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Play 'chicken' with a real life juggernaut

Pay a celebrity visit to CRASH, the hedgehog rehabilitation hospital

Enjoy a saucer of milk in somebody's back garden

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Travelog for: Hodge

Chester, England - 14th March 2007

By: Penfold

Hodge likes it dangerous.  His favourite pass time is car-dodging, the bigger and faster the better.  He is hoping to take his hobby all round the world.


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Chester, England - 17th March 2007

By: Penfold

The Chester ToyVoyagers Release Squad at their final Pre-Release briefing at a secret location in Chester.


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Roman Gardens, Chester, England - 18th March 2007

By: Penfold

We're hoping that Hodge gets picked up by someone really special.  We left him in the Roman Gardens, by the 'underfloor heating' ruins.  He was cold and it looked like it might snow.

If you have found him, please update his travelog to say he's been found (we worry otherwise!), and then take him on some great - or small - adventures!

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Roman Garden Chester, England - 18th March 2007

By: sarahmay

I found 'Hodge' cold and lonely on a seat in the Roman Garden in Chester. It was 12.30pm on Mothers Day. I decided to take him home with me to Sheffield where he has enjoyed some TLC and a nice relaxing break.
My new found friend will be resuming his travels shortly. I wish him well.


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