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Travelog for: Womat

Chai Wan, Hong Kong - 29th May 2009

By: Wombat

Hi Mommy,

As promised, Wombat brought me to her friend's house  :p and I met some good friends there  B)

Hello, I am Womat from Germany, you could call me Womy, nice to meet you  :p


Wow....that's your brother?? Nice to meet you too  :D


I am excited  :o Nice to meet your Daddy


We had some nice "Wombat Talk" together....


And yay....it was dinner time....what's we would be eating??? Um....it's chinese dumpling....according to Wombat...chinese people have dumpling every May 5 (lunar calander). Basically they are sticky rice wrapped by lotus leaves....they are YUMMY  :p



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Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong - 7th June 2009

By: Wombat

Hello Mommy,

I am doing great~Wombat was so busy during the week so I just played around with my new friends :cyclops:

I finally get the chance to walk around today  :p

We travelled by MTR today.....we waited in the platform.....



Um....let's see where we would be going.......


It was kinda crowded....so instead of sitting on my own, i sit on Wombat's laps  :rolleyes:


But I was naughty and played around.......


It was fun  :p

Oh....great news Mommy, Wombat's friend will be going to Korea for a business trip and he will bring me with him too :o I am soooo excited..... :o I will write to you once I arrive Korea, OK??

Miss you,


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Mei Foo, Hong Kong - 15th June 2009

By: Wombat

Hi Mommy,

I am back from Korea.....i have sooooo much to share with you  :cyclops: I still have a little bit jet lag and I will update my blog tomorrow  :p

Stay tuned ;)

Love you,


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Korea, Korea - 21st June 2009

By: Wombat

Hello Mommy,

How I gonna updates this Entry???

June 7, 2009 - Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

I am flying to Korea today with Sophia's friend  :p I am sure he will take good care of me.....Um....it's a nice airport.....I will be flying in an hour too  B)


I got a companion, Yoshi  :D He will be travelling to Korea with me....he is sort of Sophia's stay home TV...Nice to meet you  :cyclops:




We got some roasted peanuts right after we got on the plane....Yummy


After 3 hours of flight, we finally get to Korea.... :rolleyes: Nice Hotel....and we got a package right after we got there  :o


What's that???



Sophia's friend was busy at his office, so we just walked around the area.....



That's my first day  :p



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Korea , Korea - 27th June 2009

By: Wombat

June 10, 2009 -  Korea, Korea

Hello Mommy,

Another day in Korea... :p


Let's see where we are going...


Wow....I went to a Tower  :o


The view was nice there.... B)


Went to a temple also  :thinking:


I had some really good food in Korea too....let me show you tomorrow  :p

By the way mommy....I wasn't being lazy not to update my blog often.....I went to take driving classes and finally passed  :p And Sophia let me drive her to her meetings tomorrow  :rolleyes:



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Lipari, Italy - 14th January 2010

By: lonely_Angel

Womat arrived to Lipari.


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Lipari, Italy - 24th January 2010

By: lonely_Angel

I went with my host at her grandparents house for lunch and since it was a nice day we went to the beach at took some pictures. With us were my new friends: Kabluuey, and Lori.
BTW the beach is called "Porto delle Genti".


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Lipari, Italy - 24th January 2010

By: lonely_Angel

After the beach we went to the country to pick up some frensh oranges and mandarins. They were delicious ;P


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Lipari, Italy - 13th February 2010

By: lonely_Angel

Tonight me and my new friends went with our host to her parents' restaurant where she works. A new friend joined us his name is Marty.


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