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Travelog for: Purple Tentacle

Death Valley, America - 20th July 2012

By: Shilo

Good Morning World and Mum.

Today we were not only leaving the Yosemite National Park, we were also leaving California and enter a new federal state called Nevada. Shilo told me, that my new territory called Death Valley is a desert and that it will be very hot there. Luckily we have air condition in our car.
But before we left, we had breakfast at the buffet. In front of the dining room we saw this black bear and we wanted to ride on it.


Outside we saw a lot of squirrel. They were playing around and searching for something to eat. I think they could be my new secret agents, because nobody would suspect them, while they were collecting information’s.


Then it was time to say goodbye to my beautiful Yosemite National Park. I had a great time here and I will come again when I need time to relax from my world domination tour.








On our way to the valley we stopped at this wonderful mountain lake. Mum this lake I a gift for you. Do you like it?



Later we stopped at another lake. This one was a lot bigger than the other and is called Mono Lake. But I think the one I had given you before is much nicer.



Here I am standing at the Padre Crowley Point. It is the memorial of the padre of the Desert. This reminds me, that I had to put up more memorials of myself in the future. I put it on my “to do list”.



After six hours we finally arrived at our hotel in Death Valley. It is really hot here, the others don’t like the Desert, but I am so strong that the heat didn’t harm me.



It is so hot outside that we didn’t want to stay outside too long. So we took the chance that the hotel had built a pool because they knew that I would come with my companions and went swimming. First it was a strange feeling to swim in a pool and have a look over the desert from there, but then I thought about it and liked it because it was worth a leader like I am.
We went out of the pool when the sun was going under. Even then it was very hot outside, but the others wanted to take some sunset photos and I wanted to make them happy.



On our way to the restaurant we saw this old fire truck. But it didn’t work, so I couldn’t need it.



It was cool to see Death Valley, but I am very happy that we only stay here for one night. The heat is to demotivating for the others and me.

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Grand Canyon / Grand Purple Canyon, America - 21st July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello World and Mum.

Today we stood up very early because we wanted to leave the Valley before it’s getting too hot. But even at 9 o’clock in the morning we have still around 100 °F / 38°C, too hot for such an amazing Tentacle like I am.
I am happy that we will leave here and hope that it will be a little bit cooler at the Grand Canyon. But before we will get there, we have a long journey from around 6 hours today. We will leave my Nevada and see the next federal state on my domination list called Arizona.
Good bye hot Death Valley. I think I don’t want to come back here.


On our tour we were looking out of the window, to control if our driver is taking the right way. I think he is doing a good job.


It was so hot outside and there were so many hills, that we had to make a break to give the brakes on our car the chance to cool down a little bit. Far away we could see a river, but I think it is too far away to walk there.


Oh no, on the horizon the sky is getting very dark. Some minutes later it was raining very strong and we couldn’t see much from the road. But with my help the driver found a save way through the thunderstorm.


After 6 hours we finally arrived at our hotel near the Grand Canyon. When we opened the door to our room I was positive surprised. It was the first time on this tour that a room fits my great personality, because it was not a normal hotel room, it was a suite. I leaded the others through this great suite.







This is our kitchen; it is small but it will fit for one day.




And here you can see our living room. We sat down a moment and watched a movie.





After the movie we drove to the Grand Canyon and watched the sunset there. It was really beautiful.






Today was a long day, but tomorrow we have more time to have a better look over my Grand Canyon.
So good night, I need my beauty sleep and time to think of a new name for the Grand Canyon like “Purple Canyon” or “Great Purple Canyon”



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Grand "Purple" Canyon, America - 22nd July 2012

By: Shilo

Good morning World and Mum.

I have slept very well last night; the bed in my great suite was very comfortable. While I was sleeping I decided to rename the Grand Canyon. From today on it will be called Grand Purple Canyon, I think it sounds fantastic, don’t you think so too Mum? Today we were planning to visit the Grand Purple Canyon again and have a look around my new beautiful piece of nature. At noon we want to move on to Page.
On our way to the Canyon we stopped in front of the National Forest because we saw this hard working bear. His name is Smokey and he helps the Park Rangers to prevent my forest from fire. I think he is doing a great job.



