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Travelog for: Mocke

Bruchsal, Germany - 15th March 2008

By: fam-united

Hi!!! I'm Mocke, a small bear. I thought, it is a very good idea to travel around the world and find new friends everywhere.
It is my first day and I already found my first host, isn't that wonderful??? I will travel to England now.

My travel plans:

Drakie in Honiton (England) 
susana (Portugal) staying here
-maria- (Portugal)
Luthien (Portugal)


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Honiton, Devon, U.K. - 1st April 2008

By: drakie

Well hello, I got here last week but my host has been very busy but last weekend we took a trip to Weymouth, but it was so rainy we could not get out of the car but there are some lovely views.
The first one is approaching Honiton Town centre and the other is fields as we went along in the car. 
I met Count here and then I met Dirkie so I had a lot of fun. 
My host says soon we will go to Dominican republic, and see an airport, part of my plans, and I have met other toy voyagers and she will try and take a photo of me with an English taxi so that will be fun.  We will have more photos soon, with us boys watching the girls in the jacuzzi, would have loved to have jumped in but we would have got a bit wet

we also visited a graveyare as Count likes spooky places but more to follow soon

views with toys.jpg
into honiton.jpg

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Honiton, Devon, UK - 10th April 2008

By: drakie

Well, my host is doing a quick update as she has lots of other phots she has not yet updated, but she will in the next week she hopes.

We had a trip to Gittisham, a little old thatched village only a couple of miles from Honiton, not far at all.  About 5 mins in the car. 

We then waved goodbye to Dirkie, our little friend, tiny body but a big heart....  I am here mummy and very safe.  Soon we are going to the Domincan republic, I must pack my case for that.

We are also going to find taxi`s and airports

resize 1.jpg
resize grou[.jpg
100_0389 Resized.JPG

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honiton, Devon, UK - 10th April 2008

By: drakie

Well we had a busy day we finished off the easter egg, it was so nice but as I am little I had to fight them all for it.... you cannot really see the chocolate as its the same colour as me.

At lunch time we went to Mcdonalds, it was really good and we had fun.  I have decided I liked McDonalds, but my host said its a treat as we had been very good and we cannot do it every day as its bad for us, but I cannot agree as it tasted very nice and I cannot imagine it being bad for you....

That evening we stayed in another house for the weekend, it was very big and had a jacuzzi in the yard, it bubbled and it bubbled, and my host went in it, it was just like a big cooking pot, all you needed was vegetables... and then it rained and rained more, and they just sat in the big pot, very strange these English I thought.  Mind you I guess they were wet already from being in the bit stew pot.

100_0356 Resized.JPG
100_0358 Resized.JPG
100_0358 Resized(1).JPG
100_0365 Resized.JPG
100_0367 Resized.JPG

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Honiton, Devon, UK - 21st April 2008

By: drakie

Today my hosts husband was 40,,, now isnt that old!!!  we put up balloons and flags outside and pictures of him as a baby... we had to get up really really early... good job it wasnt raining and then we went to a Chinese in the evening - he thought it was just us boys, Count, Chocolate and me but there was 10 other people there and he didnt know they were coming... what a surprise.

chinese cup.jpg

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Honiton, Devon, UK - 4th May 2008

By: drakie

Today we were all excited because we were going on holiday... to the Dominican Republic, sunshine and food, rest and relaxating.  So we helped our host pack.... Phew, then we only just squeezed into her bag.... very pink I might add.  not a boys colour at all....

all in bag.jpg
all in bag 2.jpg
mocke in bag.jpg

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Peurto Plata, Dominican Repbulic - 7th May 2008

By: drakie

Phew.... so tired we think we have jet lag... I need sleep mommy I do... and I did....

Next day onto the beach relaxation and sleep, so beautiful sands, now the sands in Devon and pebbly but these were heaven, the water lapped on the beach... wow....

more updates soon

all sunbathing.jpg
balcony 2.jpg
bathi9ng 3.jpg
on the sand all.jpg
sunbathing 2.jpg

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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - 9th May 2008

By: drakie

Today we went on a cable car ride, it was very high, and a bit scary.  My host went with her girl friend as her husband gets too ill to go away.  And as she works full time her hubby wants her to get a rest.... well thats what she tells me mummy.  Anyway Sylvia and Teresa went in a taxi up to the cable car and they had an armed escort with a rifle.... now that was scary, this man had a very big gun, I think it was to make sure they were safe, they didnt come over as troublemakers really!!!!!  He kept an eye on the all the time.  It was a beatiful view from the top.  There was some lovely flowers at the top and you could see the view of Peurto Plata from the top. 

There was a statue of Christ just like in Brazil he was overlooking the city keeping it safe.

