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visit a lighthouse

travel on a ship

see other real ducks (thank you gizalba)

visit a brewery and taste some beer

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Travelog for: Patka

Vienna, Austria - 3rd November 2012

By: Cessy

hello, i am a little red duck named PATKA
and joined now to toyvoyagers for i love
travelling around to foreign places and meet
friendly people.

where will i go first? together with my friend
CESSY i am looking for interesting places.
she was already on a very fine tour and told
me much about her adventures. she met
nice folks and other tv's. now she is at home
again and will take care of visitors.


last wednesday we had much fun on halloween evening



greetings to you all.
maybe i can start my first voyage soon  :rolleyes:

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Vienna, Austria - 7th November 2012

By: Cessy


i am extremely excited! i will start my first voyage and go to england! together with my friends i had a look at the maps to find out where i will travel.


also i had to strap on my toyvoyager id tag


my mum has also made a scarf for me. she is worried maybe i could catch a cold. mums! always caring  :rolleyes:


finally i had to say goodbye to all my friends.  i will miss them.



but then again i hope, i will meet nice guys on my journey.
well, lets go inside my jiffy bag, hope i will have a good trip.



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Durham, England - 22nd November 2012

By: Gizalba

I've arrived mum!!! :D Woohoo!!! That envelope was starting to get a bit boring so I was so glad to get out and meet the TVs waiting for me here.

I was greeted by Edelweiss, Midori Rabit, Jala and Sienna. Edelweiss gave me a hug so I felt welcomed :) Then she helped me get out the present I brought with me, which they liked very much. They say the wrapping is much appreciated to protect the wafers, and I was proud that I didn't break in with my beak and eat them on the way, it was very tempting :p

They also thought the postcard was very beautiful and I explained to them that me and my mum like lighthouses :) I wanna go see a lighthouse! But I'm not sure if there are any round here... we'll have to do some investigation.

I hope my friends at home are well,
I will update again soon!
Love Patka


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Durham, England - 28th November 2012

By: Gizalba

Hi mum! My host has been very busy working on some strange thing called an essay these last few days... it looks very boring to us TVs. 'We want adventure!' we said. So during a break Midori and I were permitted to explore the college grounds where we are staying, with supervision :p I'm not sure why I need supervision... I am very sensible and wouldn't get lost! ;)

Anyway it was a lovely winters day :) We found a nice tree to have a peaceful chat on until we got a bit cold despite our scarves and then wanted to start moving again. We wandered up some steps and posed for a picture there, but you can't see me very well. I was bathing in the sun B) The third picture shows the path down to the dining hall which you can vaguely see towards the right. That building is rather dull though so we walked back up to where the students live. I found some nice holly leaves which made me feel christmassy. In the background to that picture you can see one of the gyms, but my host have never been in there :p

Next we went through towards the court yard and found some candles. We wanted to light one to warm up but we didn't have a lighter :( My host said they must be there for one of the events they hold in the building that looks a bit like a church, but is used for parties. Then we went inside and up the stairs towards our room. I looked over the bannisters and saw the computer room where my host writes those weird things. I don't think the computer room will be very exciting. We nosied out of the windows as we climbed the stairs, and I nearly got blinded by the sun. We have had such torrential rain for the last few days though that the sun is a big relief. My host had to take a detour to lectures as the river overflowed and the path was over a metre underwater :o I said I could have swam and met some ducks, but my host said that the water was too mucky and the ducks had disappeared :(

P.s. Sorry some of the photos are smaller than others, we converted their size in bulk so I don't know how that's happened?! Strange :stare:

walk 100.JPG
walk 103.JPG
walk 106.JPG
walk 112.JPG
walk 114.JPG
walk 117.JPG
walk 118.JPG
walk 121.JPG
walk 124.JPG
walk 126.JPG
walk 132.JPG
walk 133.JPG
walk 138.JPG
walk 139.JPG
walk 141.JPG
walk 146.JPG

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Durham, England - 11th December 2012

By: Gizalba

Today was very exciting as a new TV Emma Squirrel arrived! :D We helped her out of her envelope and Sienna Monkey shook her hand in welcome. Then she showed us the nuts that she had brought with her from her last host. One of them had cracked in the post though so Edelweiss and I had fun being silly and using the shell as hats :p


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Durham, England - 13th December 2012

By: Gizalba

Helloo mum!

