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To travel on the French canals in a barge

To travel on a narrow boat

To visit the Great Lakes of America

To visit the North Italian lakes

To visit Cumbrian lakes and Scottish Lochs

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Travelog for: Denis Duck

Calne, England - 21st August 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Today I started my journey to see the waterways of the world with a visit to the pond at the home of Helly & Steve. Helly had to hold me very tight as I don't like getting wet. Having fur means it takes me ages to dry out. I also can't swim.

The pond has some big goldfish in it and I watched them safely from a distance. Tomorrow I'm off to Devizes to see The Crammer, which I'm told is famous in Wiltshire - See Elephonse's Travel Log for a description.

I am due to be released into the wild at another famous Wiltshire watery landmark, sometime this Saturday. I'm very excited but a bit nervous.

toy voyagers 014.jpg

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Devizes, England - 22nd August 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Today I visited Devizes. The photo shows me at The Crammer. However, it was raining and as I don't like getting wet I looked at it from the safety and dry of the car.

The Crammer is a large pond famous for the story of The Moonrakers - Smugglers who hid their barrels of brandy in the Crammer were spotted by Customs men and asked what they were doing. 'Raking up the cheese' they replied. The customs men - seeing only the reflection of the full moon - went away laughing and the smugglers got their brandy. All people born in Wiltshire who have lived there all their lives are called 'Moonrakers' .

Elephonse also went to visit The Crammer this week. His account tells the story in more detail.

toy voyagers 020.jpg

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Calne, England - 25th August 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Today is the day, I'm going to be released into the wild and I'm very excited, if a bit nervous!

Today is also a big day for me as


I went on 'Toy Voyagers' this morning and spotted Daisy Duck. She is so beautiful and her life missions are so similar to mine. I feel we were meant to be. Part of me is regretful that I'm about to start my big adventure as I'd really like to meet her.

Hopefully whoever finds me will help us to meet in future.

I'll make do with a message to her before I set off and think of her each day as I travel.

toy voyagers 011.jpg

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Devizes, England - 25th August 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Denis travelled to Devizes to see Caen Hill locks, a famous flight of sixteen locks in approximately a mile and a half. He got very excited seeing all the boats.

The photos show the locks, narrow boats and of course, Denis, at the top of the flight.

After all this excitement it was very hard to say goodbye and leave him on his own.

We wish him all the best and hope he has lots of watery adventures.

toy voyagers 039.jpg
toy voyagers 046.jpg
toy voyagers 050.jpg

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Devizes, United Kingdom - 25th August 2007

By: jolowe74

Hi ... Denis here ... I sat on a bench for a while at the locks in Devizes ... nice sunny day, got a bit of a tan (crispy dunk ... yum yum) Met up with Jo from Bath and Chris from Bradford on Avon who are in the photos attached.  My first mission was to get on a naroow boat and as they didn't have one they passed me onto a lovely girl who promised to help me with my next adventure.  I am currently writing this from the grey narrow boat you can see on the pictures (check me out ... a duck on the internet!)  Whoo hoo ..... big adventures to come ...... more soon.

denis the duck.jpg
denis n jo.jpg
tough life on a boat.jpg
my new temp home.jpg

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