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Travelog for: ClumsyClarence

San Diego, California, United States - 27th February 2011

By: Xadrian

Hi! I'm Clarence!  I'm quite a lively octopus who would love to travel some day  :p 

Can you host me? In return I could perform a song and dance for you!  You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Still need convincing?  With my eight tentacles I could help you clean up your home in no time at all!  I promise to earn my keep!  Please?


Clarence's Itinerary:

[color=red]Canada with ladybug (On his way!)

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San Diego, California, United States - 5th March 2011

By: Xadrian

Hurray! My mentor has given me some Canadian money to spend while I'm in Canada! I knew this Octo-Wallet would come in handy!


While we were at it, I got a passport book so that I wouldn't have any problems traveling internationally.


Into my envelope now... and off to Canada!


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Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Canada - 13th March 2011

By: ladybug

Hi Mom,

I'm in Canada now with Isabelle!!! I actually arrived on Friday, but she was in a rush so didn't have time to update.

I got here right on time, she was about to leave for her weekend winter camp with her scouts! So she made room for me, beside her Koori and BlackCat's CrazyEye. They are my new friends now :)

Can I tell you, we had tons of fun with the kids she was caring for!!!!

I wish it lasted longer ;)


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Montreal, Canada - 15th March 2011

By: ladybug

Isabelle took CrazyEye and I to a professional hockey game tonight, that was exciting!!!

The Montreal Canadiens were going up against the Washington Capitals, but unfortunately, Montreal lost. Isabelle said it is not surprising since they didn't really play well today. Usually they are much better, and they did win their last 6 games...

Hope I get to go to another one again... one where the home team wins :) But they say Montreal is the best, because hockey here is a religion :P

Is a few, days, we are going to Quebec city, apparently there is a big event happening there this weekend, it is called the Red Bull Crashed Ice... and when CrazyEye told Isabelle he didn't know they had Bulls here, she said it's not about bulls at all... so I guess I'll see soon!

I miss you, and I'll keep you posted!



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