We went along with our host for a walk around Durham on the way to the last day of lectures. We went along what is called 'The Bailey' and then stopped off at the cathedral. It was a very cold day but the mist was pretty. I decided to try to take a silhouette picture of myself and the cathedral. In the picture after that the building behind me is of the old university library.

We walked back into the centre of the city to market square, then across the bridge where the sky and river looked lovely. When looking over to see the river a seagul swooped by :)

Next we went to the science site where the lectures are and took a picture of the new statue in front of the library. The statue is so depressing it is actually quite funny. My host thinks that the statue accurately represents how students feel when entering the library  People start crying and screaming 'Nooo!' Haha, that is a joke... I hope :p

The next picture shows a multicoloured round lecture building, which is quite a contrast compared to the very old buildings in the middle of the city. Then we faced the hill up to the psychology department which was our destination.

When we went back it had gone dark so we went back through the centre to see the lights. Our camera isn't that good in the dark though. I saw santa's grotto and had a little rest watching the little train go round :)

We have now travelled back to the north west for christmas, so I will explore this new place soon!


cold 017.JPG
cold 020.JPG
cold 023.JPG
cold 025.JPG
cold 027.JPG
cold 035.JPG
cold 036.JPG
cold 045.JPG
cold 047.JPG
cold 054.JPG
cold 061.JPG
cold 062.JPG
cold 070.JPG
cold 078.JPG
cold 084.JPG
cold 099.JPG
cold 104.JPG
cold 111.JPG
cold 132.JPG
cold 142.JPG
cold 147.JPG

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Croft, Warrington, England - 25th December 2012

By: Gizalba

These are the pictures from christmas :) The first ones are from the day before; the host family I am with are cheeky and wait until Christmas Eve to get a tree as then they are sold off cheap for 1p :p Then us TVs helped with the decorations. I met a friendly angel bear and had a chat with Mr Snowman.

Then there was a bit of a commotion as there was a drunken hooligan! Ahaha. A wild guy called Ernie had found the wine :stare:

On christmas day we helped get the presents out then posed on the mantelpiece for some photos. One of the presents was an egg cup but we think it is better used as a nice pink chair for Edelweiss ;)

Very merry late christmas!


christmas 2012 019.JPG
christmas 2012 023.JPG
christmas 2012 028.JPG
christmas 2012 031.JPG
christmas 2012 033.JPG
christmas 2012 040.JPG
christmas 2012 046.JPG
christmas 2012 062.JPG
christmas 2012 068.JPG
christmas 2012 070.JPG
christmas 2012 081.JPG
christmas 2012 093.JPG
christmas 2012 095.JPG
christmas 2012 105.JPG
christmas 2012 128.JPG

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Manchester, England - 10th January 2013

By: Gizalba

Hi mum!

Over Christmas we have been back in the north west of England, so we went on the train to the nearby city of Manchester. The big circular building with all the columns is the library, however building work was being done so we couldn't go in. We then went to Albert square to find the town hall, and two pigeons casually strolled past :p In the background you can see the Prince Albert memorial (on the left), and the John Bright statue which I got a closer picture with. I think he was some political man but my host doesn't know much about Politics ;) The fountain was made for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria :)

manchester laura 022.JPG
manchester laura 028.JPG
manchester laura 035.JPG
manchester laura 046.JPG
manchester laura 052.JPG
manchester laura 061.JPG
manchester laura 065.JPG
manchester laura 069.JPG
manchester laura 079.JPG
manchester laura 090.JPG
manchester laura 097.JPG

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Durham county, English - 3rd April 2013

By: Gizalba

Helloo mom!

The first picture is us on the train to Durham; some of the countryside we passed still had remains of snow :) We actually got snow in spring this year! 

Last weekend we went for a walk in county durham and found some hay!  However it was covered in black so it didn't look as hayish as we'd hoped :/ Still, it was fun to climb B) We climbed up so fast our host wondered where we'd gone, until she looked up :p

It got dark very quickly as we'd set out a bit late in the day, but we could see the lights in the distance which looked pretty :)

hay 006.JPG
hay 014.JPG
hay 021.JPG
hay 023.JPG
hay 026.JPG
hay 035.JPG
hay 037.JPG
hay 044.JPG

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London King's Cross, England - 13th April 2013

By: Gizalba

Hi mum! Over the Easter holidays we went to visit my host's friend in Cambridge. On the train we went via London so here are the pictures we took at King's Cross station. We found platform nine and three quarters from Harry Potter! :p The magical folk were trying to get onto the platform by running through the wall with their trolleys :D But soon we had to board our muggle train to continue our trip.


