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Sit next to 5 red flowers. (1/5)

Have a photo with a chimney sweeper.

Fly in a helicopter.

Sit on the top of a snowman.

Meet KalliHH somewhere in the World.

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Travelog for: HelgaHH

Sülfeld, Germany - 5th September 2010

By: RikeH

Hello World,

What a nice day today. Let me introduce myself. My name is HelgaHH, a friendly ladybird - and next to me you see my good friend KalliHH, the Bee.


We both love flowers - as you can see.


Here is a nice blue one...


and a wonderful yellow one.


I found some nice grapes...


...and shared the grapes with KalliHH.


When we sat there and talked, a friendly bunny came and talked with us. He is called Dicker Kumpel. He told us about ToyVoyagers. I thought about it - and now I want to become one. So let's start.


Maybe you want to host me? If yes, please send a PM to RikeH.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 13th September 2010

By: RikeH

Hello again,

Today I will start my travel. I said good-bye to Dicker Kumpel and KalliHH.


KalliHH went to the envelope with me – I will miss him.


Hopefully the trip will be fast – and I will meet forbiddenfruits soon. United Kingdom -  I am coming!



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Darlington, England - 23rd September 2010

By: forbiddenfruits

Hi Mum

Lola said she is sorry for the delay in letting you know i arrived safely, her internet was not working, she said she does not like SKY.

I arrived safely in Darlington and it is cold and rainy here, but i was happy to find out i would not be the only TV with Lola, i also met 4 others. We are going to have so much fun, Lola is going to take me to work with her tomorrow and show me to all her friends, and take lots of pictures.

I cannot wait for Saturday to arrived because Lola said we are going on a train ride, we have to take two trains to get to a place called Newcastle and the Metro centre. I will get some nice pictures of me and my TV buddies on the trains and also in Newcastle.

I will update again soon.

Love HelgaHH


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Metro Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England - 25th September 2010

By: forbiddenfruits

Hi Mum

I have been on a fab adventure today, Lola took me and some other TV's on a train ride to go to the Metro Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. On the way we passed this huge and i mean huge metal sculpture that Lola said was called the Angel of the North and Lola said it is baslcailly just a big hunk of rustly looking metal that does nothing. I thought it looked pretty :-)

We went and did lots of shopping at the metro centre and then we went for a walk round newcastle city centre before we got the train home. In the city centre we saw lots of different people are the centre singing and playing music on different instruments and it was nice to watch them for a while.

Lola said she will take me to work with her tomorrow so i am looking forward to that as i have never been to her office.

I miss you lots




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Work Place, Darlington, England - 26th September 2010

By: forbiddenfruits

Hi Mum

I went to work today with Lola along with Annabell, Julianna and Splash+Snuggles.

It was really nice seeing her office, we played games and watched her work and she let us play with the keyboard and the telephone.

My new best friend is Annabell and i let her take a ride on my back and we had lots of fun running around the office.

We played a game of Limbo and i lost because i was a little bit to big and knocked the bar down:-(

Miss you lots



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Middleton St George, England - 11th October 2010

By: forbiddenfruits

Hi Mum

We have been having lots of fun at Lolas, sorry we have not updated you in a while, Lola is having computer problems. She will have lots of photos to upload of us this week.

Yesterday we went to a place called Middleton Riding School where Lola helps to teach Horse riding to kids. It was great, we where not aloud to take any pictures while we where in the riding school which was a bummer but we still had fun. We got to sit on a horse called Bianca. They had some puppies aswell, they did not have any names yet but the mummy puppy was called Rita and they are French Bulldogs.

Today we went on a visit to Lolas mums house and we had fun. We took her dog on a walk in the country and saw lots of field, then we went conker picking which was very much fun. There was a football match going on in the nearby stadium and we got a picture next to the stadium which was wicked. We also got to meet Lolas mums tortoises, she has two.

Lola said she will be uploading some pictures of us on our walk and while we where with the tortoises later this evening, we got to climb trees any everything it was fab.

Bye for now

Miss you lots


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Stockton, United Kingdom - 17th December 2010

By: mysticsweetness

Hey I just want to update and say I am now in a place called Stockton which is in Teeside, United Kingdom.

I was sent in a parcel with a few other voyagers to a ladies house who was not expecting us. She was very suprised when she opened the parcel to see all us toys waiting to come out.

She was able to see where we came from because i was the only one with a tag to say i come from toy voyagers. So she joined the website and is letting all the toys owners know they are safe.

Lorraine who has me at the moment needs to know where to send me to because she unfortunaly is unable to look after us. She has got a new baby who is 3 weeks all called Emily and a 2 year old called Evie and because she was not expecting us she is not ready to host us right now. She did say in the future she would love to take part in hosting which is nice.

Evie gave me a cuddle which was nice :-)

It is very cold here and it started to snow earlier so we are all snuggled up warm next to the radiator.

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Sülfeld, Germany - 1st May 2011

By: RikeH

Hello world,

Today I sat in front of some lovely flowers and thought about the future.


Suddenly another lady bird came and we talked a lot. She is called Aura and she is a ToyVoyager. What an interesting life.


Well  - I was interested in becoming a ToyVoyager, too. Aura suggested to ask Dicker Kumpel about it. He is a very nice bunny and knows a lot about this kind of Travellers.

He came and he was so surprised. He told me that I look like a ToyVoyager, who is lost at mysticsweetness or JannieB. It is really sad that some people are kidnappers of poor ToyVoyagers.


I was not sure to become a ToyVoyager – it seemed to be a dangerous life. But RikeH offered me to travel on a Trail – where the hosts are all good people. So I decided to start the adventure. I will travel with the name HelgaHH – it is good for me, because I had no name before.

I said good-bye to Dicker Kumpel – and hope to write more soon.



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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 18th May 2011

By: annix

Hi mummy,
I'm in Italy, I'm a bit tired so I want to relax before I start having a look around...
I'll write you soon!

helga 01.jpg
helga 02.jpg
helga 03.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 20th May 2011

By: annix

Hi mummy,
look who is here with me: Charlie Mouse, another TV who is visiting Italy!
We're planning to go out together to visit some interesting place.

helga 04.jpg

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Milano, Italy - 20th May 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
my new friend Charlie Mouse and I have just visited the Sforzesco Castle, a medieval castle in the center of Milan. It's a nice place, surounded by a wide park. Inside there are a lot of museums: paintings, furnitures, sculptures and so on. We have enjoyed it!

helga 05.jpg
helga 06.jpg
helga 07.jpg
helga 08.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 23rd May 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
I've decided to taste some local dish, the first one is a typical Itaian pizza! Charlie Mouse and I think it's good... sorry but I have to go now, it's lunche time!

helga 09.jpg
helga 10.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 25th May 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
another thing that Italian people like so much is coffee. My host wants me to try a typical Italian coffee ("espresso") and a "marocchino", which is a coffee+milk+chocolate. I have not yet decided which one I like best...

helga 11.jpg
halga 12.jpg

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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 4th June 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
look at me with this beautiful rainbow!

helga arcobaleno piccola.JPG

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Milano, Italy - 15th June 2011

By: annix

Hi mum,
I've found a job! My host needed some help so I've decided to start working with her. We work in a publishing house, I have a lot to do otherwise our magazines won't be out in time!

helga 11.jpg
helga 12.jpg
helga 13.jpg
helga 14.jpg
helga 15.jpg

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