Then we arrived at my wonderful Canyon. We started our tour at the Village Route Transfer.




From there we took the shuttle-bus to the Trailview Overlook. Because the weather was so beautiful I leaded the others on the trail to the next Viewpoints. We walked to the Maricopa Point, Powell Point and Hopi Point. It was a distance from 1,5 miles / 2,4 km and I am very proud of my companions because they did very well on our walk. It was getting so hot while we walked around, that I decided to take the shuttle to the Mohave Point, so that the others had the chance to relax a little bit.








After a while it was time to move on to Page. On our way I told our driver to stop at the Desert View. Here I want to show you the old Watchtower; I could use to have a look over my wonderful Canyon




Before we left the National park, we stopped again so I could finally declare that this piece of nature is MINE, MINE …. MINE.
Mum do you think that the Canyon looks less impressive from this side, then from the viewpoints?


Yeah we finally arrived at Page. It looks like a tiny and nice Village. Our driver did a good job, while he was driving us here.
Tomorrow I want to take over the Antelope Canyon, but today I only want to relax a bit from this tiring day. So I told the driver to bring us down to Lake Powell, where we could enjoy the beautiful sunset.





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Page / Antelope Canyon, America - 23rd July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello World and Mum.

This is our eighth day here in America and I am just a little bit tired at the moment from my previous captures and the others seem to be a little tired too.





In the noon I want to take over the Antelope Canyon here in Page. Have I mentioned that this is the third federal state that I will take over? Because we have some time till noon, we went to my nice Lake Powel again.
We climbed around the rocks and after that I could relax from this tiring domination tour at the water and swim a little bit. The water was crystal clear and very refreshing, with the heat outside.



On our way to the canyon we stopped at the Horseshoe bend. Look Mum the Colorado River looks like a horseshoe here.  The others were too scared to go nearer to the edge, to have a better look at the river and because I don’t wanted to scare them I also didn’t go near to the edge.


Then we finally moved on to the Antelope Canyon. It was very impressive to have a look at this giant rocks and the light that shines on them. It is a perfect place for me. I am sure that the American Indian will find some rock formation that looks like me. It could be called “the great Purple Tentacle formation”





Here I am standing on the south entrance of the canyon. From here you can imagine how small it is inside my canyon.


After one and a half hours in the canyon it was time for us to move on. Today we will drive to Bryce Canyon. After a while I wanted to drive on my own, so our driver could take a rest. I am a great driver.




Then the others wanted to drive also, so we changed places and I took the chance to play around with the others in the car.


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Bryce Canyon, America - 24th July 2012

By: Shilo

Good morning world and mum.

We woke up in our cool country hotel near the Bryce canyon today. Bryce Canyon lies in Arizona; it is the next federal state on my America domination tour. Can you see mum, my domination plans were working very good till now.



Our hotel was cool because we had the feeling like we were on an old western ranch, inside and around the hotel.


After our breakfast buffet we drove to the canyon.  I am very excited to see what my new Canyon will look like. We started at the Sunset point and walked the 0,5 miles/ 0,8 km to the sunrise point.




From there I saw a trail, which goes down the canyon. This trail is called the Navajo Loop and it is 1,3 miles / 2,1km long. It is just a moderate hike so I had the idea to try it with my companions.
It was a steep way down my Canyon, but I had wonderful views from down here.





As a brave leader I will find out what will be behind this tunnel



Wow I found this great cave. We had a look around but we found no animals inside.



Mum I made this tiny squirrel to one of my secret agents. He will collect information’s for me from all the people who will go down my canyon.


Bryce Canyon is another nice Canyon in my collection, but we have to move on to the Zion National Park. Good bye my wonderful Bryce Canyon.


