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Travelog for: Maisymoo

Plymouth, UK - 4th July 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

This is me getting my official tag to become a toyvoyager. 


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Plymouth, UK - 4th July 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

Babylonie and i went on a few trips so i can get used to being a toyvoyager before i go to my first host. 

We wanted to ride in the pushchair we got in and were all ready when Kitty told us the baby has to sit in there and we had to go in her bag.


First we had a look at the water feautres in her cuty and they look so inviting we wanted to go for a swim but we weren't allowed. 



We found out why when Kitty toom us into a shoe shop.  We both tried on shoes but none of them fitted us.  We were both quite sad but Kitty told us we look fine without shoes anyway. 



After we posed for some snaps by the sundial (which is enormous)



We went for some lunch, a scrummy ham and cheese roll with almost a bucket of lemonade!!



Finally we went home and enjoyed a nice sunbathe, in the late afternoon sun. 


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Plymouth, Uk - 4th July 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

Monday we went wool shopping, i got to press the button for the lift to take us to the basement of the shop where the wool is,  I pressed the wrong ones but I did get the right one in the end.


I had to climb a mountain of wool in a basket and throw down the roght ones Kitty wanted to Babylonie. Two white


one dark green


one dark pink


All done.  can i come done now? 


Phew i didn't like up there. 


Time to pay for things and go home,  we've got needles and wool.  Kitty gave us the money we needed to pay for everything. 


We got our change and a bag for our stuff, now we can go home. 


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Plymouth, UK - 8th July 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

I'm looking forward to leaving on thursday although Kitty won't tell me where i'm going.  She said it's to be a surprise.  For a special treat she took me and Babylonie to play bingo.  Babylonie was a bit dubious at first but when she saw lots of young people playing we went straight to get our tickets.


I told Babylonie the numbers and she marked them off, we got so close we wanted two numbers. 


So Kitty let us play different bingo using plastic boards, we even won!!


We were so shocked we both fainted!! Kitty found this quite funny  :stare:


Before we went home we met the little witch Kitty had made for her mum.  She's really cute and Babylonie thought Kitty should make another into a toyvoyager.


And as we are making dinner tomorrow Kitty i want Mac cheese ok.  :D yummy. 

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Plymouth, UK - 12th July 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

Kitty has finally uploaded the pics of us making Mac cheese and i have to say we did a brilliant job and it was gorgeous, mmmmm yum yum. 

First of all we had to cook the macaroni and i brought it over to Babylonie  and we put it in the big dish. 


Babylonie  gave it a good stir while i got the cheese sauce


We added the cheese sauce and yet more stirring



We had to bounce on some packets of ready salted crisps for the topping after Kitty had grated some cheese on it.  Babylonie Thought this was great fun but at the end i felt a bit puffed out so i won't be doing it again too soon  :thinking:



Kitty covered the rest of the mac cheese with the crips we crunched and put it in the oven. When it came out it looked lovely and we got first tastes mmmmm yummy. 
For all our hard work Kitty gave us a huge bowl between us and we scoffed the lot!!!  :p



I think i'll join Babylonie for a nap before i get my posting envelope ready.  Kitty still won't tell me where i'm going it's not fair.  :(

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