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Cambridge, England - 14th April 2013

By: Gizalba

Hello mum!

Here finally is the continuation of our journey down south :) The train arrived in Cambridge. It was curiously sunny and warm for April! B)

We wandered along the streets and I found a bit of wall to sit on which looked rather spooky with the leafless branches and background. We then came across 'the Church of the Holy Sepulchre'  which is apparently one of 4 round churches on England. Opposite this was a sweet shop! :p

We then came across St John's college (I am sitting on the wall in front of part of it, then went to look at the front door). Cambridge university is made up of 31 colleges altogether, but on this trip we just looked at the outsides of a few.

Next up was Trinity College (the one in the background where I am sitting on a letterbox :)) We then walked towards the river but on the way I peaked into Corpus Christi College.

Because it was so sunny there were lots of students and visitors punting along the river - looks fun! :D

Later we found a long driveway lined with trees; at the end was another bridge then another pretty building - I assume this was a college but we have forgotten so will ask my host's friend about it.

At the end of our day we rested in the park and guess who was waiting for me there?! Mr and Mrs Duck! :D So I got to say hello and complete my life mission of seeing other real ducks, yay!


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King's Cross, london, England - 17th April 2013

By: Gizalba2


(apologies these pictures are only being posted now - they got a bit forgotten!)

These are photos from when we were on our way back from Cambridge.

This is the walk from King's Cross station (first picture) to London Euston station, so that we could get a train from Euston to home. It is a 5 minute walk and on the way we passed St Pancras station, which is next to King's cross and was used in the second harry potter movie to represent King's cross for the flying car to fly over (third picture), as St Pancras looks prettier than King's cross :p

Just before we arrived at Euston, we went to take a picture in front of this statue outside The British Library.

new 010.JPG
new 012.JPG
new 017.JPG
new 014.JPG
new 022.JPG
new 023.JPG
new 027.JPG

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Yorkshire, England - 14th June 2013

By: Gizalba2

Hello mum,

This was our trip with host mum to visit some of her friends who live in Helmsley, Yorkshire. On that day they just so happened to be collecting their new old car!  :p They are very into old fashioned cars, so us TVs had fun messing around at the show room. It was like a museum!

We then went in the new old car to look at a steam engine. I waited on the bridge to watch for it coming, then I went down to investigate. While it was stopped waiting for the other half of it to move, I climbed aboard to have a look round.

The last picture is of the friend's house we were staying in, it was very pretty.

yorkshire 044.JPG
yorkshire 045.JPG
yorkshire 050.JPG
yorkshire 054.JPG
yorkshire 061.JPG
yorkshire 066.JPG
yorkshire 071.JPG
yorkshire 072.JPG
yorkshire 077.JPG
yorkshire 078.JPG
yorkshire 085.JPG
yorkshire 089.JPG
yorkshire 100.JPG
yorkshire 113.JPG
yorkshire 116.JPG
yorkshire 119.JPG
yorkshire 141.JPG
yorkshire 147.JPG
yorkshire 157.JPG

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Hamburg, Germany - 16th August 2013

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

today I arrived in Hamburg. See me climbing out of the postbag.

Two other TV`s looked curiously at me. They are my new hosts. I showed them the postcard and the sweets from my last host. Thanks Gizalba :D

This is my host LewisHH. Very stylish glasses  B)

And this is my ladyhost Clairchen.

We had a lot to talk about. I was hungry after my long journey. So we made pancakes filled with cottage cheese and fresh fruits.....yummy


Looking forward to exploring Hamburg.
All the very best

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Hamburg, Germany - 22nd August 2013

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

today I'd like to show you some of my favourite places in Scillys home.

This funny frog is hanging on the kitchen lamp.

I like to play on this boat called "Cream Tea". Ship ahoy! B)

How coulorful are these flowers!!!

These are some nice photographs. Clairchen and LewisHH loves the helicopter and the hovercraft. I also would like to see theses vehicles!

Oh look. I can play with this small ship. It goes up and down, up and down..... like a real ship in the waves.


And when I am tired I chill in this deckchair.

All the very best!

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