We then went back to the hotel and had another coffee and watched the flamingo`s next to the bar area.

mocke cable car.jpg
all on fern.jpg
mocke in gardens.jpg
mocke on leaf.jpg
yellow flower resize.jpg
100_0616 Resized.JPG
mocke flamingos.jpg

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Peurto Plata, Dominican Repbulic - 11th May 2008

By: drakie

This is the monster truck we went on today
[img]This is the monster truck we went on today

The cleaning lady left a lovely swan in our room today with a pretty flower in it was very nice.....  and tomorrow we have to go home, back to the rain..... sigh sigh  aaaaaahhhhh


monster truck ride 1.jpg
all monster truck brfeak.jpg
monst truck 2.jpg
pretty swan all.jpg

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Honiton, U.K. - 20th May 2008

By: drakie

Well I am back in Honiton from my travels.

Today we had a photo shoot as Shirley Sheep had returned home before her travels again and Henry the Adventure Hound, also Chocolate was in the picture along with Eeyore but he is not a tv.  And some very pretty flowerws.

We then went on a boat trip the next day, a deep sea fishing trip.  It was very rainy to start with and my host was not too happy as she got very wet for the first hour.  But then, lo and behold the sun came out but as she was drenched she was very lucky indeed as she had brought spare trousers so that was ok, but the good news was as soon as she went into the base of the boat to change she felt very very ill, it was a bit bumpy but being a liittle bear and a man I could stand the pressure, being a woman she couldnt!!!!  dont tell her I said that.  anyway I had a fish and caught 2 bream, a garfish, dogfish and a big eel, now mummy I tell you I needed my muscles to pull that one in.  We also had a few "that got away"... big ones they were....

I waved to the seagulls, who seemed to be telling us where the fish were.  We passed Durdle door in Dorset, its a protected Heritage site, most host came here with the beloved Siti Smut who is no longer around, CK and Cotton Candy a while ago. 


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Sesimbra, Portugal - 9th June 2008

By: Luthien

Olá Mummy!!

Finally i arrived this morning in Portugal


Iīd loved my vacations in Dominican Republican but iīm a little tired from the trip  :)


When i arrive in Luthiens house, Sunshine is waiting for me already because she felts alone. Luhiens toys are not at home in the moment.


This is the Luthiens neighbour house. In Portugal they use bright colours in the windows and doors, but almost the old people do it :)


This is a bottle of Honey from "Serra da Arrábida" near to Sesimbra, itīs really sweet !! You know bears loves honey  :D
Well Mummy iīll rest for now!
Iīll give news soon as possible, big kisses!

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Sesimbra, Portugal - 11th June 2008

By: Luthien

Olá (Hello) Mummy !!

Today i went to the beach and to the center of the village with Luthien :)








The sea itīs so blue donīt you think?




Itīs really warm today! About 32š of temperature and itīs so sunny :)



Sesimbra itīs a fishing village surrounded by this Mediterranean sea and mountains with a castle on the top!


Luthien lives clearly near to the beach (5 min by walk) and in a place full of tourism with a lot of sea food ;) and calm water too!


Today the Portuguese team won the match against Czech Republic, you can see a portuguese flag behind me too :)

Well Mummy itīs all for today! I hope that you can like the photos that we took!
Weīll try to post more soon*

Até logo (See you later)


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Sesimbra, Portugal - 17th June 2008

By: Luthien

Hi Mummy :)

Today iīll show you some photos of me sleeping with Luthiens black cat, Mushi


Heīs a youngest cat with weird ways of sleep



Look as he sleep with the head up on the pillow eheh and Mushis also is quite warm!




I think that he like to take a nap with me!



:) Iīll sleep a little more Mummy with that black muzzle eheh

See you soon*


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Sesimbra, Portugal - 24th June 2008

By: Luthien

Hi Mummy :)

This time Luthien and I went to the Luthiens mother house for a portuguese dinner!

The Portuguese people usually eat to much at the lunch and the dinner, but the breakfast itīs nothing more than coffee with milk and bread.


This is a Portuguese regional cheese from "Alentejo"
The portuguese cheese itīs one of the bests on Europe.


This is me and Sunshine


And me once again looking for the cheese, nhammmy...

Next step itīs one of most traditional foods in Portugal - "Feijoada


This one donīt had pork meat but squid, itīs usual too.


And itīs ready to be eaten with rice  ;)


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Lisbon, Portugal - 5th July 2008

By: Luthien

Hi Mummy

Today we went to the capital - Lisbon

Lisbon itīs the city of Fado, the most renowned portuguese music ever.

So, we stayed in the square of  Terreiro do Paįo for some pictures :)





Terreiro do Paįo itīs a place of history in Portugal and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.





The Arch of Triumph behind me itīs the entrance for the famous street - Rua Augusta.



This is the statue of the King D. José







The day isn't over yet Mummy, later iīll show you some pictures from Sintra




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