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Travelog for: Dieuwerke

Essen, Germany - 22nd November 2008

By: BlackCat

Today I was allowed to sit on the breakfast table of BlackCat and her boyfriend. I was not alone, Tilda and Margarida were with me. We sat there and we were allowed to eat a little bit of the bread rolls. They were really nice. We talked about our plans for the next week and about what we all have seen already. It was so nice.



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Essen, Germany - 23rd November 2008

By: BlackCat

BlackCat was away all the day long and we had a lot fun being alone in the flat. When she came back, she helped us in her bag and we went out in the garden of her mum. She wanted to show us something. When we arrived there was a lot snow and some nice things we were able to see and make photos with!


That's the birdhouse of her mum. Really nice :)! My size - but too cold.

That's a reindeer decorated with a chain of lights. But they weren't on.

A terracotta snowman. Isn't he nice? :)

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Essen, Germany - 24th November 2008

By: BlackCat

It was snowing the whole day, but BlackCat wanted to go outside. So she put us in a warm bag and we drove to Burgaltendorf. That's a part of Essen, where a castle ruin can be found.

We went there and we had a lot of fun making photos in the snow :)!

A field in front of the castle ruin.







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Essen, Germany - 25th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Today we went shopping with BlackCat. In the centre we found this nice deco. We have just one picture, as it was too dark for more. I am really sorry.


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Essen, Germany - 26th November 2008

By: BlackCat


today a big envelope arrived. We all sat around it and looked at it carefully. BlackCat said, it could be a new ToyVoyager.


So Margarida listen, if she could hear something. And there was someone speaking with her: "Help me off, please!" The voice said.


Everyone gets afraid of the envelope, but BlackCat opened it a little bit and I took a look inside...it was dark...but then...



I saw someone. It was Berkeley. I asked him to come outside.


So, Welcome Berkeley!


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Essen, Germany - 29th November 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello Mum,

I have to say goodbye today. It was really sad. We all take a hug and I didn't want to go in my envelope. But BlackCat wants to take me to the post office soon. I hope I will arrive at my new destination soon and in a good condition.






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