it was time to have our snack. Then I ate until I was ready to burst! After that, I just slept inside Mom's hat.

When I woke up again, I was back home, on the couch. I had been awakened by the noise my friends were making while preparing the table for their evening snack. So I joined Robito, Vince, Vinnie and Viviana (the little girl-mouse who lives somewhere in this building and was visiting us yet again) and ate with them. I ate and ate until I was ready to burst--again. :rolleyes:

Now I'm sleepy... Where is that hat?




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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 22nd September 2007

By: marina

Yay! I'll be going to a Halloween party in Oregon next month! Mom just told me. Maybe I can fulfill one or two of my missions. Also, it looks like I will meet a lot of monkeys there! And, along with them, Robito's good friend SaruMaru. We will be traveling to Oregon together. How exciting!

Mom already made a costume for me. I will go as a superhero! Later I will put it on and see if Robito can recognize me. I'll bet he won't be able to tell it's me. ;)

Today he took me to meet one of the housecats, Stimpy. Stimpy sure is fat and mellow. But I heard he wasn't always this way. Lately, it seems, he's been getting lazy and very loving, much more than he used to be when he was younger...


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 24th December 2007

By: marina

What a good time I had with all my monkey friends in Oregon! BunTraveler was such a wonderful host to both SaruMaru and me. And she gave us all those goodies for the trip back! I must say I didn't have much left over by the time we got home... SaruMaru saved all of his, though, probably to share with Mocha. Right now we're keeping it for him since he went to China to meet with his Mom and Mocha. Of course, I don't know where it's hidden, or I would have eaten it already... :rolleyes:

We have a beautiful Christmas tree. I'm having fun climbing it. Robito and me played with Shampoo a bit today, then we raided a little basket that had lots of chocolate coins, Hershey's kisses and candy canes in it. I prayed a little by the Nativity and then we both went to bed.

Everyone, hope you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!  :)


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