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Travelog for: Dieuwerke

Essen, Germany - 26th October 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello everybody,

today we just had a lazy day. And nobody wanted to cook something. So we called a pizza taxi and they brought us some nice food.
We ate a cutlet with fries and as a dessert there was an apple pie made by BlackCats neighbour. It was really nice.

Have a nice day,



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Essen, Germany - 29th October 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :),
BlackCat was very stressed this week, so we just stayed in bed, watched TV and read a book. It was a nice week and we were really excited, because of our plans for the weekend. You will see later.

Have a nice day,




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Norddeich, Germany - 1st November 2008

By: BlackCat


today BlackCat met a pen pal at the North Sea and we went with her. BlackCats pen pal was really nice and we had a lot of fun during the day.
We visited a rescue-breeding station for seals and saw a lot nice things there. I will show you the photos.


A big crab on the floor of the rescue-breeding station (not real).

A bird which is eating rock worms. Not real, too ;)!

A rock worm, isn't it nice? ;) not real, too xD!

A skeleton of a human and of a seal. Can you see the difference?

A beach chair :)!






A ship on the middle of the street, just standing there...:)

The North Sea


And the dike :)!

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Pilsum, Germany - 1st November 2008

By: BlackCat

After visiting Norddeich, we drove to Pilsum. There is a nice light house where a famous German movie was made. The "Otto" movies were made there.
It was already dark and it started to rain, so we just have one photo.
Hope you like it,


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Essen, Germany - 7th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Today we welcomed a new guest. Margarida arrived from Remscheid today. Such a sweet bunny. We are good friends already.





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Essen, Germany - 9th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello Mum,

today we went into the forest which isn't far away from BlackCats home. It was a nice walk there, although when we had to walk a little bit faster at the end, because it was getting dark already.
We saw a lot nice places and we made some photos for you. I hope you will enjoy it :)!


This is me sitting at some mushrooms :)!





That's a lorry of the former coal mine Katharina. The coal mine is closed for a long time now and not a single building is left. But the lorry should remind us of the coal mine.

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Essen, Germany - 13th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello mum,

today we welcomed Sunshine, a TV of BlackCat, back at home. She is a real Sunshine and we talked a lot about her travel. She was in Portugal for a long time.
I hope we will become friends.



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Essen, Germany - 14th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Today we watched Domino Day in TV.
Domino Day is a world record attempt for the highest number of falling domino stones, organised each year by Endemol Netherlands. Together with Robin Paul Weijers, also known as Mr. Domino, parties team up to set a new world record.
They really had nice pictures, even if I can't show you right. The TV is not good for nice photos - I am sorry.
HERE you can read something on Dutch.

Lots of Love,



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Essen, Germany - 17th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello everybody,

today was our washing day. BlackCat but all the dirty clothes in a big laundry basket and we sat us on it. We had a nice view when she took us to the washing machine.


When we arrived, we looked at the washing machine. I saw the empty washer drum. Nothing was inside.



BlackCat said, we should put the washing powder inside. We looked where and we found the box for the washing powder at the machine.



Then she put the clothes inside and started the machine. We looked how long it will need and then went back into the living room.


When BlackCat put the clothes into the dryer, we weren't allowed to go with her. She said, that she had put one toy in the dryer without washing it before and we didn't want to go with her, anymore.

It was a lot work, but it was nice.


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Essen, Germany - 18th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Today we had to help BlackCat making some things ready for her birthday tomorrow :)! It was nice to help her in the kitchen.
She wanted to make a marble cake and muffins. We helped her with the muffins and with the dough for the marble cake. When she was ready with the marble cake, we were really tired and slept. So she didn't make photos of us with it. Just with the muffins.

We started with the muffins. We put the dough into paper muffin cups.


They were put on a baking dish. We put it into the oven.


When they came out, they were ready. And they smelled so nice.


Then we started to make the dough for the marble cake. I part the margarine into 2 pieces. We need 250 gramm of it and in each package there are 500 gramm. So I part it with a knife.



I put it into the dish.



Tilda and Margarida added their ingredients and BlackCat mixed them. It was really nice :)!



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Essen, Germany - 19th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Before celebrating her birthday BlackCat went to Steele with us. We visited the christmas market (which was closed while we were there - it was too early). But we have photos for you because you can't close this piece of the christmas market :)!

This sheep wanted to eat me. I am sure. But BlackCat didn't give me to it.

A donkey. Its a girl - called Dalari. She was so sweet.

A funny comic with a seagull. Isn't it nice?

When we waited at the bus stop we saw this police car. When the police men were away, we made some photos quickly. BlackCat said, that we aren't allowed to make a photo of a police man.


Then we went back home.


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Essen, Germany - 19th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Before the guests arrived, we made a photo with the birthday table. You can see the marble cake, the muffins and some cookies of BlackCats grandmother (but you have to look really near).





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Essen, Germany - 20th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Today we had a boring day. But we helped BlackCat making some postcards ready for postcrossing. We choosed them. What do you think?!





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Essen, Germany - 21st November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

It is snowing outside. We looked outside the window and it was snowing.
It was so nice. Now it isn't snowing anymore, but they said in the weather forecast, that there will be more snow tomorrow!





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Essen, Germany - 21st November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

When we saw that it was still snowing outside, we asked BlackCat to go outside with us. We were really happy, when she said Okay.
So we went outside, while it was dark already.
We built a little snowman and sat down on a stump. It was really nice sitting in the cold snow.




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