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Visit as many libraries as possible...

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Collect Libraries reader's cards or brochures

See great architectural structures such as bridges, dams, towers

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Travelog for: Bertold

St Orens, France - 22nd September 2007

By: Mood

This is Bertold... Bertold-Aristote-Friedrich.

He's Melvil Dewey's great-grandnephew. (You know, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal Classification system for library classification).
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1172/1424232830_9afa0255bf.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1100/1423181747_b08d9fb0ed.jpg?v=0

The Dewey Decimal System, he invented in 1876, became the standard in libraries around the world. "If it weren't for Melvil Dewey, finding the books you want in the library might be as frustrating as looking for a needle in a haystack" he says ...
It attempts to organize all knowledge into ten main classes. The ten main classes are then further subdivided.


You know these strange labels sticked on the back of books ... that's Melvil's invention!


So, faithful to his famous ancestor, Bertold's first wish is to visit as many libraries as possible to see if they still use this classification... and collect reader's cards ... (he also dreams he could visit pretigious librairies, such as The British Library, The BNF (French National Library), The New York Public Library or the Library of Congress (to compare their own classification to the Dewey's).

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the different libraries he went to :
The Bibliothèque d'Etudes et du Patrimoine of Toulouse.
Inaugurated in October 1935, the building sheltering the library of the street of Périgord is owed to the architect of the city, Jean Montariol. Of a surface of 9000m2, it is one of the most important achievements in France as regards libraries between the two worldwars.

It is characterized by a monumental reading room, with a height under ceiling of 15m without only one pillar, and lit by immense bays and a splendid cupola in multicoloured paving stones of glass.


Old woman of more than 60 years, the library has been totally restored in 1995

Bertold loves to go there and read his favourite authors (in the Pléïade collection)


He also likes to read philosophy


Ethics, systems and doctrins ...


and uses to spend hours reading the Universalis Encyclopedy


He's also very interested in all that concerns sciences end mathematics

(he loves numbers !!!!)

and also enginnering and technology ... Another of his wish is to visit great engineers realizations such as the Glenn canyon Dam, or the Thames one .. But also great bridges or buildings etc ...

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On his way to Russia, airplane - 1st October 2007

By: Mood

Bertold has just learnt he was going to visit Kristl in Moscow ... !!! He's very impatient and has started to revise his russian lessons
Indeed, he studied Russian when he was younger ...
He's going to travel with Luffy ... and hopes his travel won't be too long as he's quite afraid in plane !!!!

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Moscow, Russia - 23rd October 2007

By: kristl

Dear Mood and all the other,
hello from Moscow - privet!

Fuf, I and Luffy are finally in Moscow with Kristl. The journey was long but comortable, never the less we are a bit tired.

We were met by Kristl and some toys - Archibald was there, the young lady Finnii, that came here at one day with him, a rose bear who weared TV T-shirt and a very shy bearwho is called Beary and who is going to became a TV too.

We're in Kristl's flat now and there's much interesting to see here!! I'll write here later and of course will post some photos.

Finally I have time to show some photos.. They're not perfect of course, but you can see what is happening here.

Here we're with Luffy. We've just got out from the box at the post office and saw Kristl for the first time.


And here we're with other toys on our way to Kristl's home - in her rucksack in metro train. You can also see here: Luffy, Archibald and the rose bear.


The same with Beary and young lady Finnii:


I have much more to tell and show.. Just need time. I'm quite busy here, you know. Kristl promised that we'll visit the new University Library on Thursday.

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Moscow, Russia - 24th October 2007

By: kristl

Hello Mood,

today I could go to the place Kristl studies in - Moscow State University. It's the best Russian University and what is more important there are many libraries there. Kristl promised that tomorrow we'll visit one of them - a new one.

Now I want to show you some photos that we made today.

In the tram -- Kristl's friend gave us a lift to Leninsky Prospekt, where he works and from that place we took a tram to Kristl's university.


First of all I visited the Department of Teoretical and Applied Linguistics - the department where Kristl studies. There I saw two portraits -- they are famous linguists as Kristl says.

Alexander Matveevich Peshkovsky


Vladimir Andreevich Zvegintsev


These are bookcases with books from the linguistics department library. I haven't studied them yet but I saw some numerals on them. I wonder if the books are classified in dds?? Kristl says that it may be so, cause people in this department like everything exact.


Unsorted books and notebooks - the common table:


With Luffy we attended one lesson there. He semmed to be boring, but I liked it. The lector told about formal languages, I think it's very useful!




From the room Kristl studies in you can see almost the whole Moscow.. well.. when the weather is good...


