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Travelog for: Kovu

Bruchsal, Germany - 18th September 2011

By: fam-united

Today I leave Bruchsal with my human brother. He's taking a trip with his biology class to Croatia, to be exact to Pula. Unfortunately we have to go by bus, so it will take nearly 14 hours to arrive there. So I'm agog what's going to expect me!

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Pula, Croatia - 23rd September 2011

By: fam-united

This week I've seen very intresting things in Croatia. The weather was great and we always had sunshine. Today, on our last day, we visited once again the city of Pula. We wanted to see the fish market there. Outside my brother decided something very sad. He decided to release me. Now that I know, that I propably never see my family again, I'm very sad :(. But I'm also happy to see a new country. Hopefuly there will be a family or somebody else, who will find me and who will show me new places. I hope, that my "old" family will hear something from me at one day or antother, too. So at this point I have to say goodbye and I hope we'll see each other again.

* Posted Oct 8, 2011, 2:06 pm [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

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