After a short trip we arrived at the Zion National Park.




First we checked in into our hotel and after that we drove to the Zion human history museum and from there took a shuttle bus to the Zion Lodge.  I wanted to visit the emerald pools, because I think it sounds very impressive, just like I am. We haven’t much time till sunset so we decided to take the trail to the lower emerald pools. Unfortunately it was so dry that the waterfall and the lake were mostly parched, so it wasn’t as impressive as I am.




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Zion National Park, America - 25th July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello World and Mum.

Today is our second day in the Zion National Park and I will use the time to take over the rest of the park. I started my domination tour at the visitor center and took the bus to the Temple of Sinawava. From there my companions and I followed the Riverside walk.



At the end of the trail I leaded the others through the riverbed and along the Narrows a short while. But we stopped when the water gets too high for us, because the drift was too strong to swim.



After this refreshing walk through the river we moved on to the Weeping Rock. It was very impressive here, because this rock really looks like it was crying. May be it is crying because I had to leave my wonderful new national Park to take over the rest of the World. When I think of it, this must be the reason.



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Valley of Fire, America - 26th July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello World and Mum.

My America domination tour is close to its end.  We are in Nevada again and we were visiting the Valley of Fire today. It is an extremely hot desert again, but with very interesting rocks and I will make it mine too.
This rock is called the Elephant rock. I think it really looks like an elephant. I will build a rock that looks like me too here in the Valley and it will be called the Tentacle rock.


Here we are at “the Cabins”. These historic stone cabins were built with native sandstone by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s as a shelter for passing travelers. Hmm I don’t think that they will be ok for me to move in here. They weren’t luxury enough for me.






Here I am standing in front of the Mouse Tank. Named for a renegade who used the area as a hideout in the 1890’s. Mouse’s Tank is a natural basin in the rock where water collects after rainfalls, sometimes remaining for months.


On the half-mile round-trip trail to Mouse’s Tank, we passed numerous examples of prehistoric petroglyphs like this. I could read them and there is standing, that one day a great and invincible conqueror in shape of a Tentacle will come to rule the world. This is speaking of me. :)


Here we are standing at the Rainbow Vista visiting point. I leaded the others up a short rock.








I wanted to leave a mark from me here, but I found no purple paint. So I decided to paint this sandstone rocks in the colors of the German flag. I think it looks great.


I really like the White Domes because they were very impressive, like I am. But I think I will paint them purple and rename them in Purple Domes.


Because it was so hot, we decided to move on to Las Vegas our last stop before we will return to Germany.  I think this highway looks like the ones, which you could see in American road movies.





Viva Las Vegas!!! Viva Me!!!


Our hotel is the Stratosphere tower. It looks so amazing huge from down here. I think it is the perfect hotel for my brand new headquarter here in Las Vegas. Because from here I have a great view over the hole city.


Mum here I want to show you see the view from the View platform on top of the Tower. Behind us you could see the Strip.



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Las Vegas, America - 27th July 2012

By: Shilo

A wonderful good morning World and Mum.

Today is the day when Las Vegas will become mine. Have you heard me… it will be mine….
After a great breakfast at the Mandalay Bay hotel, which was worth a leader like me, we visited the shark reef, which was build inside the hotel. I want to see if sharks could be the perfect pets for me.
At the entrance I saw this cool crocodile. I want one to for the entrance at my new headquarter.


This Komodo dragon was very disrespectful to me. I think he wanted to eat me.



I had the chance to touch a real ray. It was so cool and he feels like … hmm like jelly just like me. I think because of this we could be friends. Mum what do you think about a giant ray armada for my army? I have to think about it later, but I like the idea.


In this underwater tunnel and the reef connected to the tunnel, we saw a lot of different fishes and sharks. I also saw the big white sharks and a sawfish. The sawfish scared me more than the white shark, because his saw was so amazing huge. But he was too fast to take a picture with him, so I can’t show him to you.