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Moscow, Russia - 27th November 2007

By: kristl

October 23, 2007

Dear Mood,

there're so many TVs here and we and Kristl have so much to do that I didn't have time to write anything for you. I hope that you're not offended and now I'm going to tell you and show everything I can :)

As the beginning -- some beautiful photos that were made when I and Luffy came here. I'm posting them so late cause they were on another camera and we just have forgotten about them.

Here I'm with the Rose Bear who wear a Tv-T-Shirt and wants to become a TV :)


And here we're with Luffy and a very special Bear.. He takes part in an act of charity \"7 wish-petals\" for the children with oncological diseases.. There's a russian cartoon \"Tsvetik-semitsvetik\" (The Seven-colour Flower) where a girl got a seven-color flower with 7 petals and she could make 7 wishes. The last wish and the only right wish was to heal a boy so that they could play together. That's why the act of charity is called so.


He told me about this act of charity and showed his pin - the symbol. One day he wishes to travel aroud the world and ask people to help children.


I think he's absolutely right and I'd help him with pleasure if I could. I hope to stay in contact with him. May be one day we can help children together.


And here I'm with a nice young lady Finnii, she seems to be very happy :)


And it's the first time I met Archibald! We were very glad to meet each other :)


We all together!



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Kalmar, Sweden - 27th November 2007

By: kristl

November 13, 2007

Dear Mood,

hear are some photos from The Kalmar Castle that we visited in Sweden.

Here's a very old boat, it remindes me a viking boat.


Here's the castle. It's not the most beautiful but it looks very Swedish ;)



I saw a swan in the bay near the castle:


and it is the fortified wall, we're staying on it :)


Old stone stairs. It was a bit difficult to go down here:


Some wooden figures near the castle:


I like this photo :)) It's a road sign with a great amount of stickers on it. The stickers used to belong the visitors of the castle :) I think it's a funny tradirion :)


And some more photos from Sweden -- with other TVs.

All our company :) In the room Kristl lived in. We're drinking tea:


And here we're in a cafe. Kristl printed and put into my diary a similar photo with her :)) Now you can see how she looks like :))


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Kalmar, Sweden - 27th November 2007

By: kristl

November 13, 2007

Dear Mood,

today I visited another library!! Kalmar City Library!! We were in the reading hall only but I noticed that there they do not use DDS. But I liked the library!!





Here I'm with the book that is very important for Kristl. Dragons of the Autumn Twilight. She says that this book changed all her life!!


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Kalmar, Sweden - 27th November 2007

By: kristl

November 14, 2007

And here are some more photos from Sweden with many stuff toys!!! We're watching a cartoon :)



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Moscow, Russia - 27th November 2007

By: kristl

November 10, 2007

We're ready to travel to Sweden!



P.S. Sorry that photos aren't in chronological order.. But I write the date above so you can understand everything right, I think.. )

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Moscow, Russia - 27th November 2007

By: kristl

Dear Mood,

I hope that you're still not tired to read all this.. We mademany photos on different cameras and it was difficult to find them all.

Hopefully it;s the last part of photos I have at the moment  :rolleyes:

A very nice social advertisment "Zebra crossing is more important than all the horses!!!"


My visit to the Library of Moscow State University

This is the main building of MSU, it is very famouse and one can see it on many postcards. If you like it I can send you a postcard with it :)


This is the Lomonosov monument, Lomonosov is the founder of MSU.


And now we're going to the MSU Library:



This student works there, he's going to show us the library!


This library was built by Zurab Tsereteli, Kristl doesn't like any of his works and I thnk that the library is not the most beautiful.


All the monuments were made by Tsereteli too..


From the inside it looks better :)



AMy be because the weather is not fine :)


WHOOOOOO!!! I'm ghost of the library!!!


Unfortunately we didn't manage to get to the reading halls cause Kristl didn't have her reading card :(( That was a pity.. But we went to acafe so I was sad not long :)


I got a cake that is called "Potato" :) It was very tasty))


And then I visited computer classes with Kristl, they studied XML :)



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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 2nd December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Mood,

todaz we walked in a nice park with many firtrees and pines that stood covered with snow. It was a bit cold, but we TVs travelled in Kristl's rucksack so I hope I didnät caught cold. Sunny winter days in forest are allways beautiful..



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Moscow, Russia - 2nd December 2007

By: kristl

October 31, 2007


The time has come to tell you about the Helloween Patry 2007!

On October 31 the Toys that live in this flat prepared a special Party for all the TVs that were visiting us here. They decorated the sofa with pictures from fantasy books to make the atmosphere more frightening :D

Everybody had a costume: Luffy and CharityBear were pirates, Archibald and the Rose Bear were DragonLords (they weared many Dragon-symbols), Bertold was a Hawaiian and Finnii was a small witch.




