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To live in France

To visit the 2CV French National, in Dunkerque, in 2008

To visit southern Ireland

To meet a real elephant

To visit as many 2CV events as possible

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Travelog for: Elephonse

Calne, England - 12th August 2007

Elephonse 001.jpgElephonse 003.jpgElephonse 007.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Devizes, Wiltshire - 19th August 2007


By: Steve & Helly

Calne, England - 28th August 2007

toy voyagers 004.jpgtoy voyagers 007.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Stratford upon Avon, England - 4th September 2007

toy voyagers 033.jpgtoy voyagers 040.jpgtoy voyagers 046.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

The motorway, England - 12th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 001.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Dover, England - 12th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 003.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Abbeville, France - 13th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 007.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Lillebonne, France - 13th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 009.jpgHoneymoon photos 012.jpgHoneymoon photos 010 a.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Ste Sauveur Le Vicomte, France - 15th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 013.jpgHoneymoon photos 017.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Utah Beach, France - 16th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 024.jpgHoneymoon photos 025.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Cherbourg, France - 17th September 2007

new camera honeymoon 039.jpgnew camera honeymoon 043.jpgnew camera honeymoon 045.jpgnew camera honeymoon 046.jpgnew camera honeymoon 047.jpgnew camera honeymoon 048.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Le Mont St. Michel, France - 18th September 2007

new camera honeymoon 057.jpgHoneymoon photos 035.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

St Vaast La Hougue, France - 19th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 041.jpgHoneymoon photos 058.jpgHoneymoon photos 063.jpgHoneymoon photos 064.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

Carteret, France - 20th September 2007

Honeymoon photos 087.jpgHoneymoon photos 091.jpgHoneymoon photos 092.jpgHoneymoon photos 098.jpgnew camera honeymoon 099.jpgnew camera honeymoon 110.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

St. Sauveur Le Vicomte, France - 22nd September 2007

Honeymoon photos 008.jpgHoneymoon photos 013.jpgHoneymoon photos 017.jpgHoneymoon photos 019.jpg 

By: Steve & Helly

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