Mum I took over New York. :)
Unfortunately it was just a joke, near to the Mandalay Bay hotel is the New York New York hotel. It really looks like a small version of New York. They even have a small Statue of liberty. But the color of the statue is horrible. When I take over the real New York I will paint it purple, this way it will look much better. ;)


Here I am standing on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Inside the hotel I had the feeling like I was standing on a street in New York. I took the chance to get used to the streets, so I will find my way through the streets, when I get to New York one day. 



Because it was so hot outside we had the idea to take the chance and visit an exhibition here in Vegas, so my companions had the chance to relax a little bit. We decided to have a look at the Titanic exhibition. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibition, but I can tell you that it was really impressive and sad to see all the beautiful things from the ship which lay in the see and to read about all the hundreds of people who died on the ship. It was such a nice ship, I like to have one too, but it has to be as luxury as the Titanic was.


Here I want to show you around my new Luxor hotel, were the exhibition was staying. The hotel looks like a giant pyramid and you have the feeling like you were in Egypt because of all the deco.













When its dark outside Vegas looks like a completely new place. Everything is really flashy, because there are lights everywhere. I really like my new town and I think you would like it too Mum. You could choose a hotel and I will make it a present for you.



But one of the most beautiful things in the evening is the view at the Paris hotel. Doesn’t is looks wonderful with all this lights?


Before we went to home to our hotel after such a great but exhausting day of capture, we stopped at the Bellagio hotel, because I wanted to show you this amazing foyer. I will build something like this in my bedroom one day, when I find a perfect house which will fit a special person like me.


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Las Vegas, America - 28th July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello World and Mum.

I am happy but also a little bit sad, because my American domination tour was a full success but this is our last day here in America and so I haven’t got the chance to take over more of America. But Shilo cheered me up, when she told me that I took over 4 federal states.
This evening we were flying back to Germany, but before we were flying back I have enough time to show you more from my cool Las Vegas.
After our breakfast we went to an M&M shop. It was a very big shop with 4 floors full with M&M’s and merchandise. Have you ever seen so much M&M’s in so many different colors? I was really impressed.



Mum I think I finally found my new house here in America. Here I am standing right in front of the huge Caesars Palace. It is the biggest hotel we have seen here in Vegas. It looks perfect for such an amazing person like I am, because it is the biggest hotel in Vegas and very luxurious.


This is a replica of the famous Trevi-fountain. It looks really beautiful. Mum I want to travel to Rome one day, to take over the city so that the original fountain is mine too.


Here I want to show you the Venetian hotel Shilo told me that this hotel really looks like a small version of Venice. When I saw these great buildings I decided to take over Venice too.




Mum can you see I have my own Pirate Ship. It is standing right in front of the Tropical Island hotel. I love this ship; I think I need more of them.


Before we leave we wanted to do one very important thing. So we went into a casino and played on a slot machine. I showed the others how to do it right and it made really fun.



Then it was time to say good bye to my beautiful and flashy Las Vegas.


When we arrived at the airport Shilo told us, that we had to wait one hour before our flight will start.  First we sat down to wait for our flight.



But it was too boring for us. So we had the idea to play some games to shorten our idle time.




Our return flight took 10 hours and we all were sleeping most of the time. The craziest thing is that we started in Vegas on Saturday evening and landed in Düsseldorf on Sunday evening. Because of that we all were really tired and went to bed as soon as we were home.

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Bochum, Germany - 17th August 2012

By: Shilo

Hello World and Mum.

Today was a very happy day because a new TV arrived here in Bochum. I was really excited when I saw the envelope, because I could need more companions.


Knöpfchen opened the envelope and out of it came a bee. Her name is Bzzzzz and she is coming from Finland.




She told us that she is joining the Long tome RR in which Knöpfchen is taking part too. We talked a while over our journeys and I told her about my planes to take over the world. I think she could be a perfect new companion for my plans.



Then she showed us the things, she had brought with her. After that we all hugged Bzzzzz to welcome her.