TVs were very surprised when they saw who were their guests at the Party! They were toy celebrities, but they exchanged their famous costumes so that it was more difficult to recognize them !!



Do you recognize them all?) They are: 2 Winnie-the-Poohs, one in Roo's costume and one in TattyTeddy's costume, and Roo and TattyTaddy in Pooh's costumes.

TVs and the Toys were very glad to meet them!!

Then Bertold decided to make some photos with The Death from Terry Pratchett's books and the Dragon:



Bertold met more guests - The cat in the sack and the Nurse-Sheep:


[color=red]A then the wonders began!!!

There came flying a real witch!


Everybody was shocked to see the witch!


But fortunately she was a very nice and kind witch and Bertold even managed to make a photo with her :)


Then in the middle appered a magic pool!!


Everyone was very excited to see what will happen further.


Suddenly a small Troll appeared in the pool!!!


Though he was small, he had a long nose and an even longer sword. He looked very fearful.


But TVs and Toys understood quickly that he was a very nice young Troll.

Then in the pool appeared a Brownie!!


The Brownie noticed Bertold and wanted to get acquanted with him, but he was so scared that he fell into a faint!!


But then everything was OK and he understood that the Brownie was very nice and kind.


The looked like best friends, but when the Brownie gave Bertold a kiss everybody thought that she fell in love with him  ;)


Then something small but very dright appeared in the pool!!


It was a small BRONZE DRAGON!


But he turned out to be a kind dragon :)

Then a new character appeared in the pool - it was a bear dressed like a caveman - called Ryka.


Finnii liked him so much that she gave him a kiss!


First Ryka was surprised but then he stood up and gave Finnii a kiss too :)


Then in the pool appeared a HUGE DRAGON!!!


Everybody was frightened and even Luffy and Archibald who sat just by the pool moved away.


The only one who was not frightened was the samll bronze Dragon who came to the big one and told that all the Toys are friends.


Everyone was happy that the huge Dragon was their friend too!!!

Everybody liked the Helloween Party and everyone was happy to find so many new friends!!!

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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 3rd December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Mood,

today we stayed at home cause the weather was awful :( On the weekends it was quite cold, but sunny, now it is +2 and it's almost raining..

When we were taking breakfast, Kristl told us a bit about some food she is used to eat in the morning :)


This is a glacé curd cake with chocolad and nuts, very tasty :))


And this is condensed milk with kakao ;) Can be eaten with bread, but is very tasty without bread too :))


Then Kristl decided to write some New Year cards and we could see how the Russian New Year cards look like. Kristl explained us that they do not celebrate Christmas as we do. They celebrate the New Year on 31th Dec - 1st Jan. Christmas is on 7th Jan, but this is only a religious holiday. So our Christmas is their New Year :) Can you see Santa here? It's not Santa!!)) It's "Grandfather Frost", the one who gives the New Year presents ;)


Then Bumba found a greeting card with a very nice girl. She is called Snow Maiden ("Snegurochka"), she is granddaughter of Grandfather Frost and she allways comes with him :)


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Moscow, Russia - 5th December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Mood,

today was a very special day. We went for a walk to the Moscow Centre and I could see myself many famous buildings!

When we came to the Red Square it was still dark.. You know days are very short now.. It's difficult to understand what building it is, but I like this photo. It looks very gothic :)


And here you can see what it was - State Historical Museum. And behind me you can see the Nikolskaya Tower of Kremlin.




Here's Kazan Cathedral that is situated on the Red Square:


And here's the Red Square! You can also see the Spasskaya Tower (with chiming clock), the Senate Tower, Lenin's Mausoleum near it, skating-rink and New Year Tree.


And here's the most famous shopping centre in Moscow - GUM (Main Universal Store)!



This is the skating-rink organized by GUM on the Red Square ;)


The Spasskaya Tower once more:


The small one is the Tsar Tower:


Saint Basil's Cathedral - one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow!




View from the Red Square:


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Moscow, Russia - 5th December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Mood,

I saw the main Russian Library!!! Russian State Library! Though I could not enter (we did not have much time :( ) I could see how large it is. Looks good for a library :)




And here's Dostojevsky Monumet in front of it:


There was a nice New Year Tree near the library and I saw a cat there. Kristl told that it is a very famous cat from Russian cartoons, he's called Leopold and his motto is "Let's live in peace and friendship!". I liked him!


Then we went to the International Post Office cause I had to leave Russia and continue my journey.. I was sad to leave all my friends here, but I'm looking forward to meet BunTraveler and see Oregon!!

Good bue, dear Bertold!!! We'll miss you!!! You were the only one who could make me work on my diploma!!! Have a nice trip and let us know how you are!! See you!!

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