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Travelog for: Mary Möf

Neuss, Germany - 14th November 2011

By: ErikaTheMouse

I am a small sweet hare's lady on that looks for fun and adventure. I am easy-care and quite well-behaved. I wear a Toyvoyager T-shirt and around my neck one is trails.

This is my City :-)


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Neuss, Germany - 26th November 2011

By: ErikaTheMouse

Here was former sometimes a shopping centre from it now became a theatre and pair of isolated shops.


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Neuss, Germany - 26th November 2011

By: ErikaTheMouse

Here I stand before the wonderful city hall in Neuss.


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Neuss, Germany - 26th November 2011

By: ErikaTheMouse

A bronze statue from a holy Person before the Quirinus Münster.


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Neuss, Germany - 27th November 2011

By: ErikaTheMouse

Here I stand before Quirinus Münster.

Quirinus Münster is one of the most important Late-Romanesque churches on the Lower Rhine, if not of Germany, and landmark of the city of Neuss. It was built between 1209 and 1230 and raised in 2009 by pope Benedikt XVI in the state of a Basilica minor


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Neuss, Germany - 27th November 2011

By: ErikaTheMouse

A bronze figure on the marketplace in Neuss.


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Laubach, Germany - 13th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy  :)

I arrived safely at my first host Eustachia.
My journey was very stormy! But now, inside the house i can warm-up.


This is my reception committee..


I was cordially received  :) so i have a good feeling and i think we become very good friends.


The tiny pink one is a guest, too. His name is Pink_Bear.
The orange doggy in the front of the picture is Wotan. He is a TV newbie since 5 days and he will leave us this week for a journey to Sweden.
This cute little rhino will become a TV, too. He met Wotan and Pink_Bear in Aachen and came along with them, so we are both new here  :)

It was a long day for me, so goodnight.
I will write you soon.

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Lich, Germany - 14th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy  :D

Today we're going to buy the Christmas tree! And i got the chance to select which one we choose. So we have to drive by car to the next town, called Lich. It is 10 minutes by car.

Let's go!


Wooow.. leather seats B) but a bit too cold in my opinion  :p


Take a look at this... so many Christmas trees...


Hmm, which one will we choose?


We found very nice trees for Christmas and this guy packed them into a net for better transportation.


Here are our three Christmas trees!
One for my host Eustachia and her boyfriend, the second one is for her sister and the third one for her mother-in-law.


It was very cold and stormy, but we had a lot of fun and on saturday we'll decorate the Christmas tree  :D

Tomorrow we start a journey to Herrsching. A small town nearby Munich, where my host has a buisness meeting. But she asked me to come along with her.. so... yeeeaaaahhh! I will! I'm so excited!

Talk to you soon

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Bayern, Kloster Andechs, Germany - 15th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy  :rolleyes:

Today we did a road trip to Bavaria. My host had a buisness meeting at the abbey Andechs.

Our Hotel was nearby. Thats the hotel.


As you can see, it is close to the Ammersee. At night it sounds, as if your sleeping nearby an ocean  :D


That's our room.



Time for some sleep.


Good night Pink_Bear


Next day my host had the meeting at abbey Andechs. She was a bit stressed and so we took only one photo. Anyway the weather wasn't that good to take pictures. It was raining.


Later we're going to visit a distillery 100 km far away.

See you soon!  :D

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Schliersee, Slyrs Distillery, Germany - 16th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy.

Now its time for some action! As you know, i would love to drive by car, so Eustachia gave me the chance to do it.

First we entered the destination at the navigation system.


And then.. wooooooohoooooo...


Look mommy, i'm driving the car!


This is Munich...



Pink_Bear and me had a lot of fun!


Wow, look at this! The mountains in the background.. these are the Alps!


Unfortunately we had this bus right in front of us for the hole trip, so we had no chance to took some better pictures.


They are coming closer!


We arrived at the Slyrs Whisky Distillery!



Wow, looks impressive!