Then we went into the kitchen and took out some ice cream. I helped Little to cut the ice into pieces. Can you see the small butterfly’s on it? I am not sure if it wasn’t too girlish for a cool guy like me.





But the ice cream was very yummy, so I don’t care if the butterflies were too girlish.


Now that I have a new companion and have enough relaxed from my long American domination tour, I will start to take over more of Germany.

See you
Your great Purple Tentacle

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Dortmund, Germany - 18th August 2012

By: Shilo

Good afternoon World and Mum.

Today is the famous Festival of Lights in Dortmund in the Westfahlenpark. I want to use this chance to take over the park.
When we arrived in the park, we searched for the right place for our picnic and the firework in the evening. It was a great picnic and we had a lot of delicious foods. Have I mentioned that I am a great cook?





After this great meal we had some time before the firework starts, so we were walking around the park. I wanted to see what my new park looks like. We saw a lot of cool lambs and pictures that were made out of lights. But no one made a picture of me out of lights, what a scandal. Next year I want a giant Tentacle light picture.





This is the Florian television tower; he is the famous emblem of Dortmund. I think I could use it to have a look over Dortmund, so I could plan how to take over the City. But unfortunately I had no time for it today.


Than at half past ten it was time for the firework. It was really amazing. Sometimes I had the feeling like the whole sky was full with lights.






We had a really great day in the Westfahlenpark today and I think it was a good idea to take over the park.

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Bochum, Germany - 19th August 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum.

Today we were preparing the presents we brought with us from America. We bought some M&Ms in the great M&M world. We were sorting the colors of the M&Ms, so that everyone got the M&Ms in the right color, of curse mine were purple. It was really funny and look how many I’ve got. And I can tell you that they tasted very good.









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Bochum, Germany - 20th August 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum.

Today we had to say goodbye to Knöpfchen. He is starting the long time RR today and because of this he is traveling to nuriayasmin today. I wish him a save journey and that he will experience great adventures on the RR.
We became good friends in the time, that we were spending together and I will miss him. He was a great companion and he promised me that he will do his best to support me with my plans to rule the world. Hopefully we will meet again one day, so I can tell him about my progress.
We all hugged him before he went into his envelope.

Goodbye Knöpfchen





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Bochum, Germany - 23rd August 2012

By: Shilo

Hi Mum.

Today Zeitgeist and Little Dragon were leaving.  It was sad to say goodbye to my new friends, they were really good companions. I hope they will experience a lot of cool adventures in the future and carry on helping me to take over the world.


Before they left we took a last group picture together.


We hugged them and wished them a save trip. I hope I get the chance to meet the two again one day, so they could tell me their adventures.






Then it was time to say goodbye. Little and Zeitgeist packed their presents for their parents and left.



Bye bye you two. I will miss you. And always remember to rule the world.

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Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany - 25th August 2012

By: Shilo

Good morning World and Mum.

Today was very cool, because we visited an amusement park called Phantasialand. It was a great idea to have a short break from my domination tour. We stood up very early this morning so we could enter the park right after the opening. Because of that we had a lot of time to have fun on the attractions. When I think about it they should make a special opening just for me and my companions so we could use all the attractions on our own.








I love this chairoplane. While I was riding on it I thought I could get wet because of the water fountains :)


Here I want to show you Talocan. Even I got very dizzy after this ride.


This is a part of the River Quest water ride. The others were scared of the giant fall into the deep ground, but I was very brave.


Here you can see the Colorado rollercoaster




After a while we had a break and I had this yummy strawberries. I could eat them every day. I think I need a cook, who accompanies me on my domination tour and made me strawberries with chocolate.


I really like this old car, so I made it mine. Mum do we have a big garage for all the cars I collect on my trip?


In addition to all the funny rides I saw a lot of interesting decorations.





Don’t you think this house is looking like a head? But it would be cooler if it looked like a tentacle.


Before we went home we watched this artistic show in Chinatown. It was a very cool show and the perfect end for a great day.



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