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Travelog for: Ape Apina

Löbnitz, Germany - 29th December 2012

By: EuroMaus

On Saturday we took a walk around the villiage in which host Mum´s parents are staying. Its really small..but we found some animals like monkey and goats there. Sadly we  had not much time to see the other part of the villiage.

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Nuremberg, Germany - 6th January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today was a great day. We took a walk to Kaiserburg ( Imperial Castle ). Its a very nice castle.
The best is that its in the middle of the city , so you have a very nice view over the old town and the whole city.
and we went through a dark gateway..uhhh how scary...
on the way back down we saw that miniuatur iron nuremberg..its actually for blind...don´t know how it should work...
While going to the bus stop we made pictures with the St. Sebald (St. Sebaldus' Church)
and the old town hall

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Nuremberg, Germany - 9th January 2013

By: EuroMaus

I have to leave tomorrow my host here in Nuremberg Germany. It was great to spend Christmas here and to see a little of Nuremberg. I found new friends,too. Nikita and Wink will stay longer here.
I said bye to them and i hope to see them one day again.
I will go to Finland . Yeaaah, my home country. I heared the city i will go is famous for glass. Hmmm. i am curius...
So i jumped in the envelope...bye bye...

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Riihimäki, Finland - 15th January 2013

By: milla444

Hi everyone!

Today I arriwed back to Finland, yey my homecountry! I have two host moms and they told me that I'm their first tv ever! Can you believe that? I'm so excited!

I had some tea and chocolate with me.

I also got to taste a little bit of that delicious chocolate. It was goood!

I got some BIG friends! They are all so nice.

It must be some kind of a destiny but this card arriwed today from Spain! My host moms are also postcrossing! Yey! I can help them.

I was a little nervous when my host moms told that we were going to a vet. IT was scary! The other dog in this family needed to get his shot. I felt his pain. He was so scared and I just wanted to hug him and we waited an hour! As you can see from Hachiko's face he didn't like it at all :(
And look mom I'm wearing a scarf so I'm not cold!

Now we are going to bake those thin pancakes! Yummy!


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Riihimäki/Järvenpää, Finland - 21st January 2013

By: milla444

Hi all!

It's been so much fun here and we have been eaten a lot of treats! Don't worry mom, I'm brushing my teeth..

Like I said at my last post we made some thin pancakes:



And finally they were ready and taisted delicious!


This was my other host mom's name day so we went to eat outside. It was a sushi restaurant in Järvenpää so we went there with train. It was really fun trip!





And then we made a cake to my host mom and guess what! There was banana in it! Yummy!

Are they all for me? :P

I mashed the bananas...

...and the cake was ready!

I got to taste it and it was GOOD!

And we also made these: lemon-white chocolate fudge!

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Riihimäki/HYvinkää, Finland - 25th January 2013

By: milla444

Hi you all!

I got some company couple of days ago. Huhn came here and we had a lot to talk about because we both have a long trip behind. IT was nice!


We also made a short trip to Hyvinkää. Again we travelled with train but this time only 10 minutes.





We saw some art at the train station!


And later that day we were writing postcrossing cards. I always like that!


I'm enjoying my time here.

- Ape

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Riihimäki/Kotka/Hamina, Finland - 17th February 2013

By: milla444

Hello everyone!
Long time no see and a lot of things has happened! We have had a great time with Huhn and we have become friends.

One stormy night at my current home Riihimäki.

We also went to the sightseeing in Riihimäki. This is a very small town so there aren't many big or important places but here is something:

The statue of a glassblower.  As I read before I came here Riihimäki is famous of glass. The second of two last glassworks was in here. The last one was in Karhula and it was shut down a few years ago. So now there isn't any glassworks in Finland anymore. That's sad.. And actually my host mom's dad was one of the last workers in the glassworks of Karhula! So my host mom knows a lot about that.

There is also a garrison in Riihimäki and it shows also in the street view.


Here also the trees has scarves!

Jaiks! We are high!! Don't worry mom I'm careful :) (notice the newspaper in the tree..)

The train statio from a little differen perspective..



And then the place that my host moms call "the duck pond" but now it's frozen so we didn't see any ducks 8(




Two weeks ago we got some company: three new mice! They were cute.


The whole pack of eight mice are getting to know each other.

(those two white ones with brown noses are a mother and a daughter!)

We also made a trip to visit my host mom's dad in Hamina and mom in Kotka:


We have only pictures fro inside because the weather was horrible 8(

mmmmh the fireplace was soooo warm






A bad picture but those are cows made of a scrap metal of cars.

The train station of Kotka.

And of course we had the Shrovetide!

And Valentine's Day:
muffins made on Geisha chocolate!

See ya! Bye!


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HOME in Jyväskylä, Finland - 8th March 2013

By: mmm105

Ape Apina is happily home now!
And he is ready for new adventures!

So, if anyone is interested to be a host for Ape Apina, send a message to mmm105, please.

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Hillcrest, San Diego, USA - 17th May 2013

By: Sarah Lynn

Hello Mommy!

I'm here enjoying beautiful San Diego! Look at the palm trees! I hope I can find one to climb soon, these ones are so tall!

I received a very warm greeting from the other Toy Voyagers and the resident cats. The cats are very friendly and greeted me with a hello kiss! I showed Shadow Cat, Alien Princess and Dille the tea I brought.

Host Mommy made us a nice tea with fruit to enjoy with one another. What a good day so far!


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Hillcrest, San Diego, USA - 19th May 2013

By: Sarah Lynn

Hi Mom! We went night time geocaching around Hillcrest! I loved looking at all the lights and people walking around! Each neighborhood in San Diego has a sign that lights up, this is the Hillcrest one! There is also a Dragon sign that lights up, the restaurant is long gone, but the sign was so loved, they left it there! There is also a place called "Chocolat" right next to the sign, everything they sell is chocolate! Ice cream, candy, shakes, anything really. HostMommy said we would go there to celebrate her birthday!! Its on May 29th!

One of the tiny geocaches was on a bridge near a grocery store. The special thing about this bridge is that it is a footbridge that crosses from Hillcrest to University Heights. The bridge is, in itself, a piece of art. There are beautiful pictograms on it and quotes from famous people on it. HostMommy said we'd return here to take pictures during the day.

The next bridge we went on goes above a major street and no one even notices its there. There is an adult item store and a residential neighborhood closeby. The tiny geocache was up there.

Ok bye Mom!


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Jyväskylä, Finland - 24th March 2014

By: mmm105

Ape Apina has arrived back home few months ago.

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