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To see Malta again

To go for a picnic in the woods (Teddybears love picnics)

To dance like my idol Fred Astaire

To go for a boat ride

To celebrate a birthday with a new friend

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Travelog for: Fred Abear

London, England - 3rd September 2007


By: Kat

Toowoomba, Australia - 25th November 2007

Fred Abear arrives.jpgFred\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\November 179.jpgNovember 184.jpgNovember 194.jpgNovember 199.jpgNovember 200.jpgFred Abear1.jpg 

By: crizle

Brisbane, Australia - 18th January 2008

boat ride.jpgour ferry boat.jpgthree on a boat.jpgsomeone new.jpgsomeone new.jpg 

By: crizle

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia - 18th January 2008

Christmas friends.jpgFred loves Christmas.jpgToys New Year.jpg 

By: crizle

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia - 20th January 2008

Fred with Lavender.jpgGroup hug farewell.jpg 

By: crizle

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