And the Alps in the background!  B)


Unfortunately only the Store was open. We're too late to do a guidance through the distillery  :(


But it was a very cool and interesting trip! We had so much fun!

Hope too talk to you soon mommy.
Bye, bye  :)

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 19th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Waaahhhh Today we had first snow!
It wasn't that much, but enough for me to build a snowman  :)


Do you like him? Look, how he's smiling  :D


Pink_Bear helped me with the snowman and later it was time for a snowball fight.


Okay Pink_Bear, because i am much larger than you i can carry a bigger snowball.. you do not have any chance!!


Yeeaaaahh! I got him! Hahahaha


We had much fun playing in snow and Pink_Bear had no chance against me in snowball fight. But he had fun too and we laughed a lot.

Bye, bye.

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 20th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy,

today we had even more snow than yesterday. So i went to the balcony to bop around in the snow...




This is my hosts bunny, named Cosy. He is very nice and we became good friends. He loves to play in snow too so we played togehter at the balcony.


We are two snow bunnies  :D


Brrr... that was cold.. time to warm up on the heater. This thing beside me is a pine cone. He should send out a good smell, but i thing he doesn't smell somehow  :p


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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas eve and i'm a bit sad, that i cannot celebrate with you mommy  :( But i spent the evening together with my host Eustachia, her boyfriend, the two cats and the other TV guest Pink_Bear, who became a very good friend of me.

That's our Christmas tree. We decorate it last monday, but we were so excited and had so much fun, that we completely forgot to take some pictures  :D Eustachia asked me what decoration colour i would like for our christmas tree, so i chose red and golden. Traditional colours  ;)


What do you think? I think we did a great job!


Time to pop the corks!!  :D



Eustachia allowed Pink_Bear and me to drink a sip of sparkling wine.


So, cheers!


Uuuaaaahh.. maybe we had a bit more then a sip.. look at Pink_Bear his glas is empty.. *hiccup*


Time to unpack the presents...


Yeah, i got a bigger one than Pink_Bear. Hihihi


Hmm.. what is it?


Wow! A "Day of the tentacle" T-Shirt for Eustachias boyfriend. How cool!


Oh my god.. what is this tiny little bear doing with the ribbon?


Here you can see all presents. I think the funniest one is the Eyenimal Petcam at the right in the picture. Hahaha, it is for Eustachias cats. To watch what they are doing while beeing alone at home  :p


After gift giving we watched the christmas movie "Christmas vacation". Do you know this movie? It was very funny and Eustachia told me they watch it every year on Christmas.




That was my Christmas eve. I hope you had a great time like me and wish you a merry merry Christmas.

Mary Möf  :)

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Laubach, Germany - 25th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy.

Today is the first Christmas Day and we visited my hosts mom. She invited us for dinner.



Starter was a beef broth with parsley. Very tasty!
The we had turkey hen with red cabbage and bread dumpling.


Woow, that was yummy!


For dessert we had ambrosia with custard.


It was very tasty, as you can see in the background.. the bowl is almost empty  ;)

Hope to talk to you soon mommy  :)

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 26th December 2011

By: Eustachia

Hello mommy :)

Today is the second Christmas day and we're at home and do one's own cooking.

Eustachia and her boyfriend prepared the turkey hen, while i grease the casserole with butter.



Here it is...


The turkey hen has to frizzle in the baking oven for 2 hours and 45 minutes at 180° Celsius.


From time to time i have to sprinkle it with butter and dripping so that it will become more juicy  :D


At the last 20 minutes we prepared the red cabbage.. haha how funny, it is formed as hearts...


..and the bread dumplings.


When meal is ready we're going to pack it into thermo dinnerware, so that it will stay warm until the whole dinner. That's very cool. So you have enough time to have a seat and no stress or fear that your meal will cool down.


But previously i opened the red wine for dinner.


Enjoy your meal!


It was the same combination like yesterday but it was very yummy once again and tasted a bit different  :)


Mary Möf

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