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Travelog for: Bussi

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada - 30th December 2010

By: AbbyB

Today we are making ice cream.


First you whisk two eggs.


Next you whisk in the sugar.  For fun, we used brown sugar instead of white.


Next you pour in cream, milk, and scrape the inside of a vanilla bean...


...until it is all mixed together.


Did I mention that Little Lou was helping?


Next, pour the mixture into the ice cream mixer.



This looks really good, but it has to freeze for a while longer.  We'll enjoy it tomorrow.


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Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada - 1st January 2011

By: AbbyB

Happy New Year!

Even though temperatures were below freezing, it was such a nice day out that everyone decided to go for a walk across the Pitt River Bridge.


Isn't the view spectacular?


If you look carefully, toward the center of the photo, you can see Mount Baker, which is in Washington State.


We walked across as the sun was starting to set.


This is what is on the other side of the bridge.  The other bridge you can see is for trains.


On the way back I watched the last of the sun on the mountains.  They are called Golden Ears, and you can see why.


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Whistler, BC, Canada - 6th January 2011

By: AbbyB

Today we are going to Whistler!  It is where many of the events of the Olympics were held last year.

It is a fairly nice drive...when the weather is nice.




Aha!  Snow!  We must be close.


There are many places to ski and snowboard in Whistler, but Blackcomb is accessible right from Whistler Village.



Here is the village.




No visit to Whistler is complete without going to the Cows store.  Everything is cow-themed here.


Here are the Olympic Rings.


The tour being complete, I went to David's Tea to warm up.


We also got some lunch.  Mmmmm, crepes.


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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 10th March 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm in Italy! My host is so happy to have me here and she likes so much my present. Now I'm quite tired so... goodbye until next time!

bussi 01.jpg
bussi 02.jpg
bussi 03.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 16th March 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
these are quite special days here, Italy celebrates 150 years of unity on March 17th!!! I'm reading the newspapers to know something more about what happened 150 years ago and now I'm ready for celebrations too!

bussi 04.jpg
bussi 05.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 21st March 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
spring seems to be finally arrived and I love to go to the park for a walk, it's nice to look for the first flowers...

bussi 06.jpg
bussi 07.jpg
bussi 08.jpg
bussi 09.jpg
bussi 10.jpg
bussi 11.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 22nd March 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
today is arrived an envelope and I am so curious to see what it contains... oh, well, it seems to be a TV!!! He says his name is Regit Brown, he's funny, isn't he?

bussi 12.jpg
bussi 13.jpg

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Milan, Italy - 30th March 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
today the weather is not so good and I think it's going to rain soon, anyway I decided to go for a walk in Milan. This is the Sforzesco Castle, which was built in Medieval times, he's placed in the center of Milan and inside there are a lot of museums (paintings, prehistory, antique furniture, armours and swords and so on).
Hope it'll be sunny again soon!

bussi 14.jpg
bussi 15.jpg
bussi 16.jpg
bussi 17.jpg
bussi 18.jpg
bussi 19.jpg
bussi 20.jpg

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Milan, Italy - 13th April 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
yesterday there was a storm but today it's sunny again and I'm visiting this park which is placed in the center of Milan. Also the grass is dried so I can lie down and relax!

stompy 28.jpg
stompy 29.jpg
stompy 30.jpg
stompy 31.jpg
stompy 32.jpg
stompy 33.jpg
stompy 34.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 18th April 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
today Regit Brown and I are looking on a map where is Italy and where we are at the moment. Now I know everything about geography!
While we were studying a new TV arrived: he's Charlie Mouse and I immediately went to welcome him in Italy!

bussi 21.jpg
bussi 22.jpg
bussi 23.jpg
bussi 24.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 23rd April 2011

By: annix

Happy Easter mummy!!!


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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 26th April 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
Regit Brown and I have learnt how to prepare a typical Italian pasta!
This is the recipe:

- weight pasta (spaghetti) and add salt
- prepare tomato sauce taking tomatoes, oil, salt, onion, a bit of garlic and pepper
- put tomato sauce cooking for a few minutes
- put the pasta into a potful of boiling water
- drain the pasta and add tomato sauce

don't you think I am a very good chef?

bussi 25.jpg
bussi 26.jpg
bussi 27.jpg
bussi 28.jpg
bussi 29.jpg

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Takamatsu, Japan - 12th May 2011

By: hanachan

Hi mum,
I arrived in Japan yesterday. Takamatsu-city is the capital of Kagawa which is the smallest prefecture in Japan. Once Osaka was the smallest, but became larger because of the reclamation of the Kansai International Airport :D
The first photo is the one with hanachan.


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Shonai Peninsula, Mitoyo, Japan - 15th May 2011

By: hanachan

Hi mum,
Today we drove around Shonai Peninsula in the west part of Kagawa prefecture.
The weather was not so nice  :(
The small island over there is Tsutajima. Many people come to the island during summer for fishing and swimming.
Bussi :D


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Chinese Restaurant in Takamatsu, Japan - 3rd June 2011

By: hanachan

Hi, how have you been, mum?
Chinese food is always delicious. I love it!


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